100 Part 5

The living room seemed to brighten again, but Jiang Kai and his family could see no more light. No matter how hard they cried it was useless.


When they got back into the car, Song Yiming immediately embraced Su Yu. “Don’t ruin your mood for them.”


“No. I’m actually pretty happy now.” Su Yu smiled. “I’ve already come up with the next way to torture them.”


Song Yiming’s eyes flashed. His lover was like him after all, never one to spare an enemy. “Do you need help?”


“No. Actually, I might end up helping you with this.” Su Yu tapped his lover’s nose, nestling into his arms and finding a more comfortable position.


“Oh?” Song Yiming played along, showing some curiosity.


“Have you ever considered what the world will be like when the apocalypse ends?” Su Yu asked him instead.


Thinking about it for a moment, Song Yiming started flirting again, “No matter whether it ends or not, my world will never change because you are my world.”


“…” Su Yu: I’m trying to be serious here. Why in the world is he trying to flirt here?


“…” Zhang Te and the driver: Have you ever thought about how single people feel around you?


Seeing that his flirting failed, Song Yiming went back into serious mode. “When the apocalypse ends, perhaps zombies will disappear. Perhaps humans will die out. Perhaps it will be nothing but desolation.”


“But I don’t want that to happen, because I want to build an apocalypse empire with Mr. Song,” Su Yu said with a giggle.


“…” Song Yiming: Never expected my lover to be so ambitious. Time for me to start working hard too.


“…” Zhang Te and the driver: Feels like we heard something secret. Are we going to be killed off for overhearing?


“Mr. Song, don’t you want that?” Su Yu looked at Song Yiming expectantly.


What could he say at this point? In the past, he never really thought about the work of rebuilding the world. Since his lover had already spoken to this part, he had to play along as a devoted companion. “Of course. If you want it, we’ll do it.”


“Great. Then let’s build an empire in the apocalypse.” Su Yu smiled with satisfaction. His tone sounded like he was saying something as simple as “let’s have a lollipop”.


Zhang Te and the driver no longer knew what kind of expression to make.


At the same time, Su Yu issued a humongous order to the ball with a smile. “Access every communication device in the nation and issue an invitation: ‘If you want to save the world, come to S City to play.’”


“…” What kind of order was this? Seemed like its owner was going bonkers with narcissism after all!


“Oh, add another one. ‘I don’t like Jiang Kai, Zhao Guiqin or Jiang Tian. If you want to play with them, then I won’t play with you’.” Su Yu added after thinking for a moment.


“…” It wasn’t just narcissism now. Its owner’s ability to extract private vengeance publicly was growing as well.


Seeing no response from the ball, Su Yu turned around. “What? Wanna ‘throw up’ again?”


Shuddering, the ball said quickly, “Understood! Promise I’ll complete this mission! It’s just that…now many devices only support audio transmission. Just looking at the name might not be enough to identify the message.”


“Is this really a problem for you?” Su Yu smiled slowly.


Once again, the ball shuddered. Under its owner’s display of power, even though it knew this wasn’t appropriate, it could only follow his instructions. “I…I got it.”


When completing this huge mission, the ball very kindly took three seconds of silence for that family of three. They had pretty bad luck, to bump into its owner. Thinking back, though, wasn’t it the most doomed out of everyone? They were bound together through lifetimes, after all!


Why did it want to cry even more now? T^T


When twilight lit up the skylines, zombies wandering leisurely through nature, everyone who had a digital device received a message at the same time…


A massive game of reconstructing the apocalyptic world was about to begin. This may have sounded like a joke or something that no one could accomplish. However…


Half a year after the apocalypse began, S City created a drug that could effectively counter hunger.


A year after the apocalypse began, S City created a drug improving physical capabilities.


Two years after the apocalypse began, S City created drugs that could disguise the human presence and bring out special abilities.


Five years after the apocalypse began, S City created a drug that could stop the human body from transforming into a zombie!


Ten years after the apocalypse, zombies were extinct throughout the nation. S City changed its name to S Empire.


Everyone who was lucky enough to survive in the post-apocalyptic world had heard about S City’s ability to create miracles, and the two names of those who created them.


Even after S Empire’s reign had completely stabilized, people still brought these topics up in casual conversation.


Random Person A: “I heard that when Mr. Song met Mr. Jiang, it was love at first sight.”


Random Person B: “Not at all, it was when Mr. Jiang used high-tech medical techniques to cure Mr. Song’s legs that the two developed feelings.”


Random Person C: “Heh, sounds a little perverted to me.”


Random Person A: “None of that matters. More importantly, they really do love each other. I hear that they’re always holding hands.”


Random Person B: “Yep, they never get embarrassed, never fight. I hear that the the S from S Empire comes from their surnames.”


Random Person C: “But Mr. Jiang’s S is from his name. There’s no S in the name Jiang.”


Random Person A: “Oh yeah, I guess so. But they did say that during interviews so I don’t know what that means.”


Random Person B: “We don’t have to worry about that. They love each other so much, they’ll be happy together for the rest of their lives.”


Random Person C: “Yeah, it really makes you envious.”


Of course, it really was an enviable romance. Not just a single lifetime worth of love, but one after another happily ever after…

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