102 Part 2




He didn’t call him out, though, just standing by the window to observe this clearly fidgety young man. Then he asked a classmate to pass a paper slip over.


“Yu Feng, this is for you.” Yu Feng’s neighboring classmate passed the slip of paper over, only to see him shudder like he’d been shocked. “Are you okay?”


Shaking his head, Yu Feng forced a smile. “Yeah, just didn’t get a good night of sleep yesterday.”


“All right, as long as you’re okay. Here you go.” The classmate passed the slip to him.


Looking down at the slip on the table, he felt a sense of foreboding, asking hesitantly, “What is this?”


He didn’t understand what was going on now. If he could go back to before his sister died, then everything should be in a loop. Why was he receiving a slip of paper that never appeared before?


“You should take a look for yourself. Someone just passed it through the window over there,” his classmate shrugged, turning around to talk to someone else.


Glancing toward the window, Yu Feng saw there was nobody there. He opened the slip of paper with panic in his heart. A scribbled, messy line greeted him. But he wasn’t in the mood to consider how pretty the handwriting was or was not, because the contents of the paper made him stare wide-eyed in fear.


“I know your secret. If you don’t want to experience the tragedy again, come and meet me after school.”


He crumpled the paper up quickly. Why would someone write him this? Was there someone else going through the same thing too?


Who was the other person and how could he know? What was his purpose? Should I trust him? Can he help me?


A string of thoughts appeared in his mind with no clear thought pattern, creating even more fear and confusion.


It was only when school ended that he made up his mind. Since this person knew all about him, he couldn’t hide away even if he wanted to. Maybe it was time to confront this person and see what his intentions were.


Perhaps he could really help? Although Yu Feng didn’t dare hope, part of him couldn’t help but hope anyways.


Reaching his decision, Yu Feng finally calmed down slowly. When everyone else had left, he shouldered his backpack, his mood heavy, walking onto the field.


In the distance he saw a boy wearing a uniform lying in the grass. Was this the person who write him a slip?


Grasping his backpack, he walked closer. What he discovered was that the other person was lying with his eyes closed and a comfortable expression, completely relaxed.


This made him suspect whether or not this was really the right person.


Yu Feng lifted his feet to walk toward the other corners of the field. He hadn’t gotten far when he heard a clear voice. “Stop looking around, I’m the one you’re searching for.”


Looking back quickly, he stared right into a pair of warm, smiling eyes. They looked so casual yet also wore a look of concern, to the point where he lost his focus. The nervousness bubbling in his heart faded away.


“Don’t just stand there. Come and sit here.” Su Yu waved him over.


Only then did Yu Feng come back to his senses, walking over to Su Yu and sitting down. He wanted to ask directly what the paper slip meant, but didn’t have the courage to.


Su Yu’s attitude was even more straightforward. He glanced over at him and said, “I’m like you. I’m here from Cycle One.”


The moment he said this, Yu Feng’s eyes went wide in shock. The way his mouth gaped was actually kind of adorable.


If this young man was really his lover, he was different from the ones before. Quite adorable, really.


“I know what you’ve been through. I’ll help you deal with it.” Su Yu didn’t bring up the fact that this was a virtual world. He wasn’t familiar enough with Yu Feng yet and worried he wouldn’t believe him, or perhaps would even start to suspect him. Plus, he didn’t know what role Yu Feng played in this world yet and there was no need to reveal a fact like that ahead of time.


Yu Feng clasped his backpack’s straps. Because he was so excited and nervous, his words came out of order, “Can you really help me? Why? Who are you? How do you know this? What’s going on here?”


“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything I know.” Su Yu smiled comfortingly, bringing out the tool he prepared. “This is my phone. Earlier it was always quite normal, but I broke it. After it was fixed, it became abnormal. The reason why I know about your ordeal is the texts I receive here. That’s all I know.”


“That’s the cellphone?” Yu Feng stared at the phone Su Yu held in his hands.


“You can look inside.” Su Yu passed the phone to Yu Feng generously.


“Thank you.” Yu Feng was being polite. Accepting the phone, he turned it on to see what was inside. Once again, he found himself shocked.

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