95 Part 2

“But I can see it clearly.” Su Yu blinked, saying this seriously. “‘I’ve been hiding so well, how can Jiang Shuo guess my thoughts? Can he really read minds?’ Isn’t that what you were thinking? Comparing yourself to a clown too, how amusing.”


Now she was really intimidated by what he said. He really knew what she was thinking! It couldn’t be!


Luo Zhenzhen stared at him with wide eyes, completely dumbfounded.


“Want to know why I can see your thoughts?” Su Yu raised his chin with a condescending look. “My eyes can see through everything. It’s a special ability of mine.”


To play cool, Su Yu had applied the “Eye of Spirits” tool now.


Mouth agape, Luo Zhenzhen couldn’t say anything. She never heard of a special ability like this! Shouldn’t all of them be for dealing with zombies?


“I think it’s a rather useless power too. Compared to looking at someone useless like you and your thoughts, I’d rather know what zombies think.” Su Yu shrugged, looking down at Song Yiming’s hands playing with his own fingers. Seemed like the man was bored.


“Since I’ve already made it this clear, is there anything else you’d like to say?”


Luo Zhenzhen was about to have a breakdown. Her thoughts were completely revealed. What else could she say now? It didn’t matter since she couldn’t conceal her true feelings!


“Since you have nothing else to say, I’ll take my turn.” Su Yu’s fingers were itching because of Song Yiming. He twitched his hand, but ended up even more firmly in the other’s grasp. He could only give up. “If you hadn’t gone to the effort of making this trip, Mr. Song and I would have forgotten completely about you already. After all, nobody would remember someone who’s just extra. Since you’ve showed up like this, we just have to think about how to punish you.”


Shaking her head hard, tears streamed down her face. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll leave now, and never show up here again!”


If she’d known it would end like this, why did she even come here in the first place?


“Unfortunately it’s too late.” Su Yu smiled, revealing a mouthful of silver teeth. “As for punishment, I can give you two options. One is being evicted from the base and dying out there, the other is staying and dying here. Which one do you prefer?”


That was enough for Luo Zhenzhen to fall over, her whole body drained of energy. “No! Please don’t kill me!”


“If you’re not keen on choosing, I’ll help you.” Su Yu used a free hand to grab a coin of his pocket, spinning it on his fingers. “One side is the first, opposite side is the second option. Let’s decide now.”


Ignoring her pleas, Su Yu threw the coin into the sky. A few seconds were just as long as a century to Luo Zhenzhen, but also like the blink of an eye.


She stared at the coin until Su Yu caught it. Her breathing started again, but was quick and shallow. She was about to die and she knew it. Everything turned into nothingness, and she could grasp onto nothing.


But she didn’t want to die!


Crying out in her heart, tears were already streaming down her face on the outside as well. Clambering forward toward the door, she completely neglected Su Yu’s cold gaze.


When she finally got out of the mansion, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. She wiped away the tears and snot on her face, only to stop dead when she saw the pair of black leather shoes parked in front of her.


Luo Zhenzhen’s heart leapt, her gaze moving upwards with fear when she finally saw a smiling face. “Mr. Jiang told me that if you departed the mansion within half an hour of entering, you should be escorted from the base. Miss Luo, please come with me.”


After a moment of stunned silence, she passed out.


Hearing the shout from outside, Su Yu threw the coin onto the table. “She’s so scared that I have no sense of accomplishment.”


“If you aren’t happy with it, I can have someone summon her back and instruct her not to act so scared.” Song Yiming kept playing with his fingers.


“No, I think that’s not a good idea. If you see someone like this again you’ll just feel disgusted. Let’s…” Su Yu glanced back at Song Yiming with a smile, but because he forgot to remove the “Eye of Spirits”, he saw his partner’s thoughts.


“How is he so precious? I just want to get on top of him.”


Su Yu blinked. Seemed like there was a situation here. He hurriedly removed the tool and was just about to sigh a breath of relief when Song Yiming picked him up. “You must be tired? Let’s go upstairs for a rest.”



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