92 Part 2


Since it was planned, then of course they had proof. Thinking about this, Song Yijin actually relaxed a little. If it was just that proof it was impossible to indict him. It would only make people feel like this disgusting homosexual Jiang Shuo was also an idiot.


Unless Jiang Shuo had other evidence on his hands?


“Mr. Jiang, are you really determined to bring it to this step?” Song Yijin sighed lightly, “I’ve said that I wasn’t dissatisfied by my brother’s decision, and I’ve apologized to you about today too. Why do you have to keep going over the same issue again?”


“Perhaps you can ask yourself then, little Mr. Song. Is this really my fault? I just wanted to say hi, and yet you and your friends are here chiming in, one after the other. Now you blame me for this. You really think you should be forgiven for all this?” Su Yu was about to show him up anyways, so he didn’t even bother playing nice any more. “Plus, I’m not the only one you slandered. Your own brother too: if this whole incident just ended here, what would everyone think of Mr. Song? He’s the victim, yet he’s the one suffering due to a bogus accusation. You’re really playing a good hand here. But doesn’t your conscience hurt?”


Since he was clearly intent on revealing what he knew, Song Yijin could only confront it. “Well then, please show me your supposed evidence.”


“As you wish.” Su Yu took a recording pen out from his pocket. “Then everyone can hear it together.”


Song Yijin was panicking, but also reassured himself that Su Yu could only have the conversation they had that day. His eyes fixed on Su Yu’s finger pressing onto the play button.


The next moment, his eyes went wide. He heard words he never should have.


“Jin, how long are we going to have to keep living like this? You know your brother’s personality and you still make me beg and bargain with him. I’ve had enough!”


“We’re almost at an end. His good times are almost at an end too.”


“Really? But he doesn’t trust us. Those people will only listen to him. Do you have a plan already?”


“This might sound difficult, but…what if he died?”



“Don’t worry. All of this will be over soon.”


Hearing his own voice ring out from that pen, Song Yijin felt like he was plummeting deep into the abyss. Why would it be this! No one was around them then, how could Jiang Shuo have this recording?


But no matter how he’d accomplished it, the recording was indeed there in his hands. Everyone present had heard it clearly. Now they were looking at him like he was a pile of disgusting garbage.


Everything fell apart then. Song Yijin’s heart beat faster, his head empty. It wasn’t until a heavy fist landed on his face, forcing him backward, that he woke up.


“I must be blind to treat you like a friend. And look at me, standing up for you like a complete idiot,” The idiot friend had turned into a beacon of justice. “I didn’t know you were just a coldblooded man. Living under your brother’s protection, yet you acted like an ungrateful animal. Mr. Song was kind to you by only making you leave. If I were him, I’d throw you out of the base!”


Hand on his face, Song Yijin clambered up slowly. At this point, no matter what he said would not help his case. So he no longer made an attempt to hide.


“What are you saying? I never insulted my brother. You were the stupid one who made up all this on your own, standing out to insult him. Are you going to blame me for that too?”


The idiot friend was stunned. Thinking back, it was true that he had never actually spoken ill of his brother. Even when other people said it, he’d stand up for his brother. Was he really the dumb one here?


“He may be the dumb one here, but if you were really intent on protecting your brother’s reputation, then why did you say such easily misunderstood things in the first place? The truth would be enough to solve these problems.” Su Yu’s brow arched as he looked at Song Yijin, his voice going completely cold. “I have to say, you’re quite skilled at playing the victim here. Unfortunately compared to cold hard evidence you only look like a clown.”


Even at this step, Song Yijin was still struggling. “Mr. Jiang, I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I’m trying my best to protect your reputation. They’re just not willing to understand this. As for why, I think this whole ordeal is too difficult for me to talk about. Even though I did something wrong, I still want to protect my remaining pride. Is that a mistake?”


“Is that so? Hopefully you can still say so after hearing this recording.” Su Yu chuckled, pressing down on the play button on his pen again.


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