103 Part 1



Chapter 103


“Do you want to rescue this about-to-collapse world?”


“Do you want to become a messiah to the world?”


“Do you want to reach the pinnacle of your life and marry someone tall, dashing, and rich?”


“Ding dong! You’ve received a chance to save the world. Please treasure this opportunity.”


“Find your companion and battle alongside him!”


“Help him escape his ill fate and reshape his life, you’ll become the strongest partners in the universe!”


“Hold on,” Yu Feng looked at Su Yu, shocked and confused, “What is this? That’s what you wanted to show me?”


The ball covered its face. How could it look straight at its owner, who could think up such stupid lines?


Su Yu glanced over, pressing a button, “That’s just the prologue. This is the main text.”


Yu Feng looked at the phone again and found himself taken aback once more.


“Yu Feng, male, born on September 12, 1991. His parents died in his youth and he lived with his sister Yu Ting, both of them relying on each other. April 8, 2007, Yu Ting dies in a car crash. April 9, 2007, Yu Feng commits suicide.”


When Yu Feng’s gaze landed on the last line, his face was white as a sheet. How could this show up?


When his eyes swept past the time on the text, his eyes became even bigger. The time of receipt of this text was April 2, 14:09, 2007!


That was when he arrived here, and when everything started over again!


The sender was blank.


Thin drops of sweat slowly fell from his forehead. Yu Feng’s white knuckles clamped around the cellphone as his brain flashed through thoughts, his heart clenching with fear and panic. What did this all mean?


He knew his sister was dead, and that he killed himself. Yet somehow he was here again and someone else popped up too who knew what he had been through, with a text like that…


Just when he was shaking, hands and feet both cold, a warm hand settled on his shoulder and a ringing voice cleared away the fog, knocking straight at his heart. “Are you afraid? If I were you, I’d be happy. Without this chance, my sister would be dead and so would I, everything becoming fate. But now you have a chance to change everything. Don’t you?”


Yu Feng turned toward Su Yu, like he was looking at his only hope. “Really?”


“Of course. What you need to do now is not panic because of this, instead try hard to stop the tragedy from occurring again. Understood?” Su Yu tried to speak gently, even though a doubt slowly surfaced in his mind.


Yu Feng thought for a moment before putting his negative emotions to sleep. “You’re right, I can’t let anything happen to my sister again.”


“Good, good. Shouldn’t you head home now? It’s time for self-study later.” Su Yu stood up with a smile, patting the grass off his body.


Yu Feng stood up too. Now he felt more warmly toward this youth who knew his secret. “Thanks for comforting me. But…”


“Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to save this world alongside you. Of course, I’ll keep the secret for you too.” Su Yu promised seriously.


Thinking back to the first text he saw, Yu Feng’s mood was lightened.


They lived in different directions, so after making a date and time for the next time to meet they said goodbye.


Walking home, Su Yu talked to the ball, “Ball, don’t you think there’s something off with Yu Feng?”


“Off? I don’t think so,” The ball floated above Su Yu’s shoulder.


“He reacts too strongly to impactful events, choosing suicide directly after his sister’s death. Being able to return to the past to change determined events should be more hopeful for him, but it still scared him out of his wits.” Su Yu frowned, “And just now, I thought he was exaggerating, but he seemed really scared and panicking.”


The ball thought about what its owner was saying and suddenly stated, “Master, are you looking down on this mission’s protagonist for being a soft top?”


Since Yu Feng might be the protagonist and he looked quite weak, that led to Su Yu being unhappy. The ball thought its logic was flawless.


Hearing this, Su Yu extended a hand to toy with the ball, speaking through his teeth, “Looks like you understand me well, huh? You can guess what I’m thinking?”


Crying out, the ball begged for forgiveness, “I’m sorry, master, I shouldn’t have said what you think, I…!”


It was only when the ball was completely speechless that Su Yu let go. The ball immediately departed the “danger zone”. Its master was too scary!


“Since your intelligence doesn’t match my line of thought, I can be more straightforward. If Yu Feng were really mine, no matter how weak he were I’d never look down on him. But our current problem is that his reaction to this world is clearly too strong. Think about it: we’re living in a virtual world at the moment, where nothing that happens is actually real, with artificial outcomes. Any detail could hold the key to breaking out of this place.”

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