107 part 2


“Yes, so Yu Feng is the main character after all. If you’d known you should’ve just kissed him.” When they escaped the virtual world, Su Yu created the sensation of being kissed for Yu Feng to steady him, but the sensation was ultimately crafted by the ball.


The ball actually did feel unfortunate for this. But the moment it finished this sentence, Su Yu glared at it, so it had to change topics immediately, “So…you saw the mission, right? It was only to help the main character leave the fictional world, so we’ve already finished it!”


“How is Yu Feng?” That’s what Su Yu really cared about right now.


The ball looked into his situation, reporting, “He’s woken up, seems to be thinking of a way to escape…hold on! He’s in the same hospital you are. What a coincidence!”


The moment the ball said this, the alarms went off in the hospital as if someone set everything off simultaneously.


At first Su Yu frowned, disturbed by the loud noise, but then his eyes lit up. “Who rang the alarm?”


“The male protagonist. He’s in the secret lab on the top level. After waking up he found a way to escape the virtual system, but the lab he’s in is completely closed off and he can’t just leave. So he found a way to set off the alarms of the whole hospital through the one computer monitoring his mind,” The ball reported with excitement, “He’s trying to create chaos and find more time. Seems like he’s quite a hacker, but he doesn’t compare to me. Even after setting off the alarm, it’s still going to be challenging for him to escape the lab.”


“Help him.” Now that he’d confirmed he was his lover, Su Yu wasn’t planning on sitting on the sidelines.


Yu Feng was just emerging from the fictional world, he must be in a bad emotional state. Even if he could escape relying on his own power, Su Yu didn’t want to let him torment himself.


“Will do!” The ball immediately got started. Within two minutes it had disrupted the three layers of passcode-protected firewalls and the security systems on different levels. “Got it. He’s leaving the lab now, groping his way over to the stairs.”


“Have him come to me,” Su Yu assigned the ball another task before glancing at his body. “Help me exchange for a tool that can recover my body instantly.”


He was about to see his lover. How could he greet him like this?


“Okay.” Although it couldn’t follow its master’s schemes sometimes, the ball was quite reliable when it came to serious tasks. On one side it lured Yu Feng over with high tech methods, while it also found the right tool for its master to recover to his best state.


Su Yu sat up slowly from the bed. He felt a lot better, although still rather uncomfortable due to how little he had showered.


Liu Hao and his mother might not be good people but they did a good job playing along to a surface level of concern. His room was luxurious, with a bathroom and kitchen built in.


“I’m going to shower,” Smelling the unique stench of a hospital on himself, Su Yu headed straight to the bathroom.


“You need to hurry up, Master. He’s almost here.” The ball reminded him with a few leaps and skips.


Su Yu wanted to hurry, but he was so filthy that even after speeding up it took him ten minutes to wash his entire body.


Picking up his towel to dry off, Su Yu didn’t put his hospital garments on again, instead simply wrapping his towel around him and opening the bathroom door.


The moment when he opened the door, the whole world was silent for a moment. Someone shut the lights in the room off, and Su Yu heard breathing that wasn’t his own.


It was quick, shallow breathing that felt rather weak. Su Yu glanced around the dark room, his gaze finally settling on the corner.


He couldn’t see the other person’s figure, but what he could make out was a pair of eyes as sharp as a hawk’s. They were staring intently at him with a harshness and hardness that was completely different from the Yu Feng in the fictional world.


Not that he liked being watched with this kind of gaze, but Su Yu preferred this kind of look to the hesitant, timid eyes he’d seen in the virtual world.


“How could my man be a weak top?” Su Yu snorted, clearly speaking to the ball.


“…” So its master did still remember that. The ball glanced at its owner, exasperated. “Yep, you’re right, Master.”


Walking out of the bathroom, Su Yu closed the door behind him. He saw Yu Feng was standing up slowly and alertly, one hand on the wall, so he smiled at him. “Nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Liu Yang and I’m a patient at this hospital. I’m happy to see you under these circumstances.”

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