93 Part 1



Chapter 93


Another conversation rang out in a way that Song Yijin never thought he’d hear, and it was his own voice too.


“Now we’re in a terrible situation. Song Yiming chased us out so he’ll be on high alert.”


“Then what should we do? I don’t want to live like this forever. See my hands, they’re so calloused!”


“Don’t panic. I have a plan. We just need to wait for this. Song Yiming has always been proud. This time he chased us out without giving any explanation. We can use this to our advantage.”


“Then what do you need me to do?”


“Your task is simple. Just cry when necessary. When his reputation is damaged then our chance will be here.”


“Understood. You have to hurry though. I can’t bear this for much longer.”


“Don’t worry. He’s useless, with a useless body. Crushing him will be just as easy like crushing an ant when he’s lost his power.”


It was a few simple lines, but Song Yijin’s face completely turned ashen. The evidence was before his eyes. Even if he wanted to try and make some kind of argument against it he couldn’t.


“Song Yijin, you’re disgusting! Pretending to be so kind but worse than anyone on the inside. You’re even scheming against your brother who has been kind enough to protect you. Heartless!” The people watching stepped up to accuse Song Yijin, looking at him with disgust. They must’ve been blind to treat someone like that as a friend.


His idiot friend was even angrier, his whole face blushing a deep shade of red. Considering the fact that he stood up and spoke for this kind of person, it felt like a slap in the face. It was this guy’s fault that he even offended the leader of this base!


Walking up to Song Yijin, he was about to kick him. But his foot didn’t even graze Song Yijin when he burst into fire.


“Ah! What’s going on here! Why am I on fire?” The idiot friend shrieked. Although it was small, it spread all over his body quickly, his cries growing louder. “Help me!”


Su Yu watched this with a calm expression without much intent to help. He didn’t really have much sympathy for people who assumed they were on the side of justice and lashed out without regard for other people’s wellbeing. As for Song Yiming, who was even more of a cool person, he completely disregarded the scene happening before his eyes.


Because of how sudden the flames were, everyone else was shocked into stillness. Even though they felt bad for the guy, no one dared step up. For a while, other than his awful howling, the only sound there was Song Yijin’s eerie laughter. “You’re the stupid one. How can you blame me? I already let you punch me. Mark my words, I wouldn’t let you touch me again.”


Because it was a fire infused with his special ability, before long the awful howling came to an abrupt halt. The gaze from the people around them spun around between the body and Song Yijin. Other than a deeper layer of disgust, they were also clearly afraid. This man was completely evil!


Song Yijin’s gaze turned toward them, his fingertips flaming. “You hate me too, don’t you? Thankfully I don’t want to see you again either. You know too much now.”


The few people there shook their heads, wanting nothing more than to start running. But thinking back to their companion’s unfortunate state, they stopped themselves. “Please, let us go! We won’t tell anyone what happened today, really!”


“Unfortunately I only trust dead people.” Song Yijin’s dark eyes narrowed, the fire from his fingers flying at the group.


They shrieked, even forgetting to escape, only closing their eyes to wait for the end. But after several long seconds, there was no heat or pain licking at their flesh. Only then did they open their eyes.


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