105 Part 1


Chapter 105


Getting up from bed, Su Yu walked outside, “I don’t think so. Have you gone in and looked?”


“No, my sister locked the door from the inside. I can’t get in.” Yu Feng was about to burst into tears.


“Let me try.” Su Yu glanced at the ball. He walked to Yu Ting’s door. With a single twist of the doorknob, the door opened with a creak. He looked back at Yu Feng. “Can we go in now?”


Yu Feng nodded, walking in quickly. “Sis, wake up! What’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!”


Su Yu followed in, seeing that Yu Feng was just shaking his sister’s arm, he had to suggest, “It looks like her complexion isn’t good, could she be sick?”


Only then did Yu Feng reach to touch his sister’s forehead, immediately spooked when he felt her skin, “Her forehead is so hot!”


The two of them managed to measure her temperature. At the time her body temperature was already 39.5 degrees Celsius and she’d gone unconscious. Yu Feng was so panicked his eyes were turning red.


“Do you guys have medication for fevers? Your sister is burning up, we should find some for her to take.” Seeing that Yu Feng was lost again, Su Yu reminded him what to do.


Nodding, Yu Feng scrambled to go to the cabinet and find the right medicine. Su Yu retrieved water from the kitchen, and they fed it to her.


But it didn’t seem to do anything for Yu Ting. After waiting for half an hour, she not only didn’t wake up, her temperature rose even more to 39.7 degrees.


“What do we do now? Her temperature isn’t going down!” Yu Feng pressed a cool towel against his sister’s forehead, gazing at Su Yu with panic.


Su Yu stood by the bed, frowning. He felt that in this fictional world there was some invisible force dragging the events happening before him toward their predetermined pathway.


“We have to send your sister to the hospital.” Although it was dangerous, they couldn’t let her keep burning up.


Yu Feng clenched his fists before saying, “Let’s do it. But we can’t take that path.”


“All right.” Su Yu thought for a moment then suggested, “Let’s call an ambulance, that will speed it up.”


Most importantly, no matter what the light signal was all cars had to step aside for an ambulance, so they would save a lot of trouble.


Yu Feng was barely paying attention to what Su Yu said before he agreed to it. “Okay, I’ll go make the call.”


After half an hour, the ambulance arrived. The medics only did some simple treatments before they headed out. When they got onto the car, Su Yu turned to the driver, “Let’s take the road on the right, sir, it’s closer to the hospital.”


“Sure.” The driver responded quickly.


But when they got onto the road, the ambulance turned to the left side of the road. Seeing this, Su Yu and Yu Feng alike were shocked. Su Yu stuck his head out to ask, “Why are we turning left, sir?”


“Oh, just now a colleague called me to say there was construction going on on the right.” The driver answered while he drove.


“What do we do? How can we…” Yu Feng rubbed his hands together in a panic.


Patting him on the shoulder, Su Yu comforted him. “Don’t panic. It’s not a guarantee we’ll pass through there if we take the road on the left.”


At the same time, he ordered the ball to prepare survival tools. If they got into a car accident regardless, he still wanted to guarantee Yu Ting’s survival.


Although nothing had happened yet, he had an idea of what would happen. First it was Yu Ting’s fever, then the construction on the road. Fate was pulling them hard toward a specific direction.


Five minutes later when the ambulance was about to turn a corner, they discovered that the road after the turn was completely blocked off by several cars rear-ended into each other.


Even an ambulance couldn’t make it past the blockade.


Seeing that the ambulance was drawing closer and closer to the location of Cycle One’s accident, Yu Feng said nervously, “Sir, please don’t turn in a bit. We don’t want to take that turn.”


“You kids are interesting. I know the way, I don’t need you directing me everywhere.” The driver was starting to get unhappy.


Not knowing how to explain, Yu Feng’s forehead beaded with sweat. Su Yu patted him on the shoulder. “We’re just talking to ourselves, pay no attention to us.”


“Liu Yang, we…” Yu Feng looked at Su Yu in panic and confusion.


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