98 Part 1



Chapter 98


With the high-res files provided by Su Yu, Zhang Te had a much easier time making a detailed plan. Don’t ask why he didn’t suspect the veracity of these documents: now he was basically Su Yu’s biggest fan!


What he would discover was that compared to “biggest fan”, perhaps he was only defined as a “bad fan”. Before someone as unpredictable as Su Yu, no matter what plan he came up with was destined to fail. Why was this guy so out of the normal? It was positively enraging!


“Mr. Jiang, we’re planning on going on a mission tomorrow. Do you want to come with us?” Even Zhao, who had reservations earlier, had changed his attitude completely.


The look on Su Yu’s face was still harmless and innocent. “If you need help, of course I’m willing. But I have a small request.”


“What is it?” Zhang Te followed over too. When they were investigating a new plan Su Yu hadn’t expressed any views, just sitting on the couch and drinking water.


Blinking with a smile, Su Yu said, “No matter what you see there, pretend you didn’t see anything. Don’t mention it to other people either. Is that okay?”


Although Zhang Te didn’t yet understand how much his worldview was about to change, he did know how to keep a secret. After a moment’s silence, he nodded. “Mr. Jiang, please don’t worry. None of us are blabbermouths.”


All of the other group members agreed as well, the disrespectful attitude from earlier completely gone.


After hanging out with the group for a few days, Su Yu understood them pretty well. Although they were somewhat inexperienced, their personalities and morality were all decent. Especially Zhang Te, the group leader. Su Yu didn’t mind helping them out when he could.


“Then thanks for your assistance.” Zhang Te clenched his fist, his gaze toward Su Yu filled with admiration.


It was just admiration for a strong person, but Song Yiming didn’t like what he saw. He took two steps forward, arm wrapping around Su Yu’s waist, announcing with ownership, “If Shuo is going, I’ll be going as well.”


Zhang Te could tell these two had a unique relationship, but he didn’t really care much for personal details like that. He didn’t act surprised, but understood immediately what Song Yiming was driving at and hurriedly corrected himself, “Well then, I’ll hand the commanding privileges of this mission over to Mr. Song and Mr. Jiang. If you two have any opinions on the plan, you can let me know.”


“Understood. See you tomorrow then,” Su Yu waved with a smile, a little exasperated by his lover’s ability to get jealous. But what else could he do? He had to make sure he was feeling okay. As for how he could do that, even the ball probably had no idea.


The second morning, Zhang Te and the other group members gathered in the living room. They waited for almost half an hour before Su Yu and Song Yiming walked into the room. But they didn’t complain. The strong had their own privileges, after all.


“Mr. Song, Mr. Jiang.” Zhang Te stood up and greeted the two.


Smiling, Su Yu’s gaze swept across the members. “Has everyone eaten breakfast?”


“Just about to. Want to join us?” That’s what Zhang Te said, but it was clear they were waiting for the two of them.


Glancing at Song Yiming, Su Yu shook his head with a smile. “No need. I’ve eaten in the room already.”


His lover didn’t like prolonged contact with other people in the first place. Having him here interacting with others all the time was already a challenge for him, and he deserved some extra love or he’d start getting jealous again.


Hearing this, Song Yiming’s tense face relaxed a little bit, his hand closing more tightly around Su Yu’s.


“Well then please wait, we’ll be done shortly.” Zhang Te didn’t express anything unnecessary, only ordering Qian to bring the food over.


Qian was the one who had spatial abilities.


When Su Yu saw the meal, he finally realized how much effort Zhang Te must have put into it. Even though it was only as simple as pork buns, being able to eat fresh pork buns in the apocalypse was a rare, luxurious experience.


Eyes flashing, Su Yu communicated with the ball. “How is Zhang Te’s physique?”


Sweeping over his physical conditions, it said, “In this mission world, Zhang Te’s physical composition is above average, his ability is about 7-8 times of what a regular person’s body is, and his special abilities have reached level 3. But since this is a complex apocalypse setting, he has accumulated a lot of toxins, which has affected his abilities. In a place like this it’s difficult to bring out his true potential.”


“Understood.” Su Yu rubbed his chin.


For once realizing what was going on, the ball guessed its master’s thoughts and leapt closer. “You should do something good every once in a while. It’s good for your feelings and can make your life richer. Isn’t that great?”


What it really wanted to say was it hoped its master would do something nice and treat it better in the future. Maybe he could stop bothering it.


But Su Yu didn’t seem to understand the intent behind what the ball was asking, turning around with a half-smile. “I’m not suited to doing good.”

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