100 Part 3

The recording stopped there. Everyone present wore completely different expressions.


Jiang Tian was glaring at her brother with anger and frustration, aching to scratch his face up with her nails. She already wanted to do it, yet it seemed like there was a powerful aura present that stopped her from moving at all.


Not expecting to hear this, Zhao Guiqin’s face went white, her tears flowing quickly.


Jiang Kai’s expression was as serious as ever, already calculating how to spin this.


Zhang Te and the group members felt sorry for Su Yu for a moment, but considering his power they thought it might be somewhat unneeded, so they turned their sympathy to disgust toward the Jiang family.


As for Song Yiming, needless to say he was ready to kill.


“Everyone knows this. Why do you need to force me to present the facts? Wouldn’t it be better to pretend we didn’t know each other?” Su Yu sighed softly. After the three clowns had their play, it was time for him to give them a taste of their own medicine.


Before he could say anything further, Jiang Kai moved first. He rose from the couch, slapping Jiang Tian across the face. “You insolent thing! I never thought your mother raised you to be this wicked. How dare you treat your brother like that. You’re killing me here!”


Su Yu blinked. He hadn’t even started moving, it seemed the family was ready to pounce on each other.


Jiang Tian held her hand over her face, unable to react. Jiang Kai moved his attention to his wife, shaking his finger at her. “I thought you were raising our children to be upstanding people in my absence, but I never thought you raised Tian to be like…this. You’re disappointing me!”


Covering her face, Zhao Guiqin sobbed, shaking her head, “It’s not like that, I didn’t want to…”


“Dad, what right do you have to slap me!” Finally coming back to her senses, Jiang Tian joined the fray immediately. “He didn’t have any special abilities so he’s nothing but a waste. Plus, you were the one who…”


“Stop! You, shut up!” Jiang Kai shouted over Jiang Tian’s high-pitched voice.


“Why should I?”


“Shut up!”


Zhao Guiqin was still sobbing in the corner.


Su Yu admired the rudimentary acting of this family of three. Seeing that Jiang Kai and Zhao Guiqin’s gaze turned back to him, he made a gesture for them to stop. He had no intention of joining this argument.


“Don’t tell me you were powerless to do anything else. No need to show me these crocodile tears either. I don’t need any explanation.” Su Yu paused, thinking about his wording. “I have enough evidence on hand. So sorry, although it was a moving performance, I’m sorry. You’re still clowns to me, not particularly good at acting either.”


Jiang Kai swallowed the words he was about to say, his eyes so wide they looked like they were going to pop out. Zhao Guiqin’s sobs also cut off for a few seconds.


“Seems like you don’t believe me. Then let’s listen together.” Su Yu shrugged, pressing down on the play button of his recording pen.


Jiang Tian’s disgusted voice rang out. “Jiang Shuo’s useless, he can go die. Each time I see him I feel disgusted!”


“Is that good? You wanna hear more?” Su Yu admired the three of them and their changing expressions. Even though there were a few zombies outside banging at the door raising a clamour, his good mood was unaffected.


The next was Zhao Guiqin, whose voice was soft and undecided but also selfish, “Shuo, I know I owe you for this. But I have no other way. I don’t want to die, I want to see your father again. So please don’t blame me.”


Hearing this, her face turned paper white as she completely forgot to cry.


Looking at Jiang Kai, with beads of sweat on his forehead, Su Yu smiled. “And next…”


“Stop!” Jiang Kai shouted. It was too late.


“Stop mentioning Jiang Shuo, okay? He’s already dead, how can we save him now? Isn’t my life more important than his? What we should be thinking about is how to protect our own lives.”


“Phew.” Finally finished, Su Yu tucked away his pen and spoke in a sarcastic voice, “See what you said, and compare that to how you were acting in front of me just now. All I can say is it was a rather low quality ploy.”


Jiang Kai glared at Su Yu, his face oscillating between green and white like he was being slapped so hard he couldn’t remember how to speak. From the bottom of his heart he felt a chill. This person…this person might not be his son at all.


Although they hadn’t really spent much time together, he always remembered his son to be quiet and introverted. When had he ever looked at him with a gaze like that? More frighteningly, what was that audio?


How could he have something like that?


“You want to know why I became like this?” Since he’d already finished the main mission, Su Yu didn’t care about deviating from his character settings. Torturing side characters had to be done in as fun a way as possible. After reading Jiang Kai’s thoughts, he moved closer to him, his expression turning from mocking to twisted hatred, his lips curving into a smile. “I’ve already died once, dad.”


That was enough to surround Jiang Kai like a ghost. He cried out, backing away and flipping off the couch.


Jiang Tian and Zhao Guiqin were both frightened as well, the former with her mouth wide open and a face full of fear, the second with a face white as a sheet, sweat dripping down her temples.


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