103 Part 2


“Master, you’re right.” The ball had suffered enough to not quiet down for now.


“If Yu Feng is the key point of the fictional world, who is he in real life? Why would he appear here? Who’s controlling this from the shadows?” Su Yu walked forward, thinking. “An overly sensitive young man who has to confront his cruel life. What will he be like in reality?”


Su Yu’s thoughts were clear on this. Fiction and reality could be opposites. Personality, age, background, memories, even gender might not be true to fact.


So he never assumed he would be able to find his lover based on the behavior of a fictional character or personality, since most of it was false anyways. His only goal was to break through this virtual world and enter reality. That’s where their story would truly begin.


Assuming a fantasy as the foundation of your reality would mask your judgements with a veil of falsehood even if your conclusions were correct.


“If someone constructed this fictional world they must have a goal. So what’s their goal at the end of the day? Punishment, profit? April in 2007, the bright, open classrooms, Yu Feng’s sister’s death, suicide…” Su Yu put his hand under his chin, thinking deeply. Suddenly someone smacked him on the head and sent him spinning, completely taking him out of his thoughtful mode.


“You little rascal, I thought you were taking too long. Were you just daydreaming on the road?” After slapping him, his mother grabbed his skinny arms and dragged him forward. “Look at what time it is! We need to get back for dinner. If you’re late for self-study, I’ll peel your skin off!”


Su Yu could only steel his face and let his mother drag him home. The ball followed and rejoiced, its mood suddenly better as it forgot all of the “torment” it endured.


At noon the second day, Su Yu finished lunch and went back to school without a nap. He had a date with Yu Feng on the athletic field.


“Sorry for making you wait.” Yu Feng was already waiting for him when he arrived.


“No, I just got here too.” Yu Feng smiled politely to Su Yu.


“Then let’s start.” Su Yu wasted no words, “Our situation now is that according to the original plot your sister will be in an accident on April 8th. What we need to do is stop this from happening. What are your thoughts?”


“On that day I’ll try to keep my sister home. Is that okay?” Yu Feng responded quickly. Clearly he’d put thought into this already.


“I think it’s okay. To guarantee that nothing goes wrong, we need to go and look at the place your sister had her accident. What do you think?” Su Yu nodded, suggesting.


Yu Feng didn’t have much of an opinion. The problem was when his sister had her accident he went to the hospital directly and never found out where she got into the accident. He frowned. “But I don’t know where it happened.”


Su Yu smiled cunningly, passing his phone to Yu Feng. “No problem, I know where it happened. Last night I got another text, here it is.”


Yu Feng only needed to glance at it for his face to grow pale again. The text contained everything: the time, place, location, and details of his sister’s accident.


Seeing this, Su Yu took his phone back. “It’s not far from the school, let’s go and see now.”


Yu Feng took a deep breath, calming himself. “Okay.”


The two only walked for under ten minutes before reaching the place where Yu Ting had her car accident in Cycle One. It looked like a completely normal street lined with residential housing, not like a place where a car accident might happen.


“This is it?” Glancing around, Yu Feng clenched his fists, the fear and panic in his heart once again appearing once again. Even his lips were turning white.


Looking at Yu Feng, Su Yu patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t be nervous, nothing has happened yet.”


“You’re right, but I…” Yu Feng wanted to suppress the fear in his heart, but this time it was so strong he couldn’t control it.


Seeing that Yu Feng seemed like he was about to burst into tears, Su Yu could only say, “This won’t do, let’s go back first.”


“Mm.” Closing his eyes, Yu Feng walked back quickly. Taking one final glance at the environment, Su Yu’s gaze landed on a deep, dark alleyway.


Perhaps he was imagining it, but he felt that this alleyway didn’t fit in with the rest of the scenery.

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