100 Part 1

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Chapter 100


Hearing the sound of cries for help, the driver didn’t try to slow down, instead glancing at Zhang Te for instruction. Zhang Te looked back at Song Yiming in the back seat, while Song Yiming…well, he was really looking at Su Yu the whole time. At this moment he opened his mouth. “What do you think, Yu?”


“Let’s go. I think there will be fun drama to watch.” Su Yu said with a half-smile.


Only then did the driver slow down to a stop. Although there were a few zombies on those wide streets, not a single one approached the car.


Seeing the car stop, the cries for help became stronger. “We’re here! Here! Come in from the door on the east side, turn left. We’re in the leftmost room in the first building, on the third floor!”


The person standing in the window was raising a bright red flag. Seeing him pressed up against the anti-theft window, wriggling around, he looked nothing like the antique, traditionalist father the main character left behind originally.


“Let’s go.” Su Yu snorted, pushing the door open. Song Yiming followed close behind.


Because it was only a simple rescue mission, other than just him Zhang Te arranged for two other people to follow. The five of them followed Jiang Kai’s directions to the third floor, creating some movement along the way.


A nervous, excited girl’s voice rang out from inside immediately. “Is that you?”


“Yes, please open the door.” Zhang Te responded in a low voice, then turned to look at Song Yiming and Su Yu, who were still standing in the shade of the staircase. Why weren’t the two going to come in if they already showed up?


Well, bosses were always hard to pinpoint. Shaking his head, Zhang Te looked away from them.


Finally having received the help she wanted, Jiang Tian hesitated. “Are you guys…really the good guys?”


Other than the human vs. zombie conflict in the apocalypse, there was internal conflict among the humans too.


“We’re a resource collection group from S City, here in B City to complete a mission. We passed through here by chance.” Zhang Te explained in a low voice.


Muddled sounds of argument rang out inside before the door was opened carefully, a woman with a tired expression saying meekly, “Please come in.”


Nodding, Zhang Te glanced one last time at the corner where Su Yu was hiding before walking into the room.


When the scratched up door was pulled to a close, Song Yiming finally issued his question from the shadows. “Who are they?”


“According to blood, they are my relatives. My mother, father, and sister.” Su Yu shrugged casually, with no trace of sadness or betrayal.


Song Yiming wrapped a gentle hand around his waist. “If you don’t like them, don’t bring them back.”


“Of course I don’t want to bring them back. But since I have no intention of shouldering the blame, I want them to do so.” Seeing the way Song Yiming was looking at him like fragile cargo, Su Yu felt goosebumps on his skin. “Don’t worry, I’m really fine. You think anyone could pick on someone like me?”


Thinking about it carefully, Song Yiming suddenly moved closer to Su Yu’s ear. “Only me, in bed.”


Now it was Su Yu’s turn for his goosebumps to pop out even more. Leaning closer in with a smile, he hooked Song Yiming’s chin with a finger. “Then from now on you can’t do that either.”


Song Yiming, who was only trying his best to be romantic, felt a little deflated by this response. His eyes sorrowful, he gazed at his lover, “Then starting from today, you can pick on me in bed. I’ll only let you do it.”


“…” Su Yu really couldn’t think of a response. How could his lover be so shameless? Well, he had to admit this wasn’t the first time.


“We need to stop talking for a moment, I’m about to flex my acting skills now.” Since the people in the room were probably almost finished with what they had to say by now, Su Yu peeled away Song Yiming’s hand, walking toward the door with big steps, purposefully creating a commotion.


The moment Zhao Guiqin heard this from where she was in the living room, her face went pale. “Could it be…zombies again?”


“Mom, stop freaking out so much. These people have special abilities just like me. With them here, even if there were zombies we have nothing to fear.” Jiang Tian glared at her mother impatiently.


As if suddenly remembering something, Zhang Te’s eyes flashed and he stood up. “I’m going to go out and check the situation out.”


When he pulled open the door, it was exactly as he expected: Su Yu stood there with a panicked expression…hold on, was there something wrong with this situation?


“Mr. Zhang, I wasn’t going to come and bother you, but the zombies are too scary. I’m…afraid.” Clasping his hands, Su Yu’s expression was helpless, his complexion pale with fear.


“…” Somehow, the explosive Jiang Shuo had transformed into a little flower. Zhang Te didn’t know how to react. He suspected his face was probably splitting apart!


Thankfully, someone else rescued him from having to react. Just when he was standing there staring, a shocked voice rang out from behind Zhang Te. “Jiang Shuo, what are you doing here?”


Hearing that voice, Su Yu glared that way intensely before looking away in a cold manner, implying he didn’t want to pay attention to Jiang Tian.


Just when Jiang Tian said it, Zhao Guiqin moved over too to look. Seeing that it really was her son, she said with joy, “Shuo, it really is you!”


She squinted outside, waving him in. “Come in now, let’s close the door and then talk.”


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