Chapter 130

“Dear Admiral, I have completed a very difficult step of the plan, please reward me! ~(≧▽≦)/~” When this playful message from an unknown source appeared on the communicator, Ah Heng was stunned for a while before he could react. There’s a smile on his face.


But how did he sent this message?


The mermaids in the Mermaid Research Institute did not have anything like a communicator on their bodies, and the source of this communication even turned out to be “unknown.”


It’s a rather rare situation for Ah Heng, who’s equipped with specific military communication devices.


Ah Heng raised his eyebrows and tentatively replied, “what step?”


It wasn’t even a minute after the message was sent and there was a new reply, “shouldn’t the Admiral ask me what kind of reward I want?_(:з”∠)_”


Before Ah Heng started replying, the other party had sent several more messages consecutively.


“Since the Admiral already asked, then I will answer you even though I’m reluctant to. Regarding the very difficult step, it is of course to brainwash the cute mermaids! I let them realize how beautiful the world is and how cute mermaids are. I also taught them how handsome our Admiral is. Of course, the last point was merely for Lyle.”  ╮(╯▽╰)╭”

“I know that the Admiral will definitely ask me the kind of reward I want next, so let me answer it even though I feel reluctant. The answer is very simple, I just want the Admiral to take me home as soon as possible.” (* /ω\*)”


“When I don’t have the Admiral by my side, I’ve become so thin in just a few days. I look so pathetic. Does the Admiral think the same?” (The cyan-tailed mermaid was facing the glass wall and showed a mysterious smile).


“So, dear Admiral, please take me home as quick as possible!”


Ah Heng, who had finished reading these messages, “…” He didn’t know how to react anymore.


Before he could decide what expression to put on, the other party sent him new messages again.


“But before that, we should discuss the next plan first. In fact, my plan is very simple yet very effective. Do you want to listen to it? *罒▽罒*”


Ah Heng pressed his eyebrows and finally had the opportunity to reply with the word, “yes.”

In less than a minute, his communicator received a new message again, “but this plan is very capricious. It only accepts face-to-face listening, so if the admiral really wants to know, please come to me quickly! ╮(╯▽╰)╭”


“…” Ah Heng sighed weakly, but he soon raised the corner of his mouth. His hand clicked on the communicator, and the [Delete] option popped up on the screen, but after pausing for a while, Ah Heng didn’t delete these messages, he just further encrypted them.


Afterwards, Ah Heng immediately stood up and ordered his subordinates to prepare a spaceship and headed to the Mermaid Research Institute.


Although Su Yu was still in the Mermaid Research Institute at this time, he was completely isolated and was under close surveillance in all directions.


Ah Heng had also placed his staff in the Mermaid Research Institute, so he had a general understanding of Su Yu’s current situation, but he did not expect being stopped by the Mermaid Research Institute when he applied to see the other party.


“Admiral Ah Heng, I’m really sorry, this mermaid has been booked by another officer, so he can’t meet other people now.” The staff said a little regretfully.


Ah Heng looked stunned and frowned, “when did this happen? When I came a few days ago, this mermaid hadn’t been booked by anyone.”

More importantly, he hadn’t received any relevant news at all. Was it because the staff he had planted there did not have time to report this to him, or was there something else hidden?


The cold momentum on Ah Heng made the staff so scared that he had cold sweat on the forehead, but he had to summon some courage to answer, “it just happened…yesterday, that officer would come today to sign the agreement to adopt this mermaid.”


Ah Heng sensitively grasped the key point of the staff’s answer. Since the reservation was made yesterday, why not sign the adoption agreement the same day instead of today?


It’s only a day’s difference, so there must be something suspicious here.


“So, they haven’t officially signed an adoption agreement yet?” Ah Heng asked sharply.


The staff was aware of Ah Heng’s tough attitude and could only evade the most serious part of the topic, “although the adoption agreement has not been formally signed, the officer has already decided to adopt this mermaid, and he has already told the staff about this in advance.”

“So he really didn’t sign an adoption agreement, right?” Ah Heng didn’t care about the attitude of the Mermaid Research Institute, and he didn’t care about the conspiracy involved, his tone was affirmative, “I only know that as long as the agreement has not been signed, this mermaid is free and can be adopted by other qualified people.”


Having said that, Ah Heng glanced at the staff coldly, “so, I will adopt this mermaid now.”


The staff contracted their necks subconsciously, he wanted to refute, but he found out that Ah Heng was making sense.


In desperation, the staff member could only ask his superiors for instructions, and soon the deputy dean of the Mermaid Research Institute came to Ah Heng.


“Admiral Ah Heng, I was told the situation just now,” the deputy dean walked to Ah Heng with a smile and politely explained, “Just yesterday, another general had already selected this mermaid called Lyle. Before signing the adoption agreement, something suddenly happened to the military department, so he had to leave first. However, before leaving, he had already told the staff in advance that he’d be here to sign the agreement. I’m really sorry but I hope you understand.”

Normally, Ah Heng should at least ask for the identity of the officer, but no matter who that was and what purpose was involved, Ah Heng couldn’t give way. How could he hand his favored mermaid over to another person?


Therefore, it’s less important to find out his identity.


Of course, the most important thing was that Ah Heng already knew his identity


“I don’t need your apology, because I won’t understand your obvious violation of the regulations.” Ah Heng coldly rejected the deputy dean, while insisting on his standpoint just now, “since this mermaid has not been adopted, then I will adopt him now, and I know that the deputy dean will help me arrange as soon as possible.”


“Admiral Ah Heng, are you being too unreasonable?” The smile on the deputy dean’s face became a little stiff, but he had to hold back his anger. “There are still many well-behaved and sensible mermaids in the Mermaid Research Institute. You may choose from the others if you’re really desperate.”


“You should be the one who is unreasonable, right? A few days ago, I had come to pick a mermaid. At that time, I had already made it clear to the staff that I intend to adopt this mermaid only.” Ah Heng glanced at him coldly and said a little unhappily, “according to your logic just now, that mermaid should have belonged to me a few days ago, but you even planned to hand him over to others after that. Doesn’t this seem more unreasonable?”

The deputy dean was taken aback by Ah Heng’s sudden accusations, then he asked more furiously, “how come I never knew about this happening?”


The mermaids in the Mermaid Research Institute was all very yearned for by each human being, and as the deputy dean of the Mermaid Research Institute, he had always been flattered, and it’s been a long time before he got this irritated last time.


“You don’t even know about this. It seems that there’s another charge on the deputy dean.” Ah Heng sneered, the furious deputy dean refused to look at him straightly, “now that this has happened, what the deputy dean should do is to verify this with the staff member welcoming me that day. You shouldn’t have denied it without checking.”


The deputy dean was completely under the control of Ah Heng, and he found everything that Ah Heng said to be irrefutable. His face got extremely red from anger and he could utter a sentence, “sorry, admiral, I’ll go check now.”


Ah Heng waved his hand at this time and said forgivingly, “although I did mention to the staff here that I wanted to adopt Lyle, it was just a verbal agreement after all, and it did not comply with the regulations of the Mermaid Research Institute, so it’s fine.”


He made it sound like he’s very forgiving, but it also implied that verbal agreements of the other officer wouldn’t count neither. It made the deputy dean even more furious.

Then, Ah Heng said another thing that made the deputy dean want to vomit blood, “now, I’ll request the deputy dean to arrange for the adoption. The mermaid that I’m going to adopt is this one with a cyan tail named Lyle.”


After being scared to the extent of having cold sweat, the deputy dean was even made extremely furious. And now nothing had changed?


So all these efforts for nothing?!


The deputy dean was really about to vomit blood. He pressed his mouth tightly, his upper and lower teeth couldn’t stop grinding. He found it extremely difficult not to strangle Ah Heng to death.


Ah Heng didn’t seem to have noticed anything, he just frowned and asked in confusion, “is there still any matter with the deputy dean?”


Of course there was something! He suffered inside but he couldn’t say it. If he did, he’d just vomit more blood!


If he knew how difficult Ah Heng was, he wouldn’t have used that excuse at all. Now, he couldn’t find a reasonable reason to reject Ah Heng at all.


However, the dean especially told him that he must closely monitor the mermaid named Lyle, and he must absolutely not let him fall into the hands of other people, especially those advocating the freedom of mermaids, so what’s he supposed to do?!

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