101 Part 1



Chapter 101 Scattering IQ for a Suicidal Youth


In the wide-open, bright classroom sat thirty or so young boys and girls, wearing uniforms. They were filled with energy and spirit, enough to make Su Yu breathe a sigh of relief.


Seems like this should be a very normal mission world?


Looking at the scene before him as well as his shrunken arms, legs, and the uniform he was wearing, this was probably a schoolyard plot?


But the situation itself seemed weird. Su Yu glanced around the classroom without seeing his flashing ball. He tried to summon it, “Ball?”


No response. How could the ball have disappeared? What was going on?


Without the ball, he couldn’t obtain this world’s plot or this body’s memories.


“Liu Yang, please read this part of the lesson.” The teacher suddenly spoke, drawing Su Yu’s gaze over.


He didn’t react until everyone else’s eyes turned toward him. That’s when he realized the protagonist’s name was probably Liu Yang.


So he was the person being asked to read the lesson?


Su Yu, who had never experienced this kind of treatment, had an odd feeling. He curved his lips, glancing at the closed book before him, standing up and picking up his classmate’s copy of the textbook. He read with a clear, calm voice.


He didn’t look flustered at all, instead demonstrating a clear countenance from body language to voice. Even his voice was clear like the wind.


“I’m done, sir.” When he finished, Su Yu passed his textbook back to his neighbor, who was glaring at him.


The teacher intended to scold Su Yu a bit. There was nothing to pick at in his reading, however, as it was enthusiastic and well-done. He could only snort. “Pay closer attention next time.”


“Yes, of course.” Su Yu nodded politely. Only after the teacher allowed him to did he sit down again.


The whole afternoon was spent in a meaningless class. He didn’t know who he played in this world, or who his lover was, so he stayed put in his seat.


That whole time, the ball never appeared.


Only when the bell rang after class did Su Yu have to start packing up his bag. School was over, after all, so everyone had to go home and eat dinner. The only problem was that he didn’t know where the original protagonist lived.


He glanced around him without expression, planning to be the last one to leave. Perhaps someone who normally walked home with him might come over to chat?


Unfortunately, there was no such conversion. He could only sigh and shoulder his backpack, walking slowly toward the gate. When he reached the gate, he glanced at the electronic clock above.


18:20, Monday April 2nd, 2007.


Memorizing the time, Su Yu glanced around. So should he walk right or left?


Just when he was prepared to pick a direction and walk randomly, the ball finally materialized. “Master! I’m back!”


“Where did you go just now?” Su Yu asked, walking right casually.


“So this is what happened. When we just entered this world, I realized I hadn’t received any plot information about this world,” the ball said hurriedly, “I thought I missed important data so I immediately chased back, but the feedback told me that everything was finished transmitting, with no lack of information. I got really scared. Think about it, if I don’t have the plotline of this world or your original memories, then we’ll…”


Su Yu raised a hand to rub his brow. “Get to the point.”


Pausing, the ball said, “It’s not that I didn’t receive the mission data of this world. We’re currently in an unreal space, so I can’t access that information.”


“An unreal space?” Su Yu frowned.


“Yes. It’s not the real world of the mission, but I can’t find what’s really going on,” The ball said, defeated. “I can only monitor people or things in this realm.”


“So you have good news and bad news. Bad news is we’re inside of an unreal world with no real information about the world, including original memories; good news is that we can survey everything in this unreal world.” Su Yu concluded, standing on a stone bridge.


“That’s basically it.” The ball was still dispirited.


Looking at the ball, Su Yu smiled with some warmth. “Why are you so defeated? You think with our powers combined we won’t be able to escape this unreal world?”


“No, I just feel like…I didn’t do my job.” Glancing at Su Yu, the ball was self-conscious and sad.


Su Yu lifted a hand. The ball thought its master was going to toy with it. Shuddering, it resisted the urge to duck away. But he only patted it on the head, laughing. “Hearing you say that seems like you’re calling me out for the way I made you work in the past.”


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