91 Part 2


When Song Yijin spotted Song Yijin there, his smile froze for an instant before becoming even warmer and more welcoming. He even walked off the haul truck of his own accord, greeting them warmly. “Brother, Mr. Jiang, it’s so nice to see you here. What a coincidence.”


Normally Song Yiming stayed on his own premises to deal with everything happening on the base, rarely appearing before others. Song Yijin was clearly making fun of him.


Song Yiming’s expression was dark. His gaze didn’t even land on Song Yijin, and he clearly had no plans to speak. It was almost like this person didn’t even exist. Su Yu, on the other hand, smiled and nodded at Song Yijin. “Hey there, little Mr. Song. How have you been?”


The people in the group regarded Su Yu with odd looks. You’re the one who made the leader chase Song Yijin out of his home, and now you’re here putting on this act? That kind of expression.


Song Yijin felt disgust in his heart, but papered over it with a polite greeting. “I’m doing well, thank you for your concern.”


“It’s good you’re happy now. I can relax too.” Su Yu breathed a sigh of relief, his voice lightening up. “Although what happened before was your fault, I also think that Mr. Song was too harsh in punishing you. If you’re struggling now, I was planning to talk to Mr. Song and see if he could relax your punishment.”


Song Yijin felt a sense of foreboding. The people around him were even angrier. How shameless was this guy, trying to obscure the truth right before their very eyes?


Song Yiming gazed at Su Yu with his deep eyes, finally opening his mouth. “Someone like this is not worth forgiving.”


Secretly rejoicing at such a powerful support team mate, Su Yu frowned. “Mr. Song, are you still unhappy because of that incident? I know, it was heartbreaking to see Little Mr. Song like that. But…well, probably I shouldn’t say anything more.”


Song Yiming wanted to say that he really wasn’t sad at all. In fact, it was seeing Su Yu so concerned that made him sad. But seeing Su Yu’s expression, he smartly came to the decision not to open his mouth.


Song Yijin was beginning to feel like something was wrong with the situation again. He’d already been trapped by Su Yu once, so he knew all about this man’s real cunning. Immediately he gave up on trying to establish how cold and merciless Song Yiming was, instead changing the topic. “We still have more work to do, so I can’t chat for long.”


But his worst fear was realized as one of his idiot friends stood up for him. Song Yijing’s words had barely landed when someone spoke up behind him. “Do you have shame? You’re the one who chased Jin out here, and now you’re here saying this kind of thing. If you care about him, why would you treat him like this? If Jin’s wrong about anything, it’s that he fell into your petty trap! He’s in such a pitiful state and you’re still bullying him!”


“It’s enough, stop!” Song Yijin snarled, his expression turning ugly. Forcing a smile, he turned to Su Yu. “Mr. Jiang, please don’t listen to him. Beforehand it was my mistake when I did what I did. I never blamed anyone else either.”


Su Yu was stunned into silence by the idiot friend, before his expression became serious again. “I believe this is your friend? Although I don’t know why you would say that, if you care so much about it I’m glad to explain what happened.”


“Mr. Jiang, he was just speaking nonsense, please don’t get on his level.” Song Yijin kept glaring at his idiot friend, bowing at the waist. “I’m sorry, I’ll explain to him later.”


But of course idiot friends were idiot friends after all. Immediately the man stepped up, basically shouting, “Jin, you don’t need to fear. You’re in the right. I don’t believe that he’ll be able to dye black into white!”


Saying this, the guy looked Su Yu straight in the eye, his chin raised. “Didn’t you say you were keen to answer my questions? Then explain to me, why did you insult Jin in front of Mr. Song, asking him to make him leave?”


“Me, insulting little Mr. Song?” Su Yu glared, clearly exasperated. “I never did something like that. I can’t dye something black into something white, but you clearly have talent in that regard.”


“Now you’re not willing to admit it?” The idiot friend laughed. “Then just tell me upfront. Why did Mr. Song force Jin to leave?”


Song Yijin hurriedly pulled on the guy’s sleeve, but he was so excited that he shook him off. He wanted to interrupt, but the two were arguing so heatedly. He opened his mouth a few times and never caught the chance to speak, panicking so much that sweat beaded on his forehead.


“Well, I’ll tell you. The reason little Mr. Song was forced to leave by Mr. Song was because he spoke ill of Mr. Song in front of me, even scheming to kill him behind his back. Is that not enough?” Su Yu was quite accomplished at direct confrontation as well.


The moment he said this, everybody quieted down. Leaves scattered around, creating a very sad, desolate scene.


The idiot friend had prepared his next argument, but hearing this he let everything drop, just staring at Su Yu with his mouth agape.


After a few moments, he finally found his voice again. Although he was still blaring, there was a clear hesitation within. “W-what are you saying? How is that possible?”


“How is it not? Would I lie to you about this?” Su Yu snorted, his gaze sweeping toward Song Yijin’s ugly expression. “What you said before, though, is completely made up. Yet you said it in quite a confident tone. Did you hear someone else recount this to have believed it for yourself?”


The idiot friend glanced at Song Yijin, but saw that his expression was filled with sadness and shock. Clenching his jaw, he turned back to Su Yu. “You say this, but do you have any proof? You could just be lying about it on purpose!”

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