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Chapter 107


Su Yu opened his eyes to the darkness slowly, only to hear the ball shout, “Master, you’re awake! I have two pieces of good news. Which do you want to hear first?”


“Does your question have any actual meaning?” Opening his mouth, Su Yu realized his voice was hoarse and dry, almost to the point of not being able to speak. He was just about to lift his hand and massage his pained temple when he realized his hands had no strength either.


Not just his hands. Other than his eyes, which were able to move freely, every other body part was completely stuck.


“True. Then I’ll just say it. My first piece of good news is that we’re finally out of the virtual world, back to the real mission world!” The ball chuckled, clearly in a good mood. “As for the second piece of good news, Master you probably didn’t expect this. We’ve actually completed the mission of this world already too! Isn’t that great news?”


Su Yu inhaled slightly, showing no emotion. “I think you’ve overlooked another piece of bad news. Why can’t I move right now?”


The ball recalled that it hadn’t share the original plot or the memories of the original protagonist with its owner, so it did so hurriedly. “Master, take a look here.”


Given his current circumstances, Su Yu took time to look at the memories.


The protagonist’s name was Liu Yang, the son of a wealthy family. Originally his life was supposed to be frictionless, with all the luxuries he could want. But when he turned eighteen, an older brother from the same father appeared: Liu Hao.


With an older bastard brother, there were going to be family squabbles. The original main character was raised in a pampered environment with no understanding of scheming and plotting. Thankfully his father had foresight. He left a will ahead of time, leaving everything to Liu Yang.


Soon enough, that will came into handy. Their father passed away, leaving everything to Liu Yang. But the moment he passed, Liu Hao and his mother couldn’t suppress their ambition any longer. They schemed against the original protagonist, engineering a car crash that left him in a coma state.


Somehow even putting him in a coma wasn’t enough. Just when they were gathering up their resources to eliminate the source of the problem, they were notified by the lawyer who set up the will that when their father left his will, he also organized one for Liu Yang.


The moment Liu Yang passed away, everything under his name would go directly to charity, leaving nothing for Liu Hao and his mother.


Under those circumstances, Liu Yang kept his life. But he could only lie in bed, quiet and unconscious. Yet this was ultimately only a temporary measure.


Liu Hao’s mother didn’t rest. Taking this opportunity, they transferred all the money to their own name. When this big project was finally complete, the poor protagonist couldn’t even stay a vegetable, losing his life immediately.


Understanding this, Su Yu could see his situation. He was just woken from a vegetative state, which is why he couldn’t move or speak.


Based on such a short, tragic life, the contents of the side mission were clear as well: eliminate Liu Yang’s poor fate and make sure Liu Hao and his mother got the punishment they deserved.


To Su Yu, this was nothing. He thought about it for a moment before turning his mind to the rest of the main mission.


The male protagonist of the world was named Yu Feng. He was a member of an intelligence organization who was extremely capable and skilled.


But such a talented man was sold out when he was twenty nine, landing in the hands of a cruel mafia boss.


To obtain the valuable information in Yu Feng’s mind, the mafia boss employed all kinds of inhumane tactics to no avail. At the end of the day he spent a fortune on a virtual system, implanting it within Yu Feng’s mind and putting him into a false reality.


His original intent was to use the false scenarios within the virtual reality to constantly attack Yu Feng’s brain, eventually defeating his defenses and finding the information he wanted.


But what happened in the end was that after Yu Feng entered Cycle Eleven, he could no longer bear the pressure on his body and mind, passing away from the stress on his brain.


Yu Feng’s brain death meant the plot ended as well.


“Yu Feng, it really was him.” Reading this plot, Su Yu’s eyes were dark.


According to the explanation, the system implanted in Yu Feng’s brain not only constructed a completely different life than his real one, but even rewrote his personality and heightened his emotional sensitivity tenfold.


For example, losing a dollar in the original world would only make Yu Feng feel a little worse. In this virtual world, it would feel like he was losing everything.


It may sound exaggerated, but the reality was more horrifying. Human emotions were hard enough to unpack already. Theoretically, increasing emotional sensitivity didn’t mean just turning the loss of one dollar to ten dollars.

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