99 Part 3

“But I’m really willing…” Raising his head to look at Song Yiming, Su Yu’s head was pushed forward by his big hands.


Song Yiming didn’t want his lover to see how off-guard he was, although this didn’t hide anything. “It’s nothing to do with you. I won’t do this to you.”


“Mr. Song…” Lying in his lover’s arms obediently, Su Yu’s voice maintained a hint of uncertainty.


Breathing in deeply, Song Yiming hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth again. “As you say, I might not have been able to trust you as I should have before. But you’re the only one I care about. I could never let myself hurt you because of my damn thoughts.”


I will never let anyone hurt you, not even myself.


Satisfied with Song Yiming’s answer, Su Yu’s lips were already curving upwards. He still put on a worried voice, though, “What should I do then? I don’t want to see you suffer. Each time I see Mr. Song suppress himself for me, I became sad too.”


“I will control myself. Don’t worry, I will never hurt you.” Immersed in the atmosphere Su Yu created on his own, Song Yiming had no idea his lover was just playing.


Silent for a moment, Su Yu suddenly shook his shoulders. “I had a good idea!”


“What is it?” asked Song Yiming with a frown.


“I was thinking, if you could trust me completely like I trust you, wouldn’t we have solved half the problem already?” Su Yu’s head rubbed against Song Yiming’s chest happily, “Looking at something with faith and looking at something with doubt is completely different. If I saw Mr. Song leaving our home with a suitcase, I’d probably just assume you were busy and would be back soon. But the other way around, you might think I was leaving you.”


For some reason, Song Yiming felt like there was a playful jab in the last few words, but his attention wasn’t focused there. For one, what Su Yu said did indeed match what he was thinking. Second, his heart was beating again at the mention of “our home”.


Our home. Just those few words was enough to make his mood a lot better.


“I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.” Seeing there was no response from Song Yiming, Su Yu kept talking, “Mr. Song, you can ignore what you’re thinking and try trusting me completely, turning this into the starting point for all your thoughts. How about that?”


He clasped his neck and gave it an affectionate sway.


Beforehand the reason why Song Yiming could never accomplish this was because he was so busy trying to disguise the ugliest side of himself, fearful that it would scare Su Yu away. Now that it was already out in the open, he actually felt more relaxed, as if something heavy weighing on his heart was released.


Of course, the super sentimental stuff Su Yu said beforehand did end up working.


After a moment’s silence, Song Yiming said, “All right.”


“You’re so good, Mr. Song.” Su Yu rubbed his face against Su Yu’s shoulder. His mannerisms were enough for the ball who had just spat its data out to start vomiting data again.


Just then, there was a light cough from nearby. Raising his gaze, Song Yiming saw Zhang Te’s group standing near the entrance of the hospital, their eyes not daring creep closer.


Only then did Su Yu step back from Song Yiming’s arms, looking up at his lover’s completely recovered face and then looking at Zhang Te. “You’re back. Have you moved everything?”


Seeing how calm he was, the group couldn’t help but doubt themselves. Why did this guy seem less like someone who’d just done something gross than they did?


Coughing twice lightly again, Zhang Te stepped up again, “Because Mr. Song and Mr. Jiang provided us with very detailed documents, it was even easier than imagined. That’s why we finished ahead of time.”


What he was saying was basically we didn’t intend to see what we just saw, and didn’t dare watch for even an extra second.


Shrugging casually, Su Yu said, “If the mission is complete, let’s go to the next hospital.”


He pulled Song Yiming into the car behind him, whose face was still placid even as his heart was still running through the scene that had just gone down.


In the past if someone else saw him and a lover being intimate, he’d have carved the person’s eyes out. But now perhaps his attitude changed, the first thought he had was: since they already saw this, they probably wouldn’t try to steal Shuo from him in the future, right? Even if they did, Shuo would never want them, because he only thought about Song Yiming.


Sometimes, human minds are so odd. Just a slightly different angle and everything seems different.


After that, they swept through five major hospitals in B City within four hours. When getting into the car again, Su Yu said to the driver, “Can you drive a little slower for this area ahead?”


Not really knowing what was going on, the driver still nodded. “Okay.”


According to the highly accurate information provided by the ball, about five hundred meters ahead was where Jiang Kai and the rest of the family lived.


Although they didn’t manage to keep up with the larger group and had no courage to run out, Jiang Kai wasn’t a complete idiot. After that happened, the family of three kept transitioning from spot to spot safely so Jiang Tian could seek out more food and they wouldn’t miss a chance to find help.


That’s why when the two cars passed by the three of them, there were weak cries for help issuing from the third floor of the nearby store: “There are live people here! Please help us!”

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