97 Part 1



Chapter 97


Being glared at by so many people, Su Yu shrugged in exasperation. “Do Mr. Song and I not look like reliable people?”


Although Song Yiming said nothing, his aura of intensity was enough to intimidate everyone. Zhang Te could only smile and wave his hand, “We don’t doubt your abilities, but this is just a dangerous manner. We can’t let you get involved.”


“But I think that if we go, it’s actually a lot less dangerous.” Su Yu said confidently. This only made the expressions of everyone else present even more incredulous.


Was this guy crazy or just overconfident, saying that kind of thing while he had no abilities?


Without paying much attention to others, Su Yu turned to Song Yiming. “Mr. Song, what do you think about my suggestion?”


“Mr. Song, this mission is already…” Zhang Te hurriedly opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t get his thoughts out before Song Yiming nodded.


“Very good.” He was clearly on Su Yu’s side.


Zhang Te could feel the sweat on his temples. If this guy weren’t the leader of the base but his subordinate he would’ve kicked him and the idiot who came up with the plan in the first place. “Mr. Song, we already have a detailed plan for this. You know the importance of planning, so I don’t think there’s a need for changing the plan on the fly. What do you think?”


“As long as Shuo is happy,” Song Yiming said lightly.


“Mr. Song!” Zhao flared up, but was stopped by a single glare from Zhang Te.


“Mr. Song, you and Mr. Jiang both don’t have special abilities, and the hospital is a place where zombies congregate. It’s very dangerous for you. I don’t think it’s possible.” Zhang Te said this calmly. He didn’t have a special need to stop these people from dying, but since Song Yiming was the leader he would be responsible if anything happened to him.


So even if these two were clearly just messing around here, he still had to reach out and pull them back from the cliff.


But some people weren’t stopped so easily. Su Yu waved his hand, smiling innocently. “Don’t worry. Since I came up with this plan, I have absolute confidence. You don’t need to worry.”


“Well then, Mr. Jiang, can you please tell us where your absolute confidence comes from? If you really have a handle over the situation, I don’t think our group leader will stop you. If not, please stop micromanaging us over this mission.” Finally, another group member spoke up with his dissatisfaction. It was already annoying enough to drag these two along. Now they keep adding to the trouble. Did they live in the base so long they forgot what the apocalypse is actually like?


Zhang Te glared at his subordinate. Why did this guy have to jump in and add more chaos to the mix? He didn’t say anything in response though.


“You want to know where my confidence comes from?” Su Yu blinked, turning to Song Yiming and grabbing his arm. “Mr. Song, can we tell them our secret?”


Without even looking at their faces, Song Yiming spat out a word in his low voice, “No.”


That was enough to blow up the group. If you want to play games then be our guest, we just won’t be along for the ride!


“I wanted to share with you, but Mr. Song won’t let me so I can’t.” Su Yu shrugged. Seeing the disbelief on everyone’s face put him in a good mood.


Song Yiming followed up decisively. “Tomorrow Shuo and I will visit the hospital for news. You can rest here or look for resources.”


“But Mr. Song, you came with us here. How can we leave you in peril?” Zhang Te was on the verge of throwing up blood too, but on the surface he still had to try and convince them again.


“This is an order from your commander. I’ll take responsibility for any consequences.” That was the final word they heard from him before he dragged Su Yu off to their temporary room.


No matter how annoyed Zhang Te was at this decision, he couldn’t say much to that.


“They’re way over the line, sir! It’s one thing if they want to get into trouble, but we’ll be the ones to shoulder the responsibility for it!” Zhao smashed his fist on the table.


The other group members expressed agreement with this too. Taking a deep breath, Zhang Te stood up. “When they leave tomorrow we’ll send a few people to follow them. No matter how much trouble they cause we can’t just abandon them.”


Hearing this when he was at the corner, Su Yu actually felt a little more positive about Zhang Te. Seemed like this was another task for the ball tomorrow.


The reason why Zhang Te didn’t mention specific names for who he was sending out was because he planned to follow them himself. But this decision would probably not be popular, so he didn’t want to open it up to discussion.


He had made up his mind already. But by the time he woke up the next morning, Jiang Shuo and Song Yiming had already disappeared!


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