96 Part 1


Chapter 96


By the time Su Yu woke up from being forced to “rest” again, it was already the afternoon. Song Yiming was reading a book, his back leaned against the headboard. Su Yu kicked at him a little moodily.


Turning around to look at Su Yu, Song Yiming’s gaze immediately softened, putting his book down to massage Su Yu’s waist. “Are you hungry or not? Do you want something to eat?”


“No,” Su Yu shook his head, his gaze turning. “Mr. Song, your ability looks different from the other special abilities. When did you awaken it?”


Beforehand it didn’t take any effort on Song Yiming’s side to control Song Yijin.


“I don’t know if it counts as a special ability. Suddenly there was this extra substance I could control in my mind, and I could manipulate other people’s abilities with it. But it doesn’t seem to have other functions.” Now that the two of them were matched in body and mind, Song Yiming wouldn’t conceal anything from his lover any longer. His gaze deepened as he gazed at Su Yu. “As for timing, it happened after you healed my legs.”


His eyes flashing, Su Yu’s heart ached. He think he knew where this “special ability” came from. Clearly Song Yiming thought it had something to do with him.


“I don’t know what it is either. Perhaps the medicine you took activated your physical capabilities.” Sighing lightly, Su Yu suppressed the heartache he felt. He didn’t expect Ling Tian would do something like that for Song Yiming before departing. “Do you feel any other abnormalities now?”


Song Yiming shook his head seriously. “Other than really wanting to sleep with you, there’s nothing else.”


“…” Su Yu didn’t know what kind of expression to make. Even after his whole personality changed, why was his lover’s ability to sweet talk still so potent?


Coughing drily, Su Yu turned away. It seemed like Song Yiming was misunderstanding what he was trying to get at, so he decided to stop pursuing the topic. His true ability hadn’t awoken yet. Most people’s abilities arrived with the beginning of the apocalypse, but clearly a case like his couldn’t be judged with common sense.


Either way, Song Yiming’s body had now been optimized to its best possible state. No matter what kind of ability he awakened, he should be able to handle it. Su Yu wasn’t so worried about it.


Seeing Su Yu silent, Song Yiming hesitated before asking, “Shuo, did you find two types of abilities?”


“Two types of abilities?” Yawning, Su Yu moved Song Yiming’s big hands toward his leg, which was aching heartily.


“I haven’t seen you eating properly over the past few days, but you’ve never mentioned being hungry. Today as well, so I thought you might have some kind of spatial ability. Plus, there’s the way you acted in the living room earlier. That was a type of special ability too, right?” Massaging Su Yu, Song Yiming told him his thoughts.


Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “I suppose I do have a spatial ability. But I don’t store material objects inside except for medicines and elixirs. The reason I don’t have to eat is because I ate one of the elixirs inside.”


Saying this, Su Yu produced his array of elixirs, introducing them to Song Yiming one by one. Looking at the variety of elixirs displayed before him, he couldn’t help but express adorable surprise.


As for the existence of the “Eye of Spirits” tool, Su Yu didn’t mention it. The ball had explained to him beforehand that to protect the stability and balance of the mission world, many tools in the shop were only usable by people bound to the system. The “Eye of Spirits” tool was one such example.


If he couldn’t share it with his lover and he didn’t plan to use it for himself much, there was no reason to mention it.


After sharing all the interesting elixirs with his lover, Su Yu took the topic further, “Speaking of which, since arriving at the base I’ve never gone outside. I wonder what it’s like out there. If you have time, perhaps we can go out for a fun time together?”


Now Song Yiming’s legs were healed, it was time to kick off the boring mainline mission.


In all honesty the man didn’t spend very long handling affairs on the base. First of all he didn’t like to interact with others, second of all Zhu Cheng was indeed very proficient at dealing with everything on his own and didn’t need to ask him for special approval.


So when he heard Su Yu’s suggestion, he only thought for a moment before responding, “Sounds good, let’s go out and walk.”


“Then let’s take a stroll tomorrow. I heard from Zhu Cheng that tomorrow there will be a material collection group leaving for B City, so let’s just follow them?” Of course it wasn’t random that Su Yu chose to go to B City. He still had a few choice family members to mistreat.


Song Yiming lowered his gaze. “When did you get to know Zhu Cheng?”


“…” Why was it that in such a normal sentence, his lover could still pick a point to be jealous about? Su Yu was a little exasperated. He stroked his lover’s arm comfortingly. “What are you thinking, Mr. Song? You’re the only one I think about. Even if I do talk to others, it’s just regular communication. What else are you unhappy about?”

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