95 Part 1


Chapter 95


After dealing with Song Yijin, Luo Zhenzhen quickly overcame her shock and ran over to beg for forgiveness, expressing that she’d always been committed to Song Yiming. She was just hoodwinked by Song Yijin’s scheming to the point of wanting to plan against Song Yiming.


Song Yiming felt only annoyance and disgust at seeing her, whom he hadn’t dealt with due to negligence. He was about to summon someone inside to throw her outside the base when Su Yu, in his arms, whispered to him, “Mr. Song, no need to rush. I want to say a few words with Miss Luo.”


Su Yu’s personality had always been prone to pranks. While he could’ve dealt the death blow immediately, Song Yiming could only let him play. “All right. I’ll go with you.”


Luo Zhenzhen didn’t expect Song Yiming was really willing to meet with her. Perhaps he did have feelings for her? Although his distant attitude made it seem unlikely, Luo Zhenzhen still harbored a sliver of hope when she entered the mansion and stood in the living room, not daring to sit.


She stood there for ten minutes or so, her legs getting tired, when Song Yiming and Su Yu finally walked out.


Luo Zhenzhen hurriedly adjusted her stature, lowering her head respectfully even though her eyes went between the two. “Mr. Song, Mr. Jiang.”


Everyone on the base now knew that the reason for Song Yiming’s legs to be healed was due to Jiang Shuo’s handwork. In addition, Jiang Shuo had also become his lover. Luo Zhenzhen hated him and had little respect for him, but couldn’t show it on the surface.


But apparently she was the only one who thought she was hiding it well. The moment Su Yu glanced at her, he caught the intense loathing in her gaze and chuckled. “I don’t remember offending Miss Luo, why are you looking at me like this?”


Luo Zhenzhen looked away hurriedly, feigning disappointment. “Mr. Jiang, did you misunderstand something? I have nothing against you.”


Her coy, fake voice was almost enough for Song Yiming to immediately flip out against her, but seeing Su Yu’s excitement he was able to stop himself. Still, he glanced at Su Yu, his emotions clearly written out: “I’ll suffer through this for you, but you should pay me back later for this.”


His mood even better now, Su Yu sat down. “You really shouldn’t be unhappy with me. On the other hand, you should thank me. You’re only here because I asked Mr. Song to see you. Otherwise he’d have no time for it.”


Glancing at Song Yiming, Luo Zhenzhen seemed like she was hoping for him to come out and disprove this. But he just looked at Su Yu. “Shuo, you’re too kind. Why would I want to meet with Song Yijin’s woman?”


Hearing this, Luo Zhenzhen felt like her face was about to split open. What did that mean? Did Song Yiming know about her and Song Yijin the whole time?


For the first time she felt like an utter failure. Although this whole time she was pretending to fall for Song Yiming and had no real feelings for him, being skewered so casually by the person she thought she had in the bag felt like playing the clown!


There was a knot in her throat that made it difficult to maintain the smile on her face. She didn’t even know what to say when she opened her mouth again anymore. Song Yiming didn’t have enough respect for her to look at her straight.


Thinking about it for a moment, Luo Zhenzhen could only clench her jaw and kneel down in front of the two men. “Mr. Song, Mr. Jiang, I was deceived by Song Yijin the whole time. That’s why I would say things like that. Now I understand my mistake, so please forgive my foolishness.”


“If you were really just foolish, perhaps I could consider reducing your punishment. But you keep saying things like that while cursing us out in your heart, then we have a problem.” Su Yu leaned into Song Yiming’s arms. He was going to sit on the couch but Song Yiming pulled him over quickly.


Luo Zhenzhen felt her heart shudder. It was like Su Yu’s gaze pierced right through her, reading her innermost thoughts. How could it be? Steadying her attitude, she forced a smile. “Mr. Jiang, why do you say that? I just want to make up for past mistakes. Why would I think something like that?”


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