96 Part 2


Pressing his lips together, Song Yiming embraced him tighter. “If you say that, Shuo, then let’s leave tomorrow.”


As for the work in the base, if Zhu Cheng had time to interact with his baby, then he had too much time on his hands. Giving him more work was a given.


Poor Zhu Cheng found out about this soon enough. But what could he do other than plan for his boss’ excursion? He could only hang his head in tears.


The whole group they were joining was ten people, each with special abilities. The leader of the group even had both fire and earth-related abilities. There were also people with the ability to store items in alternate spaces. Just from the standpoint of practical power, this group was among the top ten in the whole base, or this mission wouldn’t have landed on them in the first place.


Because of that, when finding out that the leader of the base and his accompanying doctor were coming along with the intent “it’s a big world out there, let’s take a look”, the whole group was quite unhappy. In the apocalypse, after all, the concepts of who you were and your class were less important. Power meant everything.


Even though Song Yiming was the leader of this base, he couldn’t hide that he didn’t have any special abilities and was seeking out trouble actively. Although they heard he had single handedly put an end to his brother who had fire abilities, most people thought of that as more of a fluke than anything.


“Hello there. Sorry for burdening you with Mr. Song and I.” Su Yu nodded with a smile, pretending not to notice their condescending gaze.


He did understand them. In this world where zombies were everywhere and danger hid behind each corner, nobody wanted to drag along two useless characters.


But he also wanted to remind these young people that judging a book by its cover was a bad idea. It was best to wait until you knew more about the other party before expressing your distaste, or you run the risk of being completely wrong.


The only person who bothered to hide his true emotions and appear friendly was the leader of the group, Zhang Te. He smiled at Su Yu, opening the car door for them. “Please board the car. We’re about to leave now.”


Nodding, Su Yu pulled Song Yiming into the back of this revamped jeep. Zhang Te sat in the front seat, while a calm-looking man in his thirties sat in the driver’s seat.


As for everyone else, they boarded the truck behind which had also been revamped. Just like that, everyone was heading out.


Because they were headed for B City, other than clearing out their stock every once in a while when it was necessary, the rest of the time the whole party was pushing ahead constantly. Even so, it took them seven whole days to reach B City.


Originally Zhang Te assumed Song Yiming and Jiang Shuo were the type of people who’d never experienced hardship and wouldn’t be able to handle the ups and downs on the road. Unexpectedly they didn’t complain or even frown. Even when the group members offered them almost expired hardtack, they ate it without complaint.


Although they didn’t appear to have much in the way of combat ability, the fact that they didn’t bring any additional trouble for the group was enough for Zhang Te to change his view on the two of them.


When they reached B City, they first found an out of the way area to rest for a while, determining the details of their action plan.


On the surface, they were in B City to stock up on material resources. But in truth they were going for the experimental facilities at one of the hospitals there. The apocalypse hadn’t been around for long but Song Yiming’s gaze was already turned to medical experimentation. He hoped to figure out the mystery of zombies and welcome a new age of humanity with science.


In the original plot, Song Yiming was killed by his brother quickly so the plot ended there. Nobody knew if Song Yijin had the intention of continuing research in that area, or if it produced any results.


But now Su Yu was here, and the ball was here. Even if nothing had been done yet, he knew the answer to those questions.


For example, on this matter, he sent the ball to investigate relevant news after learning about Song Yiming’s plan. Although the ball hadn’t yet given him extremely accurate results, it produced a rough conclusion: as long as the direction and method of investigation were correct, it was only a matter of time before they saw results.


“Group leader, tomorrow me and Zhao will go investigate. It’s been a while since the apocalypse began, but since B City is tightly populated and we’ll be dealing with a hospital, it’s better to be cautious.” One of the wind-powered young men piped up.


The man he referred to as Zhao was a similarly aged electricity power user. He agreed, “Both of our special abilities are at level 2, and we should be able to move quickly enough. It shouldn’t be a problem.”


Zhang Te looked at the two of them and the rest of the group. He was just about to nod when Su Yu opened his mouth, “If the rest of you are okay with it, Mr. Song and I can handle this.”


The moment he said this, everyone other than Song Yiming looked at Su Yu like they were observing an idiot. Even Zhang Te felt betrayed from his initial good feeling about the two. So they were going to cause trouble for him after all?

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