91 Part 1






Chapter 91


The next day, when the two were prepared to go outside, Su Yu brought the wheelchair over. “Mr. Song, your legs are still adjusting so it’s best you sit here. It’ll be easier to rest if you get tired later too.”


After practicing for a whole night, Song Yiming didn’t feel like he still needed this. But hearing Su Yu say this, he nodded and sat down. At the moment he had a basic grasp over the use of his legs again. Although he still wasn’t accustomed to it, as long as he didn’t do intense or difficult motions he would be fine.


Of course Su Yu could tell this. He just felt like this whole thing was so important that he almost didn’t want to let the word out so easily. Such a massive reveal needed to wait until a crucial moment to act cool, or it would be a waste!


Due to that principle, Su Yu had the ball pick out a specific area that no one could pass by, pushing Song Yiming out there. “Mr. Song, how about we work out here. It seems quiet, no one will disturb us.”


“All right.” Song Yiming nodded, standing up slowly from his wheelchair. He slowly moved his hands and legs, turning his head toward Su Yu. “You and I, together?”


His gaze was calm and still as always, but Su Yu could read the slight anticipation within. His lips curving, he nodded. “Great. I’ll work out too. When I’m alone I always want to slack off.”


In the beginning the two just walked together, doing some simple exercises. When Song Yiming became more familiar with the usage of his legs, Su Yu had the ball summon a strengthening workout. The two of them worked out together, him helping Song Yiming strike the right movements.


The whole time, Song Yiming’s gaze never left Su Yu. He couldn’t help but feel like perhaps this day was the true beginning of his life. Everything that had been gray was becoming colorful, his impairment had been healed, and now there was someone by his side.


In the following days, Su Yu accompanied Song Yiming to this area. Their workouts became longer, the intensity ramping up as well. Other than that, the ball informed him about Song Yijin and Luo Zhenzhen’s situation.


Since they fell into Su Yu’s trap the other day, the two had lost Song Yiming’s protection. They didn’t dare and weren’t willing to just depart, so they kept living in the base as regular people.


Clearly Song Yijin was not the type to just admit defeat. Although on the surface he might seem harmless enough, not even complaining about Song Yiming’s decision, this kind of event stirred up a hurricane of rumors at the base.


For an elder brother to force his brother out for the sake of a stranger, and the wronged brother not only didn’t blame his brother’s coldness, but decided to live life with a positive attitude, even standing up to defend his brother.


In this story the younger brother seemed saintly, while the brother and whatever strange man he brought in were awful to the extreme.


Song Yiming was the founder of the base. Even if people did want to speak ill of him they still had to scale it back. But Su Yu was different. In the eyes of everyone else he was nothing but a regular commoner. It was stress relief and even fun to banter and insult him in casual moments.


But of course there were a few people who spoke too ill of him and were tossed out of the base. Each of them stared with wide eyes, questioning what was going on. They hadn’t slacked on any of their duties, so why were they getting kicked out?


The answer was simple. They’d wronged someone who shouldn’t have been wronged. Still expecting protection from the base? That kind of dream was best left for night time. They better learn to enjoy sleeping with the zombies.


The news spread in the base. For their own livelihood no one talked trash about Su Yu in public, but everyone hated him even more in their hearts.


Some even harbored doubt toward Song Yiming’s capabilities to rule because of this. Anyone who would chase his own brother out for a stranger and kill innocent people couldn’t be worthy of being a leader. Plus, he was a man with no special abilities and a handicap too!


Song Yijin never expected his coldblooded older brother to become protective over a stranger. But while he didn’t accomplish his initial goal, he still caused many people to be unhappy with Song Yiming, while he himself harvested a good amount of favor. So it was all for the best.


While he was working hard, the sincere look of honesty disappeared, replaced for an instant by sheer malice. One day I’m going to pull you off your throne and turn you into a dog by my feet!


As for Luo Zhenzhen, she didn’t really do much for the cause. Her only instructions were to weep in front of others, generating compassion for Song Yijin to ruin Song Yiming’s reputation.


Su Yu understood their movements clearly, but he didn’t attend to it now. Even something like doling out punishment had its own strategy. The more they gathered now, the worse they would feel when it was all taken away. So before they were causing trouble for him, Su Yu chose to ignore them and exercise his seduction skills.


Under those principles, Su Yu observed for a while. When Song Yijin finally schemed against his lover and wanted to strike, Su Yu prepared to strike as well.


This time Su Yu pushed Song Yiming out the door. This time, however, they weren’t directly heading to the location where they worked out, instead strolling through the base. Song Yiming could tell something was off, but he just glanced at Su Yu and said nothing.


Under those circumstances, the two encountered Song Yijin and the others who were moving supplies. Right now Song Yijin had become a group leader through his own hard work, living a quite comfortable life up to this point. Unfortunately it would only be up to this point, as after today he was probably going to suffer an unfortunate fate.

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