100 Part 4

“Bunch of cowards. How boring.” Patting his sleeves, Su Yu stood up and turned to Song Yiming. “Let’s go, Mr. Song.”


Song Yiming stood up, his expression dark. The atmosphere felt like ice, thanks to him. If he didn’t have complete trust in his lover’s abilities to handle this, he would’ve intervened himself to kill all three of them.


But was it enough to just scare them?


Song Yiming didn’t think so, but he wouldn’t doubt his lover’s decision in the moment. He made up his mind that in the future he would find the opportunity to kill these three somehow.


Before they even had time to open the door, Jiang Kai already clambered up from the floor. Although he looked a little off his rocker, he still opened his mouth with much resolve. “Shuo, no matter what you’ve gone through, I’m still your father?”


Su Yu stopped in his steps, the corner of his mouth curved as he waited to hear more.


Taking a deep breath, Jiang Kai displayed a guilty contenance. “I know it was our fault in the past. I don’t want to beg for your forgiveness. As a father, however, I still want to pay you back the best I can.”


“Shuo, I know I’m wrong too.” Zhao Guiqin started sobbing again as well.


Jiang Tian didn’t say anything. The fact that she wasn’t opening her mouth right now to argue was enough to show her softened attitude.


“So?” Su Yu turned around and glanced at them.


Jiang Kai said without much confidence, “As long as we can keep living, I’ll be able to pay you back. Don’t worry, we’ll survive in the base on our own abilities, never making life difficult for you.”


“Does this count as begging me?” Su Yu turned back to look at them.


Jiang Kai was on the verge of explosion, but to protect his own life he had to keep going. “Yes. Please, give me a chance to make this right.”


“What about them?” Su Yu glanced over Jiang Tian and Zhao Guiqin.


This time Zhao Guiqin didn’t even need her husband to throw a hint at her. “Mom’s begging you now.”


Now it was Jiang Tian’s turn. Since Jiang Shuo was young his sister had always kept him underneath her heel, so this time it was hard for her to do this. But thinking about how she’d been living in recent days, she knew she’d go crazy if she kept suffering like this!


“If someone’s unwilling to admit that they’re wrong, then…” Su Yu shrugged nonchalantly.


Her hesitation disappeared. “Jiang Shuo, I’m begging you.”


“With that kind of attitude?” Su Yu raised a brow.


Clenching her jaw, Jiang Tian finally bowed. “I’m begging you!”


“Not enough.” Su Yu stated.


Suppressing the urge to flare up, Jiang Tian asked, “Then what do you want?”


“Kneel.” Su Yu raised his chin.


“You’re too much!” Jiang Tian couldn’t help but raise her head to glare at him.


Su Yu shrugged again. “If you’re not willing, I’m not one to force you. Then…”


Crying, Jiang Tian knelt down. “I’m kneeling down now, are you happy?”


Su Yu wore no expression. He really didn’t feel much. It was just a memory he glimpsed in the original main character’s mind: because he didn’t buy the right ice cream flavor for his sister, he knelt outside of her door for three full hours.


But seeing her kneel in front of him, his feeling was: “I’m not satisfied.”


“What are you saying?” Jiang Tian glared at him with tears in her eyes and killing intent.


“I’m saying I’m unhappy with your performance, so I won’t bring you to S City. As for whether or not you have the prospects to enter based on your own abilities…” Su Yu smiled mockingly, turning toward Zhang Te. “What do you think, Group Leader Zhang?”


So this was time for him to play along again?


Adjusting his expression, Zhang Te said seriously, “Sorry, S City doesn’t welcome heartless traitors.”


One of the random group members behind Zhang Te could hold back no longer. “Exactly! You guys are disgusting, throwing Mr. Jiang away back then at home without caring if he lived or died. Now he’s doing well and you want to come crawling back to ask for his forgiveness? It’s the most shameless behavior I’ve ever seen!”


Another group member chimed in, “No, not just disregarding whether he lived or died. Sounds like you’d like nothing better than if he died!” He spat at them. “If I were Mr. Jiang, I’d never come here to save you in the first place! You deserve to die here!”


The first group member spoke up again, “Actually I would come here just to see you again. Because I’d want to kill you with my own hands!”


Group member 2: “So at the end of the day you reap what you sowed. If you never abandoned Mr. Jiang in the first place, then you would be living happily in S City a long time ago. He’s a capable man, after all! If you hadn’t tried to play the victim, maybe you could enter the base with your own hard work. But now…you really doomed yourselves!”


“…” Su Yu glanced at the two of them. Felt like his lines were being stolen by group members A and B?


“They’re right. All of this is you seeking out your own punishment. As the representative of S City, our doors will always be closed to you.” Song Yiming, who hadn’t said anything yet, took this opportunity to speak up.


With that, he took Su Yu’s hand and marched out of the room before he could say anything else. Zhang Te hurried ahead with the group members, cleaning out the zombies in the way.


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