94 Part 2

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Song Yiming shook his head. “Everything on base has been dealt with. I don’t need to tend to everything happening here.”


“Then let’s go back.” Su Yu glanced at the wheelchair in the distance. Now that they’d already shown off sufficiently, it seemed like it had no more use.


Of course Su Yu was naive for thinking this. He seemed not to know about “wheelchair play”.


When Song Yiming glanced over there, his eyes flashed lightly. “Let’s ask someone to deliver it home later.”


“All right,” Su Yu nodded.


In the next few minutes, quite a few people in the base saw something that was enough to keep them in shock for the next three years. Their reclusive leader had shown up!


Even more frighteningly, he not only showed up, but he was standing away from his wheelchair?


Even more frightening, he was followed by a clean-faced young man. The two of them were holding hands, their fingers interlocking!


Seeing this, everyone reached out to feel their foreheads to check that they didn’t have a fever. Could they possibly be dreaming?


Song Yiming didn’t care what those people thought. He rushed back to the mansion with his newly confirmed partner, kissing him impatiently.


He wanted to do this for a while now. Even when he picked up the phone for the first time nad heard the voice in his ear, he couldn’t help but think: the lips attached to this kind of voice must be so sexy.


Su Yu originally wanted to push back against Song Yiming, but his body wasn’t obeying his orders. In moments his arm wrapped around Song Yiming’s neck, the two inseparable. As for what would happen next, the ball’s anxious movement to a resting state was telling enough.


When Su Yu woke up the next morning from his deep slumber, it was the morning of the second day. Song Yiming wasn’t in the room, so he put on his clothes and walked to the stairway. There was a middle-aged man discussing something with Song Yiming. The man stood in the doorway while Song Yiming talked to him the whole time with a completely neutral expression.


The moment Su Yu appeared, Song Yiming’s gaze shifted to him, his eyes gentle. “Are you hungry? Breakfast is ready now, in the kitchen.”


His attitude shift was too quick and complete. Zhu Cheng glanced toward Su Yu for a moment, but was immediately stopped by a cold gaze. He looked down, straightening his back. “If you have no more commands, I’ll be departing now.”


Song Yiming nodded slowly. It was only when Zhu Cheng was well on his way out that his expression finally relaxed. Walking downstairs, Su Yu laughed. “Mr. Song, why are you acting so careful? From my perspective, nobody compares to you. I won’t even glance at them.”


Su Yu didn’t say this just to elevate the mood. He knew that Song Yiming must have many dark sides to his personality that made him self-conscious and fragile. His actions just now were an example. Su Yu didn’t want his lover to maintain that kind of state.


Although he was attractive in his own way like this, Su Yu genuinely hoped for his happiness, with no more concern and fear.


Song Yiming’s eyes lit up at the sound of this. “Nobody?”


“Of course. No matter what you’re like, you’re the best for me.” Su Yu walked up to him, entering his embrace. “I will always be devoted to you. No matter if it’s this life or next life, or the life after that…it will always be you.”


Song Yiming’s strong arms embraced Su Yu tightly, tensing around him. “Shuo, you can’t lie to me.”


“I won’t. At least on this matter, I would never lie to Mr. Song.” Su Yu raised his face, kissing Song Yiming on the chin lazily like a cat. “Mr. Song is the best.”


Seeing the marks he himself left on his neck yesterday, Song Yiming’s eyes glowed again. His Adam’s Apple shifted, his voice deeper than before. “Shuo, are you hungry?”


“Not really.” Su Yu massaged his stomach. He had the medicine to make sure he was never hungry.


Song Yiming’s lips curled. “But I’m hungry again. Shuo, accompany me, how about it?”


“Okay, what do you want to eat?” Because he was in Song Yiming’s arms, Su Yu couldn’t see his expression. With his flat tone, Su Yu didn’t realize what was going on until he was lifted into bed again. Song Yiming wanted to eat him!


When he was gently wrestled to the bed, Su Yu thought to himself: if he’d known his lover from this world was just as needy, he wouldn’t have healed him so early! What a self-inflicted trauma!


Right before it went into slumber again, the ball thought to itself: it was so great to have the male lead here. Finally it wasn’t the only one being bullied relentlessly.



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