90 Part 2


Although it felt like it was a necessary move, its owner was so controlling that it would probably be punished for this too. QAQ


Pausing for a moment, Su Yu departed Song Yiming’s mind, then patted the ball. “Good job. Now let’s wait for him to wake up and plan our next move.”


Being praised so straightforwardly for the first time by its owner, the ball was stunned for a moment before it erupted into a fizzly shade of pink and started spinning. Its owner wasn’t so bad after all, it thought innocently, basically forgetting every bit of abuse it ever endured.


When Song Yiming woke from his slumber, it was three hours later.


Having never slept so well, Song Yiming was immediately alert. What could have happened to him that he suddenly fell asleep?


When he opened his eyes and saw the person sitting by him, his alarm dissipated. Rubbing his forehead, he looked at the man. “Shuo, what happened?”


Su Yu put his book down and turned around, smiling at him. “Don’t worry, Mr. Song. You only lost consciousness because my treatment worked. How do you feel now? Is there any pain? Your legs…”


Song Yiming’s eyes flashed as he lifted the blanket, looking at his legs. They looked no different from the past. His heart pounded like a drum, yet he was afraid to exert them. What if nothing had changed?


“Don’t worry, Mr. Song. If this treatment still didn’t work, we can try another step.” Su Yu said comfortingly. “I’m confident that it did work, though.”


Song Yiming gazed at Su Yu intensely. Finally he clenched his jaw, putting all his focus into his legs. Because it had been so long since he’d moved them, he had no control over his body. With just a little effort his legs swung upwards at an exaggerated angle, swinging his body back onto the bed.


“Congratulations, Mr. Song. Looks like the treatment worked well.” Su Yu’s smile grew, finally relaxing. If this hadn’t worked, he wouldn’t know what to do either.


Song Yiming was still staring at his legs, dumbfounded. His legs…really moved?


He lifted them twice more, a little more gently. The movement still seemed odd, but he had no reaction to that. He finally laughed, his gaze fixing on Su Yu. “Shuo, you fixed my legs.”


Su Yu smiled, almost embarrassed, rubbing his nose. “I suppose.”


“You cured my legs. It was you.” Song Yiming grabbed his hands, clutching them in his own, like he didn’t even care about his legs being cured, but the person who did it.


The first half of Song Yiming’s life had been gray. Until this man appeared, his heart finally started to beat and he could see colors again. Now his body was recovered too. This person must be a blessing, bringing him luck and beauty.


In other words, the best thing that had happened to him was meeting this man.


Su Yu let Song Yiming hold his hand, tilting his head. “Mr. Song, you’ll need to practice a lot. It’s been a long time since you used your legs, so you’ll be maladjusted.”


“All right.” Song Yiming’s gaze remained on Su Yu, his voice wavering.


Su Yu’s brows curved as he smiled. “Then starting from tomorrow, I’ll accompany you to go on walks. Does that sound good?”


“Yes.” Song Yiming nodded again, as if anything this man said deserved unconditional agreement.


“Then you should rest for now. You’ve just received treatment so you should be taking a lot of breaks.” Su Yu wasn’t actually in the mood to flirt with Song Yiming at the moment. He’d just experienced the whole ordeal with Ling Tian, after all.


Song Yiming nodded for the third time. He was about to let go, but then grasped his hand tighter. “Shuo, my legs are healed.”


“They are.” Su Yu nodded with a smile.


“They’re healed,” Song Yiming said again.


“Yes, I know.” Su Yu blinked, looking at Song Yiming in confusion.


Song Yiming’s Adam’s Apple trembled, his voice low and serious. “Shuo, will you still stay by my side?”


So that was what he was driving at. Su Yu almost forgot that he was here as a personal doctor. “As long as you don’t make me leave, I won’t. It’s a messy world outside right now.”


Although Su Yu hadn’t sniffed anything from a zombie since he arrived by Song Yiming’s side, he never forgot that he lived in the apocalypse. His main mission was still headshotting zombies.


“Really?” Song Yiming received the answer he was looking forward to and reacted like a child.


Su Yu nodded. “Really. I want to stay by your side too.”


Song Yiming suddenly recalled the conversation he’d overheard. He never dared to believe, but now could he really trust Jiang Shuo’s intentions?

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