Chapter 129


The staff members suddenly looked speechless, and surprisingly, they felt a little tired after being scared by this little mermaid.


They were about to continue their movement, yet Su Yu suddenly stopped laughing and said again in an eerie, slow voice, “in fact my last sentence was the real joke. It’s really me who turned them into mermaids.”


This time, the staff naturally didn’t believe Su Yu’s words anymore. They straightly rolled their eyes and showed disbelief.


Su Yu glanced over these staff members one by one and said, “I really didn’t lie to you, and if you dare to touch me, I’ll turn you all into mermaids as well.”


The staff members only regarded it as a completely weak threat, and no matter what Su Yu was still talking about, they directly pushed his glass cabinet out of the selection room and headed to the examination room.


It was an order from their superior. That day, they would need to conduct an all-round examination of the mermaids’ bodies and send the results to the dean, who’s in the hospital now.


When thinking of the current situation of the dean, there were subtle changes on each person’s face.


At this time, in the military hospital, two mermaids with grey fish tails were facing each other at both ends of the swimming pool. Ivan stared at the dean of the Mermaid Research Institute with a depressed look; “you are the dean of the Mermaid Research Institute, how is it possible that it has nothing to do with you? Do you think I would believe in your bullshit?”


The dean’s facial expression was also horrible and he gritted his teeth, “Major General Ivan, please see for yourself! I’m also a victim, how can I be related to this incident? I hope you can be more reasonable!”


“On the surface you are indeed a victim, but who knows if you have done something that you shouldn’t have?” Ivan sneered coldly, as no matter how the other party explained, he could no longer believed that it had nothing to do with the institute, “the dean is so courageous to turn humans into mermaids!”


At this time, the dean didn’t know what else to say, so he just shook his fishtail angrily and turned his back, “Major General Ivan, you can choose not to believe me, but I hope you show me some evidence before accusing me. The institute has never done any research like that – NEVER!”


Although these two people hated seeing each other, neither of them wanted to stay in that insulting glass cabinet. They didn’t want to stay in the bathtub either, so they could just remain in the two ends of the swimming pool.

The atmosphere only changed when the results of the physical examination of Su Yu were released after half an hour.


After checking the results of Su Yu’s examination, the dean couldn’t help but frown. How could that mermaid’s body be normal without any problems?!


Under the circumstances at the time, the only mermaid who made a weird move was this one, so how could he be without problems?

“Are you sure that there is no problem with the result?” The dean asked the researcher who had come to report to him in a deep voice.


The researcher nodded very surely, “we’re sure. We already examined him for three times, and after each time, the result is the same. There aren’t any abnormalities with his body.”


The dean obviously did not accept this conclusion. He was silent. Instead, Ivan on the other side of the swimming pool snorted coldly, “the dean’s original plan was to push all this to the shoulders of that mermaid, yet the result doesn’t suit you. Too bad.”


The dean had no intention of dealing with Ivan at this time, but Ivan refused to let him off easily. Seeing that the dean refusing to speak, he became even more sarcastic, “why isn’t the dean talking anymore? Or are you already thinking to find another scapegoat?”

“Major General Ivan, I just made myself very clear. This incident has absolutely nothing to do with me personally or the institute!” From the dean’s tone, it’s obvious that he became very impatient. Given his current situation, how could he be the one doing it?


Ivan just sneered and said ironically, “no matter how you argue, this happened to me in the institute. So, you are supposed to give me an explanation.”


“I’m investigating this matter.” The dean patted the fish’s tail heavily and splashed the water.


After quarreling again, the two finally returned to the bathroom in the ward…They were now mermaids, so that could at most leave the water for four hours a day only.


Because Su Yu’s physical examination showed no abnormalities, the dean’s investigation instantly fell into a dead end and he completely lost his direction.


But even so, the research institute did not relax its vigilance against Su Yu. Not only was Su Yu placed in a confined single-person space, but there was also someone monitoring him at all times.

Su Yu seemed to be quite quiet. Even if he was isolated, he showed no panic at all. It’s just that Su Yu was communicating with the mermaids when the staff wasn’t aware.


Or to put it more precisely, Su Yu was brainwashing the mermaids in every aspect day, trying to change some of the deep-rooted bad ideas in their minds.


This kind of brainwashing lasted for seven days, and he finally made substantial progress and gains. The little mermaids gradually accepted Su Yu’s idea about them not being there for reproduction, and they started to realize that they could create their own values as well. It’s also entirely possible to be in a different mode of living and achieve much more.


They were slowly accepting things that they never thought about, and they even started to look forward to it.


It’s just that as these yearnings and expectations were slowly emerging, their doubts and low self-esteem had become more and more serious because of this impact. They couldn’t help feeling that these beautiful expectations may be just their imagination, and it’s impossible to become reality.


How could Su Yu not notice their thoughts? However, he didn’t dispel their doubts from the beginning. It’s because many of their ideas hadn’t been changed yet.

Secondly, after worrying deeply and turning things around, the mermaids would cherish more what they fought for themselves.


Therefore, after everyone’s thoughts had almost changed, Su Yu helped everyone to dispel their worries and doubts at one time, “are you worrying that you won’t live as freely as human beings even after getting back your freedom?”


The mermaids were already used to listening to Su Yu, which was the initial requirement of Su Yu at the beginning. Therefore, even with the changes on the mermaids’ facial expression, none of them replied.


Su Yu did not need their response either. After a short pause, he continued, “I have been telling you before that we will be able to live as freely as human beings, with dignity and value, but there is one thing that I said wrong.”


After this, the faces of the mermaids suddenly showed tension, as if the dream in their hearts was about to be shattered.


“Although I use humans as the benchmark, there is no need to demand and plan ourselves completely according to human standards,” Su Yu continued in a gentle voice, “since we’re mermaids, we’re destined to live like one. There is no need to follow the path of a human.”

After hearing him, the little mermaids, who originally looked nervous and worried, gradually starting contemplating.


“So what we have to do now is not to compare with humans, or even think about surpassing humans. What we have to do is to live our own life as a mermaid,” Su Yu’s voice was still soft, but there’s a sort of convincing force in it, “we are equal to humans and they won’t influence our lives anymore.”


Because of Su Yu’s words, there was a kind of brilliance in the eyes of the mermaids that had never appeared before.

They were just mermaids, but they didn’t need to feel inferior and annoyed just because they couldn’t surpass humans, and they didn’t need to feel complacent either because they have done what humans can do.


Whatever they would like to do, they just needed to listen to their heart. And it’s got nothing to do with humans.


“Of course, I don’t want you to be an enemy of the entire human race. After all, humans can also be our friends,” Su Yu paused for a while before continuing, “we can tolerate humans, care for them and even work with them. But that’s just because that’s what we value, just like we get along and fight together with the mermaids we like, and it has nothing to do with race.”


Su Yu wanted to make it very clear, as he wanted to achieve complete equality mentioned by Ah Heng.

Su Yu smiled slightly and made a final concluding statement, “so, never forget that we are mermaids.”


Su Yu’s speech of passion finally came to an end. At this time, the staff who was monitoring the selection room looked really confused.


Staff A, “what’s the matter with these mermaids? How come their facial expressions have changed so much?”


Staff B, “and have you noticed it? The expressions of these mermaids seem to be surprisingly consistent, as if they had agreed earlier what expression to put on.”


Staff C, “did they have some kind of contagious illnesses? That would put us through hell if they did!”


Although these staff members did not grasp the correct answer, they did their due diligence to perform a physical examination on the mermaids again, and they were relieved after confirming that there were no problems.


And Su Yu, the only one who did not undergo this physical examination, had already secretly contacted Ah Heng.

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