98 Part 2


“It’s no issue to do it once in a while.” The ball whimpered.


By then Zhang Te and the rest of the group had already finished their breakfast speedily. Walking over, they said, “Mr. Song, Mr. Jiang, we’re already ready.”


“Then let’s leave.” Su Yu patted Song Yiming on the leg, standing up from the couch and grabbing a small bottle from his pocket. “But first I need to give this to you. Everyone take one.”


Zhang Te’s subordinates looked at each other, a little hesitant. They had no idea what Jiang Shuo was giving them. Could it be poison?


The group leader Zhang Te accepted the bottle and poured out a single pill, swallowing it immediately. Although the other group members couldn’t trust Su Yu, they did trust their own leader. Seeing this was enough to make them swallow the pill too.


“Let’s go!” Su Yu beckoned them over, pulling Song Yiming to walk outside too.


Their seats remained the same as before. Su Yu etc. sat in the jeep while the truck followed. Because the ball was guiding them, they didn’t encounter many zombies on the way, reaching their destination without a hitch.


When they reached the hospital, Su Yu exited the car quickly and was about to walk in. Zhang Te realized this guy was clearly powerful, but was still a little unnerved, so he stepped out to stop him. “Mr. Jiang, there are a lot of zombies in the hospital. Won’t it be a problem for us to just walk in like that?”


Without waiting for Su Yu’s response, Song Yiming had already stepped out of the car as well, “Take care of your own people. No need to worry.”


Zhang Te felt extremely awkward. He really didn’t have that kind of intention with Jiang Shuo!


Glaring at Song Yiming, Su Yu turned around. “Don’t worry, Group Leader Zhang. I have my own plans, just tell them to come out too.”


Seeing Su Yu wasn’t joking, Zhang Te called the other members out. When everyone was there, Su Yu said, “The medicine I just fed you will hide your aura for six hours. As long as you don’t attack the zombies or create huge noise, they won’t cause trouble for you.”


Hearing this, Zhang Te couldn’t help but stare in surprise, feeling like this was probably a joke. He’d never heard of a drug that could disguise someone’s aura. Everyone else clearly felt the same way. They just changed their perception of him and now he was messing around like this?


Seeing nobody believed him, Su Yu smiled, saying nothing more and walked into the hospital toward a group of wandering zombies. Zhang Te watched him nervously, preparing to attack when necessary. But then he saw those zombies near Su Yu seem not to notice anything, instead turning around and wandering in the other direction.


In that moment, Zhang Te no longer knew what expression to make. It was almost a feeling of witnessing a new world. Everyone else also went from disbelief to complete shock.


Heavens! There were really miracle drugs that could hide them from the zombies’ noses. Why hadn’t they ever heard of this before?


With something like this, they never had to worry about zombies any longer! It was a cheat code against the zombies! Or perhaps…they could even consider the odd possibility of co-existing with zombies?


Admiring everyone’s complicated expression, Su Yu walked back casually. “Now we need everyone else to start moving too. Yesterday I observed this hospital’s conditions but also looked into a few other places. They might have the equipment you need.”


Saying this, he pulled out a thick stack of papers from somewhere and passed them to Zhang Te. “Now everyone understands the situation, the task itself isn’t actually that difficult. If you hurry it shouldn’t take long for us to carry off all the equipment in this hospital. Then we’ll just go to the next place.”


Zhang Te, who had just witnessed a whole new world, accepted the documents Su Yu passed him. He was silent for a long moment before spitting out one word. “Okay.”


“I’ve already discussed with Mr. Song. The third hospital is closest to our temporary dwelling place, so we can designate that one as the final stop. What does everyone think?” The real reason Su Yu picked the third hospital as the final stop was because his original family dwelled there.


Really, this family of three had quite a lot of misfortune. Initially Jiang Tian brought Zhao Guiqin to B City through tons of hardship. When they found her father Jiang Kai, they ran into the B City’s population transfer. What was originally a great chance to move was missed because Zhao Guiqin had a fever due to days of travel and the group was unwilling to bring someone who might turn into a zombie any moment. The father and daughter couldn’t abandon her, so they were delayed for a few days.


When Zhao Guiqin was finally healed, the group had already left. None of them had very powerful special abilities, so they didn’t dare leave B City.


As for the matter of food, it was always left to Jiang Tian who had abilities. For this, the supposedly loving family had gotten into countless arguments.


In the countless fighting and accusations, the family’s relationship reached its breaking point. The despair in their hearts only grew stronger.


Thinking about this, Su Yu laughed, his hand on his chin. If he suddenly appeared like a savior in front of them, how would they react? Just imagining it made him look forward to the occasion.


What he looked forward to even more was when these three realized the person who appeared before them wasn’t a savior, but a demon.

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