89 Part 2


The end of the tendril connected to Su Yu’s consciousness, containing everything Su Yu remembered and possessed in reality, including him accepting the mission in the first place and passing through different worlds.


Right now what he planned to do was pass part of his memory onto his lover. Although he was only talking to a shard of his lover’s soul, to Su Yu it was his lover.


“M-Master, are you planning to inform him of the task? Please don’t, it might result in a terrible end!” Sensing what its owner planned to do, the ball was nearly exploding with anxiety.


Su Yu threw it an empty platitude. “Don’t worry. I won’t mention the mission.”


Although Su Yu didn’t mind filling his lover in on everything, it was a valid point. Everything about the mission had the potential to cause a violent reaction. If he were completely honest, it would make everything worse.


What he planned to show his lover was a beautiful lie.


The ball was still not at ease, but since it knew its owner was historically reliable, it swayed around. “But can you control your tools well yet? If you accidentally slip up and let him know something that he shouldn’t, it will be a disaster.”


“No worries, I will be cautious.” Responding like this, Su Yu dragged out a section of his memories to display before Ling Tian.


In the first world, the two of them. One was a sunny young man, the other a gentle CEO.


The second world. One of them a carefree CEO, one of them a national idol.


The third world. One of them…apologies, there was nothing really to look at in the third world, so they skipped over it.


When they reached the fourth world, which was where Ling Tian hailed from, he knew better than anyone what exactly had happened there.


Although it seemed long, everything played out in under half an hour in his mind. He spoke haltingly at the end, “Yu…what is all of this?”


“Our previous and current lives.” Su Yu explained gently, his voice filled with obvious passion. “From the first world, I encountered you. Every world after that, although you forgot your previous life, we were still destined to encounter each other and accompany each other. In the beginning, I was sad to see you lose your memories. But now I realize that it was selfish of me to think that way.”


“So what if you don’t remember me or anything we went through? Being able to meet you again is a blessing from the heavens. It means we have endless time to fall in love with you again. Isn’t that enough? How many people are as lucky as me, to be with the one they love lifetime after lifetime?”


Although Su Yu was obviously playing it up for the emotional aspect, he was also genuine. Ling Tian couldn’t help but feel affected. “So this man is a new incarnation of my life?”


“Yes. In this world your name is Song Yiming.” Su Yu sighed, saying with a tone of concern. “According to myth, if you didn’t drink from the fountain of forgetting in the afterworld you would be born with your previous life’s memories. But I’m confused by the current situation. Your two lives are completely independent of each other, and your current incarnation has no idea that you exist.”


Su Yu’s lying skills were pretty much maxed out. Even the ball, who knew the truth, was being convinced.


Under these circumstances Ling Tian, who didn’t know any better and trusted his lover completely, was going to trust Su Yu. “I see. No matter you would be so kind to him, even using the bone-cleansing elixir on him…Yu, why do you have the bone-cleansing elixir in the first place?”


The ball tensed up at this question, but Su Yu didn’t react. “Other than retaining my previous life’s memories, I had an odd bag with me. At the beginning I just put your soul, which was about to disappear, inside of it when you were passing to the other side. In the last world I realized I could bring other things from a previous world, so I brought the elixirs I made. It ended up coming in handy.”


As he said this, Su Yu took a portion of those memories and presented them to Ling Tian, showing him about the soul shards. “This is part of your soul from previous lives. Because they belong to the same person, they automatically join together.”


Seeing his own soul for the first time, Ling Tian felt quite odd. But it did prove what Su Yu was saying beforehand. If they weren’t the same person, how could the souls join together?


So at the moment, his soul from the previous life somehow transferred into this world, but somehow didn’t end up melding together with the current life’s incarnation?


Seeing that he’d said everything he could, Su Yu hesitated for a moment. “Ling Tian, do you know why your legs are immobile in this lifetime?”

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