94 Part 1

Chapter 94



Hearing the answer he wanted, Song Yiming finally turned his gaze back to Song Yijin, the tips of his ears suffused with red. “Song Yijin, you must be quite dissatisfied. In the past I was disabled, you were able-bodied, yet you were the one who couldn’t even lift his head from how much more power I had; now at the end of the world, even with your special abilities you’re still not a match for me. You’re destined to be incapable.”


When he didn’t speak he was silent. The moment he spoke he jabbed directly at Song Yijin’s pain point.


“You…shut up!” Song Yijin’s face was turning purple. He was in pain, but it was nothing compared to his hatred for his enemy. Why! Why did he have to be under this man’s control his whole life? He was better than Song Yiming in every way, yet nothing belonged to him! It wasn’t fair!


Song Yiming looked at him, expressionless. “What I say or not doesn’t matter any longer.  You won’t be able to hear for much longer.”


“You…can’t…kill me, I’m your…brother…” Song Yijin was still struggling at the very end. Some people never thought about others when they did something over the line, yet in the same scenario with roles reversed the first thing they thought about was their own good. How ironic.


Of course Song Yiming wouldn’t hesitate just because of what he was saying. But Su Yu spoke up then. “Please wait, Mr. Song.”


Song Yiming looked at Su Yu, a little displeased, but Song Yijin’s eyes lit up. “Save…save me…”


“Please don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t going to save you. Just wanted to say a few extra lines before you meet your end.” Walking up to Song Yiming, Su Yu took Song Yiming’s free hand, interlocking their fingers. “Although you’re wrong in almost everything you said, one thing was correct. Mr. Song protects me, and I am honored to receive his protection.”


Song Yijin felt like his head was going to split apart. You really asked him to stop to show off your relationship?


The ball was even embarrassed. Its owner was more shameless than ever, to the point even it didn’t dare look straight at him.


It was true that Su Yu wanted to gross out Song Yijin at the last minute. But more than that, he was protecting his lover. Song Yiming never spoke much, but the fact that he chose to take Song Yijin’s life after saying all that meant he really was bothered by what he had said.


His lover in this world was both strong and fragile. Su Yu needed to protect him.


“Of course, I will never let him down. I’ve been in love with him for a long time. Even if his body were flawed, even if he never awakened special abilities in the apocalypse, he was still the strongest and most beautiful to me. No one can compare.” Su Yu smiled, continuing with full emotion, “Please don’t worry. After you depart I will take good care of Mr. Song. You can head on your way without concern.”


Song Yijin suddenly wanted to end it himself. Why was it that when he was about to depart this world he was still being tortured like this!


Hearing what Su Yu said, Song Yiming’s eyes shone. His face, which had been shrouded in darkness finally bathed in the warmth of sunlight. Although he was still pretty expressionless, he still looked gentler.


“Shuo, I won’t disappoint your feelings.” Song Yiming’s fingers locked into Su Yu’s, his other hand clenching because of his excitement. Song Yijin’s eyes were rolling back into his head.


Suddenly Su Yu felt there was something wrong with this scenario. He said all this because he valued his lover and wanted to piss off Song Yijin one last time. But right now were they really expressing their love in such a weird situation?


Especially now that Song Yiming was grasping his hand and also choking Song Yijin by the neck?


He had to stop himself from snarking about it. But since the two were already so close at this point, it didn’t matter if it was romantic or not. They’d have plenty of opportunities in the future.


Thinking this, Su Yu shrugged off his awkward feelings and smiled. “I know.”


Distracted by his smile, Song Yiming couldn’t control his hand and snapped Song Yijin’s neck. But this wasn’t going to spoil his good mood. Tossing the man on the floor, he turned to say to the completely shocked people on the side, “Take care of the bodies.”


Looking back at Su Yu, his expression had transformed from cold and grim to soft as water, suffused with yearning. “Shuo, let’s go back now.”


“Mr. Song, you don’t need to handle anything on the base?” Su Yu fluttered his eyes innocently. Although he didn’t regret healing his legs, he kind of still wanted to leave him hanging for a little longer.

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