99 Part 1



Chapter 99


When Su Yu let his spirit wander around and pulled his thoughts back, he realized that everyone including Zhang Te wore confused, complicated expressions. He could only clap his hands. “We don’t have much time. If you don’t have any questions, let’s get moving.”


Only then did the group members walk into the hospital doors, their emotions still in turmoil. When they saw those wandering zombies near them without any intent to attack, their feelings only rose to a boil.


We must not be living in the same apocalypse!


Feels like all the zombies we encountered in the past are all fake. Maybe I live in a fake world?


Never knew zombies could be so cute (read: idiotic). What kind of expression should I make when I have a thought like that?


Ignoring what must be running through their minds, Su Yu only turned to Zhang Te who remained motionless. “Group leader Zhang, you’re not planning on going in and helping them too?”


Looking at Su Yu for a long moment, Zhang Te couldn’t help but remind him, “Mr. Jiang, you should still take care in the future. After all…”


He hadn’t finished his sentence when he realized the temperature had dropped quite a bit. Turning his gaze, he saw Song Yiming orbiting around Su Yu, his hand slipping around his hip. Immediately understanding the intent, he changed what he was saying, “With Mr. Song here, there isn’t much to worry about. But I’ll make sure to manage the group members and ask them not to tell anyone else.”


“Thanks for the reminder. I believe Mr. Song will protect me well.” Su Yu learned into Song Yiming’s shoulder, looking both reliant and trusting.


Su Yu always knew the best way to stay at peace in his lovers’ presence. Right now, agreeing was more important than holding onto his supposed “manly pride”. Although he didn’t think he needed protection, if it made his lover happy he didn’t mind playing the part of a reliant, timid lover, satisfying his companion’s obsessiveness.


Although Song Yiming liked this, he couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed. He knew Su Yu was communicating completely normally with other people. His personality was just difficult to change. Even at his limit doing the best he could, he was still like this.


Just when Song Yiming was thinking about changing his personality with equal parts sweetness and shame, his lover’s head had left his shoulder.


Looking at his lover with some disappointment, Song Yiming saw Su Yu retrieve a small yellow bottle from his pockets, passing it to Zhang Te. “What’s in this bottle is good for you. You should try it when you’re alone.”


Eyes flashing, Song Yiming felt a sensation of foreboding. He was familiar with this bottle.


Although Zhang Te didn’t know what was in the bottle, since Jiang Shuo was offering it to him it must be something good. He couldn’t help but hesitate. “I haven’t done anything for you, so I shouldn’t accept a gift from you.”


Su Yu squinted at him with a half-smile on his face. “Really? This can boost your bodily abilities and special abilities. There’s only one shot at this, you won’t find anything better.”


Zhang Te’s eyes brightened, but he still suppressed his urges. He wasn’t trying to be polite, it just seemed too convenient and good to be true. So instead he asked another way, “Mr. Jiang, do you have something to ask of me? You know you can just speak up.”


Su Yu didn’t know what to say to this. Who took a gift with such difficulty?


Without saying much more, he turned and passed the bottle to Song Yiming, glancing at him meaningfully. Studying the bottle away from the crowd, Song Yiming felt chaos in his heart. He knew this was the medicine Su Yu used to cure his legs.


It was a medicine only for his use, but his lover was going to give it to someone else.


To normal people, it would only be grounds for small jealousy at most. But for Song Yiming he felt quite a lot of internal pain. After a struggle, he clenched his jaw and made up his mind.


Gazing at Zhang Te with his deep eyes, he threw the bottle to him and issued a command in his deep voice, “This is an order from your commander.”


“…” Su Yu felt like this sounded super self-centered?


“…” The ball wanted to say, seemed familiar? Although this couldn’t compare to its own master, but the protagonist was definitely drawing on a bad influence!


Catching the bottle, Zhang Te knew that since Song Yiming had already stepped it up to this level, there was no point in continuing to refuse. He could only grasp the bottle and say seriously, “If Mr. Song or Mr. Jiang have anything else to ask of me, please don’t hesitate.”


“Actually, we do have something we’ll need your help with in a bit.” Thinking about the details of his plan, Su Yu laughed.


“Please let me know, Mr. Jiang.” Still playing serious, Zhang Te was ready to carry out the mission.


The only thing Su Yu said was, “I’ll have to ask you and your companions to play along with the atmosphere and say a few lines.”


Zhang Te was dumbfounded. Atmosphere? What kind of mission was that?


Su Yu didn’t bother explaining, just pushing them into the hospital to help. When the only ones left nearby were Song Yiming and Su Yu, Su Yu reached out for Song Yiming’s neck, moving closer to kiss the corner of his lips. “I’m very happy.”


Song Yiming, who’d just been preparing to vent his unhappiness, suddenly felt deflated by this kiss. “What are you talking about, Shuo?”


“Mr. Song, you wanted to grind that bottle of medicine up or hide it, right? But you didn’t do that. So I’m happy.” Pressing his nose to Song Yiming’s nose, the two of them were breathing in tandem

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