93 Part 2

What they saw was the young man who presented them with proof holding a small ball of flames in his hand, looking at Song Yijin with an indecipherable expression. “Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t save them out of empathy. Of course, I wasn’t trying to play against you either. I just think they would be quite noisy if I let you do this. It would disturb my mood.”


He was telling the truth. After all, he had very little sympathy for others. He just thought these people had some use to them. It was a different matter hearing about this whole ordeal from them than hearing it from Song Yiming.


Song Yijin clenched his jaw, watching the flames on Su Yu’s fingertips die out. He was shocked and furious: Jiang Shuo was a normal person, with no special abilities! How was he able to control his flames?


Had he awakened fire abilities as well?


“Don’t think too much into it. I’m just a regular person without powers.” Su Yu waggled his finger, refusing to explain more.


At this point Song Yijin was already fearful of his scheming. This flippant attitude made him hesitant, but in this situation he knew that if he didn’t act quickly he’d be the one to die in the end.


Thinking like this, his hesitation disappeared. He rounded on Su Yu and Song Yiming with a hateful, proud gaze. “I just wanted to send them off before dealing with you. But if you’re so impatient, I can help you on your way too.”


This time Su Yu didn’t even have time to roast him when Song Yiming spoke in his deep voice. “You have no right to hurt him.”


“Looks like you really care about him. I thought you’d stay half dead all this time, didn’t expect to see the day of you opening your mouth to speak up for someone else.” Song Yijin looked at his brother with venom, chuckling. “Seeing that you actually care about someone for once, pleasanton’t worry. I’ll send you to hell together. Are you happy with that?”


“I said, you have no right to hurt him.” Song Yimin finally looked straight into Song Yijin’s eyes like he was looking at someone dead already.


Song Yijin hated his brother’s haughty expression. Clenching his jaw, he began to mock him again. “Brother, are you still uncertain about your own situation? Compared to this person next to you, you’re a failure among failures. Not only do you have no special abilities, you can’t even stand up! How dare you look at me like that? You’ve always looked down at me ever since we were young, but you’re the one who deserves this kind of treatment! You’re completely useless!”


Of course Su Yu couldn’t stand for someone taunting his lover like this. But he was just about to speak up when Song Yiming grabbed his hand. Lowering his head to meet Song Yiming’s gaze, Su Yu immediately understood his intentions. He could only shrug and give up. If his lover wanted to play it cool, he had to play along.


“You think I’m useless?” Song Yiming asked, his expression still completely neutral.


Finally able to express himself, Song Yijin didn’t hold back. His eyes shone with a creepy light, his voice urgent. “Aren’t you? No woman would love a man like you! You can’t even move your lower body! Did you think Luo Zhenzhen approached you because she liked you? Don’t even think about it! She was only so nice to you to help me! In her eyes, you’re just a disgusting loser!”


“Luo Zhenzhen, isn’t she your woman?” Song Yiming questioned.


Hearing this, Su Yu couldn’t help but chuckle. Seeing both of the brothers look at him, he shook his hand. “Sorry, didn’t mean to. Continue, please.”


Song Yijin glared at Su Yu, unable to continue. There was nothing worse than showing something off, only for the other person to completely misinterpret you.


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