97 Part 2

For a moment he was stunned, in disbelief at his own senses. Somehow he didn’t even know when they had left!


Even though he didn’t know their departure time, he immediately made the decision to chase after them. But when he reached the living room, his subordinates stopped him. “Sir, don’t go.”


“I know you’re unhappy with Mr. Jiang, but it’s not the time to worry about this. Get out of the way!” Zhang Te was flexing his aura of intimidation, shouting at the top of his lungs.


Zhao shuddered, but pulled out a strip of paper. “It’s not me, Mr. Song ordered you as a commander not to go after them.”


Accepting the paper strip, Zhang Te’s eyes narrowed. “That’s fine, but I still want to see what they’re up to.”


Zhao stopped Zhang Te. “No, Mr. Jiang left us a slip too, saying that they left at 5 am. It’s 8 am now, so even if you leave now it’s far too late.”


Glaring at Zhao, Zhang Te knew he was right and wore a grim expression. Although Mr. Song had already said this wasn’t his responsibility, he knew it wasn’t this simple.


Thinking about this, he sighed. “It’s been a long time now, but we should still go over and check on them. We have to do it sooner or later.”


“Well then, we might as well get ready and go. In a situation like this, it’s better if more of us go.” Zhao suggested.


Zhang Te thought about it and didn’t turn him down. Internally he was still worried about the situation.


What he didn’t imagine was that the two people he was thinking about now were having a grand old time beating up zombies.


Because they consumed the breath stopping elixir, the two could walk among zombies without a problem as long as they weren’t brushed up against.


But Su Yu was here to finish his main mission. If the zombies didn’t attack Song Yiming, it wouldn’t count as completing the mission even if he did headshot them.


Thinking about it for a while, Su Yu came up with a decent plan. He had Song Yiming incite the zombies with a metallic rod. Although they couldn’t sense the two of them, they’d still react to getting hit. Then Su Yu blew their heads open with the rod: congratulations, you’ve earned one IQ point for the main character!


The ball was really struggling at the sight of this, especially seeing a boss like Song Yiming poking the zombies with the stick, a serious expression on his face. With how easily they were defeating the zombies, it felt like the whole world’s data was going to get messed up.


Although it looked dumb, it was quite effective. Within two or three hours, this world’s mission was completed 100%. Yay, time to celebrate.


“All right, it’s time for us to go back.” Su Yu smiled as he patted Song Yiming on the shoulder. Although he didn’t know anything about the mission, he still trusted Su Yu 100% and helped him complete it patiently. It was a good feeling.


“Do we need to go to the hospital to take a look?” Throwing away the metal rod, Song Yiming ducked into the car together with Su Yu.


Shaking his head, Su Yu pulled out the materials the ball prepared ahead of time. “No need, we’ve got everything here.”


Grabbing the materials, Song Yiming’s eyes flashed as he glanced over them but he didn’t say anything else. When the two of them returned to their temporary location, Zhang Te and the others were preparing to depart.


Seeing the two who should have been drowned in a heap of zombies showing up perfectly fine, all of the team’s eyes were almost popping from their heads.


Walking out of the jeep jauntily, Su Yu raised his hand. “Hello, good morning.”


Even Zhang Te’s face was covered in shock. Quickly he realized these two probably weren’t people without any special abilities, that they’d just chosen to conceal the truth for some reason.


Thinking back about what he did before, he quickly adjusted his emotions. “Good that you’re back, Mr. Song, Mr. Jiang.”


Song Yiming stood next to Su Yu, holding the materials in his hand. With his lover so silent, Su Yu had to speak on his behalf. “These are some materials we found. Check it out, and see if it’s helpful.”


With that, he handed the thick stack of papers over to the rest of the group, walking away with Song Yiming’s hand in his. His gaze swept through the room, saying with a half-smile, “When you bump into someone who seems completely harmless in the future, never underestimate them again.”


Everyone in the group’s faces were red, their expressions like they had accidentally swallowed a fly. How could they be proven wrong so publicly and mercilessly?


But before the bad mood could continue, they heard their group leader pipe up, “How is this possible!”


Zhao and the rest of them moved closer. “What’s wrong, sir? Is there something wrong with the materials?”


“Not at all.” Holding the materials which had clearly outlined how many zombies were in which areas of the hospital, Zhang Te’s eyes were bright. “This is very useful information for us.”

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