104 Part 2

Seeing that Su Yu didn’t look down at him, Yu Feng sighed a breath of relief and moved the only chair in the house over to Su Yu. “Come and sit down. I can get you a glass of water if you want.”


“No need. It’s getting late, let’s go to bed early.” Su Yu didn’t want Yu Feng to run around for nothing.


Yu Feng didn’t insist. The two each took showers and then went to sleep together. Of course, this just meant falling asleep together.


The second day Yu Ting still had to go to work. The two stayed there for a whole day. Every half hour Su Yu had to speak up to comfort Yu Feng. Only then did they make their way to the end of the day.


Yu Ting’s work was difficult. Not only did she only take off one day a week, she worked long hours until around 9 pm. Hearing the door unlocking, Yu Feng grabbed Su Yu’s hand looking for support.


Looking at Yu Feng’s clenching white fingertips, Su Yu didn’t try to resist. For some reason he hadn’t initiated contact with Yu Feng yet, so this was their first physical contact.


“Don’t be nervous, I’m here for you,” he said in a low voice.


Opening the door and seeing the two in the living room, Yu Ting laughed with some tiredness in her voice. “You still haven’t gone to bed? Why not? Have you been waiting for me?”


“Sis, I have something I need to talk to you about.” Clearing his throat, Yu Feng found the courage to speak up.


Changing into slippers, Yu Ting sat down on the couch, looking with confusion at her nervous little brother. “What is it?”


“Could you stay home tomorrow?” So nervous he didn’t know how to speak in turn, Yu Feng immediately made his request.


Yu Ting was obviously surprised, “What? Why?”


“I…” Yu Feng didn’t know what to say now.


With a casual laugh, Su Yu took up the conversation instead. “Feng and I were competing and doing our homework, whoever lost had to make a request of the winner come true. I made a joking request and he took it seriously.”


“Oh, I see.” Although she didn’t know why her brother’s classmate would have a request like that, Yu Ting didn’t think much deeper into it.


Yu Feng immediately followed up, “Yes, that’s exactly it. So could you stay home tomorrow?”


“Does that mean the whole day tomorrow?” Yu Ting asked, tapping a finger against the sofa.


Yu Feng nodded. “Tonight at midnight to tomorrow’s midnight.”


Seeing that her brother seemed very preoccupied and that she didn’t need to go out tomorrow anyways, Yu Ting thought for a moment before saying yes. “All right, I’ll stay home then.”


“Really?” Yu Feng’s hand closed tight around Su Yu’s.


“It’s just a day, would I lie to you about that?” Yu Ting looked at her brother, almost tempted to laugh. “But since you want me to stay home, I’ll leave buying groceries to you.”


“All right, I’ll buy the groceries,” Yu Feng was smiling, although his eyes were still underscored by deep concern, “Since you promised me, you can’t go out tomorrow at all!”


“I got it. You guys go back to the room and go to bed. It’s a weekend, don’t stay up too late.” Standing up with a smile, Yu Ting patted Yu Feng on the back.


Su Yu pulled Yu Feng back into the room. “Is that enough? Will my sister stay home now and be safe now?” Yu Feng asked uncertainly.


“She’s already said yes, I don’t think she’ll go back on her word.” Su Yu could only say this to him.


Finally after comforting Yu Feng enough for him to go to bed, Su Yu asked the ball, “Keep an eye on Yu Ting. Let me know if anything happens.”


“Yes!” The ball responded cheerily.


The night passed in peace. The second morning Su Yu hadn’t even woken up when he heard the ball’s voice. “Master, something’s gone wrong!”


“What is it?” Su Yu immediately woke up. Was Yu Ting going to go out?


“I just saw that Yu Ting’s expression was off. Scanning her physical state, looks like she has a 39 C high fever,” The ball reported urgently.


Su Yu turned to wake Yu Feng up, asking the ball with a frown, “Did she experience a fever in Cycle One?”


“No, she just left to buy groceries. There was nothing wrong with her physically.” The ball responded.


With that in mind, Yu Ting’s fever seemed rather suspect.


“What’s wrong?” Yu Feng was woken by Su Yu and immediately entered a state of anxiety. “Did something happen to my sister?”


Something had happened, but Su Yu could only say, “No, I just think since we’re worried about her we should go check on her once in a while.”


“You’re right, I’ll go take a look at her now.” Clambering up from his bed in a state of sleepiness, Yu Feng walked outside but came back quickly with a panicked expression. “Liu Yang, I just knocked on her door but there’s no noise inside. Could she have gone out already?”

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