105 Part 2

Su Yu shook his head gravely, moving close to his ear, “You’ve seen it too. In these circumstances, no matter how hard we work we’ll still end up on that road, unless we choose not to send your sister to the hospital.”


“Then what do we do? We can’t have something happen to my sister!” Yu Feng’s face was draining pale


“Don’t panic, we’re in the car with her. If something happens it’ll happen to everyone, so perhaps things won’t be so bad.” Su Yu could only comfort Yu Feng with these unreassuring words.


“But…” Yu Feng stared at Su Yu. Suddenly he grasped his hand. “No! You’re innocent, I can’t get you involved. You need to get off the car!”


He turned his head, “Stop! Stop the car! Someone wants to get off!”


“What is wrong with you two? We’re almost at the hospital, why are we stopping now?” The driver was riled up by these odd kids.


Su Yu put his hands around Yu Feng’s face, forcing him to look at his own face. “Look at me, Yu Feng. Don’t panic no matter what happens. You’ve already tried your best. Okay?”


Yu Feng’s emotions were continuously responding strongly to any stimulus. Now he must be in an unsettled mood.


“This is my own choice. You’re not the one involving me. I was the one who looked for you, right?” Su Yu might look like he was intently looking at Yu Feng, but he was also paying attention to the situation outside. Now the ambulance was at the corner, what was going to happen would happen to them now.


Looking into Su Yu’s clear, calm eyes, the panic and fear somehow started to disappear. Yet just when his mood was finally calmed, the ambulance suddenly swerved.


Yu Feng’s body swung around, yet he found himself captured by a pair of strong arms. Everything around him kicked into high speed and he couldn’t see anything except for that pair of dark eyes.


Outside, the noise was scrambled and loud. In this moment, however, it seemed like a layer closed around him and he couldn’t hear anything. Until those eyes blinked, Yu Feng finally returned to reality like he was waking from a dream.


An ear-piercing sound greeted him. Yu Feng was about to turn around and look, but Su Yu raised a hand to his face. “Don’t look.”


“What?” Yu Feng was confused. What had happened just now?


Su Yu said nothing, pulling Yu Feng out of the car. He took the chance to glance over, his eyes widening when he saw. He hadn’t felt anything but the head of the ambulance was embedded in the wall nearby!


“This…” After a moment of shock, Yu Feng finally remembered his sister. Just when he was about to look around, Su Yu dragged him quickly away.


“What’s going on? The ambulance, my sister, how could this…?” Yu Feng’s heart beat rapidly. He already guessed what was going on, but wasn’t willing to believe it had already happened.


Turning the corner, Su Yu looked at Yu Feng seriously and spoke comfortingly. “Yu Feng, don’t panic. Listen to me now.”


His eyes misting over, Yu Feng looked at Su Yu, grasping his hand tightly like he was holding on to a final saving grace.


“Just now the ambulance got into an accident. Everyone else died other than us.” Su Yu looked straight at Yu Feng, his voice slow with strength and stability, “But that’s not the problem. I collected some data just now. The minute before the car accident happened, the driver’s heart stopped for no reason, resulting in the ambulance losing control and flying toward the wall. The moment the ambulance and the wall touched, our bodies were surrounded by a gaseous aura. That’s why we’re still here.”


Yu Feng’s brain was chaos, but Su Yu’s voice rang in his head clearly.


“You should know that during Cycle One nothing like this happened to your sister. Everything that has happened here didn’t happen in that version of reality.” Su Yu paused for a few moments before summarizing, “So our situation is: no matter how hard we work, some mysterious force in this world drags everything back to the way it’s supposed to be.”


Staring straight at Yu Feng, he said slowly, “So what I’m saying is…no matter what we do here today, your sister will get into an accident and…”


“Why…why does this have to happen? She told me she wouldn’t go out today.” Yu Feng looked like he was going to burst into tears, but he managed to suppress the urge.


Su Yu sighed. “Is that really your sister?”


Yu Feng stopped dead, then frowned. “What are you talking about?”


“Yu Feng, have you thought of the possibility that everything here might be fake?” Since the second point has passed, Su Yu had no intentions of letting Yu Feng kill himself again. He chose to speak the truth.

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