106 Part 1



Chapter 106


“It’s not real? How is this possible?” Yu Feng’s eyes went wide, staring at Su Yu in disbelief.


“I know it’s a big thing to say, you might not be able to accept it at first. I have to tell you that this world we dwell in is virtual. Everything here might be fake, including your identity, everything you’ve been through, even your sister’s death. Do you understand?” Pressing a hand on Yu Feng’s shoulder, Su Yu asked him this slowly.


Not even daring to look at Su Yu’s eyes, Yu Feng only shook his head, muttering, “Impossible, how can this be possible…it can’t be fake…”


“Yu Feng, calm down. I’m telling you this because I don’t want to see you hurt yourself senselessly again. I don’t want to see you run away from reality.” Frowning, Su  Yu shook Yu Feng’s shoulders.


Hearing this, Yu Feng’s eyes lit up. He raised his head, eyes slightly red, “Liu Yang, you’re saying this to trick me because I’m sad after my sister’s death, right? But we still have a shot. We can return to before everything happened, if I…”


“Yu Feng!” Su Yu snarled, interrupting what Yu Feng was going to say, “I’m not lying to you. There’s no need for me to lie to you. Think back to what happened just now. Do you really think committing suicide will be able to reverse the course of what’s happened here? When this day arrives, your sister will die here. The only thing you can change is how she dies!”


“But beforehand you said this was avoidable…” Yu Feng hadn’t cried, but his expression looked even worse than it would if he were crying.


He didn’t want to believe what Su Yu was saying, but Yu Feng wasn’t stupid either. In this short day, too many “accidents” had occurred, each of them pushing them toward a seemingly inevitable ending.


Seeing Yu Feng like this, Su Yu could no longer resist. He put his arms around him comfortingly, saying with a light sigh, “At the time I also thought it was possible for us to avoid this fate for your sister and disrupt this world in the process. But the end result is that no matter how hard we work, it still won’t happen.”


“But why would you say this is a false world? We all live here, how could it be fake?” Yu Feng didn’t push Su Yu away, instead hugging him tighter like he was drowning.


“I knew from the very beginning. I have memories from this world and also my real life. Those memories don’t fit in with my current life here, yet I don’t know why I came here in the first place or how I can return to reality.” Su Yu said calmly. He came up with this whole backstory earlier. “It wasn’t until I received those texts that I guessed this virtual world was born for your sake. The reason I’m here is to take you away from this world.”


Su Yu already considered that after the virtual world was gone, he would re-encounter the male lead in the real mission world. Instead of having to start their encounter from scratch, he wanted to establish a foundation here first. Going through these challenges together was more likely to build their emotional bond down the road.


If Yu Feng weren’t the male lead, that was fine too. He’d treat this fictional world as if it never existed. Under those circumstances, he and Yu Feng wouldn’t have much overlap in the real world anyways.


Yu Feng just listened without giving a response. He’d been through too much just now, his emotions were probably messy.


“Honestly even now I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not sure why I felt compelled to share this with you, since I don’t know everything about this world. The only way to understand more would be to open up new cycles where I could find an exit. But…” Su Yu sighed heavily, “I already see you as a friend now. I can’t watch you keep going through senseless suffering.”


Yu Feng’s mind was running through the steps of his own life. Those memories that were all so real to him, could they be false?


Then his sister’s death…


“I know you won’t be able to accept this completely. All I can say is that for you now, believing what I’m saying now carries no detriment to you at all.” Su Yu continued, “After all if the world we live in is real, you can stay in Cycle Two for a few more days without affecting you. No matter how many cycles we go through, they start at the same point, giving you ample opportunity to save your sister. So why not trust me then?”


Su Yu’s words were persuasive. Yu Feng couldn’t make up his mind. Pushing Su Yu away, he lowered his head, “Then what do you plan to do now?”


“If this is a virtual world, there must be some exit leading toward the outside reality.” Su Yu glanced at the site of the accident. He was still intrigued by that seemingly deep, dark alleyway. “The time and manner of the accident was completely different. The only thing in common was the location, I think that’s very odd.”


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