90 Part 1


Chapter 90


Su Yu asked this only to continue the conversation. But Ling Tian thought carefully for a moment before answering, “I can’t control this body. However, I can feel an odd concentration of spiritual energy deep inside of his mind, which is blocked off because his body’s pathways aren’t connected, creating a negative effect on his body.”


Su Yu’s eyes flashed, his theory confirmed. He’d thought about the question before. If Song Yiming’s disability was caused by Ling Tian this time, why was it a problem in the original plot?


In the original plotline, Ling Tian shouldn’t exist. But regardless, Song Yiming’s body experienced a change when he was 25. There had to be a reason for that.


It seemed like Song Yiming’s body awakened to special abilities ahead of time, but he wasn’t able to control them. Even when Song Yijin killed his brother in the original plot he still wasn’t able to use these abilities, hence the lack of it being mentioned in the synopsis.


What kind of abilities would awaken before the apocalypse even started and affect his body so strongly?


Although Su Yu wondered at this, it wasn’t the time to ponder the issue. Sighing lightly, he said, “But I gave this body bone-cleansing elixir. Even if there was an issue, it should have recovered. And yet…”


As his lover for ten thousand years, Ling Tian didn’t need additional encouragement to know what he meant. He was silent for a moment, then said in a flat tone, “So…it’s because of me?”


No matter whether or not he could bear it, this whole thing had to end. Su Yu clenched his jaw. “Most likely yes.”


The two of them were silent. Su Yu was pained, but he had to speak his mind. “Ling Tian, I know this will pain you. I can’t bear the thought of it either. But perhaps you shouldn’t remain here. I don’t know how it will affect your body and soul in this life. Do you understand what I mean?”


“Yu, I understand. But if I leave, will I never get to see you again?” Ling Tian’s voice was soft, full of longing and disappointment.


Su Yu answered immediately. “That’s not the case. Although you won’t remember anything, I will find you in every life. We don’t know the future. Perhaps we will meet again, as we are now, not too long into the future.”


Ling Tian felt bitterness in his heart. It was true that no one knew the future. So this could be farewell forever.


Knowing Yu’s decision, he would never say that out loud. Since the conclusion was foregone, he wanted to stay positive. “You’re right, Yu. I’ll wait for you. But…you’ll think about me too, right?”


“Forever. We’ll see each other again.” Both of them were still in spiritual form, so Su Yu couldn’t even embrace him. He could only extend his tendrils to touch the dust that comprised Ling Tian’s spirit. “We will meet again, Ling Tian.”


“Of course I believe you. Yu, you’ve never deceived me before…” Ling Tian’s voice became lower and lower, until it faded away along with the dust mites.


His issue resolved, Su Yu’s heart was sore. To disappear so simply after only a few words from him, Ling Tian was so dumb. Plus…he’d lied to him more than once.


“Don’t be sad, Master. I think you’ll see each other one day.” The ball said haltingly, seeing how quiet Su Yu was.


Inhaling deeply, Su Yu smiled slightly. “I’ve lied to him about many things. But I’m not lying to him about that.”


Su Yu was able to say that because he believed too. In the perhaps distant future, he would be able to meet Ling Tian again.


“Mm hm. Now that the issue is resolved, his legs should be recovered.” The ball forced a lighthearted tone.


On that topic, Su Yu remembered something. “If this is Song Yiming’s consciousness, why did we never sense him in here?”


The ball hemmed and hawed. “It was me. I put him into a sleeping state temporarily.”


If Song Yiming found out he had another soul in his body that was Su Yu’s lover of ten thousand years, he’d probably be unhappy.

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