92 Part 1




Chapter 92


Su Yu paused, glancing at Song Yijin with special intention. Song Yijin finally took the chance to shout at his idiot friend, “Please stop talking! I said at the beginning that I have no complaints about my brother’s decision! I have a good life now. If you’re really doing this for me, then please stop saying things like that. I’m begging you!”


Although his tone obviously didn’t fit the persona he was trying to create here, he was in such a rush that he had no other recourse. If this idiot kept talking, he’d be dead because of it!


The idiot friend was completely confused now. He was trying to help his friend, why did he treat him like this? Was Jin really that fearful of Song Yiming? Or was he really being lied to by Jin?


His mind was a mess, and he really did stop making things worse. But after everything had already gotten to this step, how could Su Yu wait for Song Yiming to just escape from the situation?


Without waiting for him to speak again, Su Yu frowned, his voice cold. “Seems like I was talking too much earlier. You’re still trying to explain yourself now to get a lighter punishment. It does look like you have a good life now, that you have extra time to play with the truth in front of other people and destroy Mr. Song’s reputation even more. I have to say your skills at deflecting blame are impressive.”


“Mr. Jiang, you’re really misunderstanding,” Song Yijin said in a panicked voice, “I’ve never mentioned anything bad about my brother in front of other people. I don’t know why he would say that either. I just hope you don’t take it up with him. I’ll apologize on his behalf for you.”


He bowed deeply.


“So what you’re trying to say is that it was all his own idea? What’s his purpose here? Destroying your relationship with your brother?” Su Yu snorted, his gaze strong with mockery. “Seems like you’re quite poorly off then, with a terrible taste in friends.”


How could the idiot friend stay silent at this point? “You’re spouting nonsense! Jin is my friend, why would I do something like that? I’m doing this for his good!”


“Are you sure?” Inciting disagreements was quite fun to do from time to time. “You heard what he said. He doesn’t think you’re doing anything for his good. Maybe from now on he won’t even want to be your friend anymore.”


Su Yu didn’t really mind the profanities coming out of the idiot friend’s mouth any more. Song Yiming, on the other hand, shot the man a cold gaze, like he was looking at a dead body. If it weren’t that Shuo were still having fun with him, he would throw the guy to the zombies immediately.


The idiot friend shuddered at this, almost falling to his knees then and there. He took a few deep breaths before regaining his ability to speak, albeit haltingly, “D-don’t say stuff like that. I’m just trying to help, why would I want to cause problems for him?”


This time he sounded like he lacked confidence, plus he shot a doubting look at Song Yijin.


“One of them accusing other people with zero evidence, the other one apologizing for him with such a humble pose. And you both claim you’re thinking on behalf of the other.” Su Yu glanced between them. “You seem to have different definitions of friendship. Or perhaps this is just how you enjoy your interactions?”


The idiot friend looked awkward. He was trying to help, but what Song Yijin did made him feel completely embarrassed. Having his attempts at doing good met with complete disregard didn’t feel good at all. Maybe he shouldn’t have spoken up in the first place.


“Mr. Jiang, what’s happening between us can be resolved. But can we be done with this? I have more work to do here and I don’t want to delay it because of my own personal matters. I hope you understand.” Right now Song Yijin was just trying his best to make them leave. He was worried that they had physical proof of his wrongdoing, even though he was fairly sure that was impossible.


“It seems like things won’t be able to come to an end for a while. I’m a kind person. Even if it is only to help resolve a misunderstanding between two friends, I want to show you the proof.” Su Yu smiled at Song Yijin. “Plus, this concerns Mr. Song’s reputation. How can I allow people to purposefully slander him?”


Song Yijin’s expression changed almost imperceptibly. Seemed like Jiang Shuo really did have proof on his hands after all.



Thinking about the stupid things Jiang Shuo said back then, he was certain now. The whole thing was orchestrated from the beginning, and Song Yiming was hiding and watching from the dark. If not, he wouldn’t have known to chase him out.

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