108 Part 1


Chapter 108


Yu Feng’s eyes flashed after hearing this. It was a familiar name.


“I’m happy because I just woke up too.” Su Yu walked back to his bed with a relaxed stroll, like he hadn’t noticed the tension and alertness in Yu Feng’s body. “To be honest with you, I’ve been paralyzed for a while now. Today I woke up, probably because I had a weird dream. It may sound weird, but I’m lucky to be able to awaken anyways. Don’t you think so?”


Yu Feng stared at Su Yu for a moment and was about to speak when there was light and noise from outside. His moment of relaxation immediately vanished. Seems like they were fast after all.


“Are they looking for you?” Su Yu said softly, glancing outside. “If you need help, I can assist you. Not looking for payback or anything, it’s just some kindness to the first person I’ve seen since waking up.”


Yu Feng didn’t ask for help directly, instead saying his name, “My name is Yu Feng.”


“Yu Feng?” Su Yu’s eyes went larger as he smiled, “What a coincidence. In my dream, I encountered someone with that name. But he was very sensitive and delicate, quite different from you.”


Yu Feng’s eyes lit up again, but he didn’t explain. “Thank you for being willing to help me. What should I do now?”


“Go and hide in the bathroom. I won’t let them find you.” Su Yu pointed in that direction, thinking, then saying, “Trust me, I’ll protect you.”


“I believe you.” Yu Feng looked at Su Yu with a ponderous gaze, walking into the bathroom and hiding himself.


Su Yu changed his bedsheets with a disgusted look before lying back in bed, turning his head to say to the ball, “Have you wiped the tail away?”


“Of course, I’m a high-grade intelligent system!” The ball said, seeming to puff its chest out even without that kind of physical presence.


The alert ringing throughout the building and the missing lab subject were a great deal. Soon enough, investigators arrived.


All the rooms on this level were high-class hospital rooms. The investigators were respectful, but that was only for the other rooms. Everyone in this hospital knew, after all, that the one in this room was the Liu family’s son who had been in a coma for almost six months now. There was no difference whether they knocked or not when they came in.


Just when the two investigators opened the door and prepared to flick the light switch, a sarcastic voice rang out from the bed, scaring both of them.


“Isn’t it rude to just walk in without saying hello?” Su Yu lay on his side on the bed, looking with a half-smile at the two intruders.


Immediately the two became alert, switching on the light and pointing their weapons. “Who are you?”


“What a strange question, asking someone who’s been here for almost six months. I’m beginning to question whether or not I’m staying at a reputable hospital or not.” Su Yu chuckled, looking at the two mockingly.


Seeing Su Yu laze in bed in nothing but a bathrobe, the two of them looked confused. This person wasn’t their subject, but he also didn’t look like the young son of the Liu family.


How could he have woken up so easily after half a year in a coma? And even if he had woken up, there was no way he would look so rested after that time.


Still, this was a highly managed area of the hospital. If this person really wasn’t who he said he was, he couldn’t be here. So what was going on?


The two were about to contact a hospital employee when Su Yu spoke again, “I’ve been here for so long. Now that I’m awake, the hospital employees don’t even recognize me. It’s quite entertaining, to the point where I question if I should take it up as an issue.”


Although Liu Yang was now a negligible presence in his family without his father’s protection, the family itself was still formidable. Nobody wanted to offend them if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.


The two investigators glanced at each other before one stepped up with a respectful bow, “Mr. Liu, please don’t misunderstand. We were just surprised for a moment, that’s why we reacted like that. Actually, the reason why we’re disturbing you in the first place is because the hospital’s alarm system was triggered just now at a large scale. It’s very likely someone illegal has infiltrated the hospital. In consideration of your safety, we need to sweep through the rooms and search them one by one.”


“I don’t need that.” Su Yu put his hands behind his head, his pose very casual.


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