102 Part 1

Chapter 102


Before Su Yu could understand what was going on or respond, everything collapsed around him. After a torrent of dizziness, bright light entered his eyes.


Instinctively, he shut his eyes, gradually opening them when he adjusted to the light around him. The environment had transformed completely. Looking up, Su Yu felt a shock travel through his body.


Noon sunlight spilled through the windows, reaching every corner of the classroom. Students were listening to their teacher quietly, occasionally whispering to each other.


Just when Su Yu was looking down at the closed textbook in front of him, he finally understood exactly what the words he’d heard before meant.


Not much longer and an identical line appeared from the teacher, “Liu Yang, please read this part of the lesson.”


Su Yu sighed lightly. This time he didn’t grab his classmate’s textbook, flipping to the right spot in his own book and reading it calmly.


Soon enough the class ended. Su Yu called for the ball in exasperation. “Where did you go?”


This time he didn’t have to wait long for the ball to show up with a giggle. “I saw you were busy learning so I didn’t want to distract you.”


“So what happened beforehand?” Without wasting time, Su Yu went straight to the point.


“My guess? This virtual world is set up in a cycle. When an important event happens, it’ll re-enter the designated beginning point. Real people in this world will not lose their memories,” When instructing Su Yu in educational content like this, the ball’s tone became very formal. “For differentiation’s sake, we call the pre-reset world Cycle One, and the current world Cycle Two.”


Su Yu had already guessed as much, and what the ball was saying only affirmed what he was thinking. He ordered the ball, “Go around and investigate what exactly everyone in this world was doing before the world collapsed.”


The ball immediately scanned the huge amount of data it gathered earlier. “According to my initial analysis, the people within my surveillance range there were nineteen people acting out of order. 11 people left school to escape to the internet cafe; 4 people argued with friends or family; 2 people lost sleep for unknown reasons; 1 person stayed overnight at the hospital for illness; 1 person…committed suicide.”


Hearing the last line, Su Yu’s brows leapt up. “Who is that?”


“The person who bumped into you on the street. His sister was involved in a car accident that day, so he probably couldn’t take the blow…” The ball’s voice lowered too, like it had guessed something.


Narrowing his eyes, Su Yu breathed in deeply. “Give Yu Feng’s detailed files to me.”


“All right.” The ball presented a digital display, showing the detailed information to its master.


Name: Yu Feng.

Age: 16

High School: Jinjiang High School

Household: Parents are both deceased, lives with his elder sister.


Really, this was all there was to the supposedly detailed information.


Reading this, Su Yu was silent for a moment. Then he issued an order. “Open up surveillance again. Pay special attention to Yu Feng’s situation. Report any oddities to me.”


“Yes!” The ball accepted the order, and came back quickly. “Master, although I only started monitoring Yu Feng starting at 18:34 during Cycle One without much understanding of his prior motion, I think his actions today were already abnormal.”


Su Yu raised a brow. “What is he doing?”


“He looks uneasy, like he’s scared out of his wits.” The ball reported honestly.


Su Yu clenched his fists unconsciously. He wanted to go visit this young man, but what if he wasn’t his lover? Su Yu didn’t plan to start trouble with anyone other than his lover in this world.


But from another point of view, if he really was his lover, would he really ignore him just because of a reason like that?


His thinking was obviously conflicted, leaving Su Yu to hesitate for once. The ball spoke up quietly after a moment, “Master, even if he’s not the protagonist he may very well be related to the formation and breaking of this virtual world. Investigating him is worthwhile. We just want to understand more about the situation, you don’t have to do anything with him. Isn’t it normal to communicate with your classmates? More importantly, it’s good for you to do something nice every once in a while.”


Su Yu’s balled up fists finally loosened. It did seem he was complicating something that should be simple in the first place.


Why did he subconsciously assume that when he approached others it had to be flirting? Was it because in the previous worlds he was too focused on seduction that he treated it as part of him and his lover’s daily routine?


“Does Yu Feng have a cellphone?” Tossing the thought away, Su Yu returned to the topic at hand.


Most high school students at this school didn’t have cellphones, although the main character did have one.


“No, he doesn’t have the money for it,” The ball swayed.


That was when the bell rang for class. Su Yu could only sigh and focus back on class again. When the bell rang again, he immediately stood up and walked out.

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