93 Part 3

Realizing he was getting off-topic, Song Yiming glanced at his brother again. “You think you’re stronger than me?”


“Of course! I’m a thousand times, maybe ten thousand times stronger than you!” Raising his chin defiantly, Song Yijin seemed to forget about the fact that he had been living under his brother’s protection for the past decade.


“I didn’t know that you always harbored such delusional thoughts in the back of your brain. Today I intend to teach you a lesson personally.” Song Yiming’s hands pressed into his wheelchair, like he was going to stand. “Some dreams, no matter how long they’ve been around, will never become reality.”


Song Yijin snorted at his posture. “You’re right about that. No matter how bad you feel about it, you’ll never be able to stand…up…”


His words drifted out of his mouth, listless, because just as he was saying them Song Yiming stood up freely from the wheelchair.


Seeing his brother stand up without any external support, Song Yijin was completely lost. Weren’t his legs incurable? What was going on?


Today was a memorable day for him, no doubt. In one day, everything he thought would never happen kept happening over and over. By all means, it didn’t even seem like the last thing to shock him.


Of course, because this day next year would be the anniversary of his passing.


“How…is this possible?” Eyes wide, Song Yijin stared at his brother’s legs, unable to believe what he was seeing until Song Yiming stepped forward. “You can stand? How is this possible? I thought your legs were incurable?”


“I didn’t know you were so unconfident that you didn’t even trust your own eyes,” said Song Yimning, his voice still calm. “Well then, something that will shake your confidence even more is about to happen.”


Step by step, he approached Song Yiming with the intimidating force of a mountain. Instinctively his brother tensed up, fearful.


Although his gaze was clearly panicked, he still snarled. “So what if you can stand! We’re in the apocalypse now. Without special abilities, you’re just as useless!”


He was about to launch an attack. Yet somehow his ability seemed like it completely disappeared. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t even muster up a small flame.


What was going on? Why couldn’t he use his abilities?


A sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t summon his abilities again.


This couldn’t be a coincidence, so what had done it? Thinking back to Su Yu intercepting his flames, Song Yijin glared at him. It must be this guy playing some kind of trick again!


He hadn’t even finished his thought when a big hand reached out, closing around his neck.


“W-what are you doing? Let me go now!” It was only then that Song Yijin noticed Song Yiming was standing right before him. But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t get free. Because he was choking up, unable to breathe freely, he cried out, “Let…go! Let…go…now!”


“How does it feel to be crushed by someone you think is useless?” Song Yiming said, his expression unreadable. It was like he was holding a little ant in his hands.


Su Yu stared at his lover with stars in his eyes. Of course no matter what world they were in together, his lover was so incredibly cool.


Just then, Song Yiming glanced back at him, saying in a thoughtful tone. “Shuo, you see. I’m stronger than him…by far.”


“…” Su Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Did he really have to play this out just to prove he was stronger. How adorable. It made him laugh. “Yep, you’re a lot stronger than him. He’s just a disgusting loser. How could he compare to you?”

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