108 part 2

The other person smiled. “Mr. Liu, we’re thinking about your safety, please cooperate. Don’t worry, we’ll only be a few minutes, no longer than that.”


“I’ve already said I don’t need it. Are you purposefully playing against me?” Su Yu’s voice was obviously displeased now. He frowned, “I was already awake by the time the alarm went off. After that point, no outsider entered my room. You can trust me on that.”


Hearing him say “no outsider entered my room”, Yu Feng felt an odd sensation in his heart, although he knew it was probably just a way to get them to leave.


The response he got was a stiff smile, “Since you just woke up, it’s definitely possible you didn’t sense it. We are just doing this as a standard, please don’t create more trouble for us.”


“Seems like you’re the ones without good senses, right? I’m lying here, wide awake, and you just run in? Do you have any sense of privacy?” Su Yu shifted the topic again, speaking very seriously, “Even if I were in a coma, I still have rights! You’re really disrespecting me here, understand?”


The two were quite exasperated. This person was clearly playing games with them. The more he did this, the more they suspected the escaped convict was in this room. “Mr. Liu, we’re really only worried about your safety.”


“No matter what fancy reason you give me, I don’t want you in my room or investigating anything rude here. If you insist, I’ll take it up with you personally.” Su Yu said again.


The two couldn’t do much. If it were just a regular patient they would have forced their way through. But this was the high-grade wards. They had to retreat for now to contact their superior.


After explaining the situation, their supervisor expressed his intentions clearly. The person escaping the lab was a highly valuable experimental prospect. They had to find him no matter the cost.


Basically, no matter what they had to investigate everywhere with no space for carelessness.


They could only walk into Su Yu’s room again, “Mr. Liu, we can’t do anything if you decide to investigate us. But for your safety we need to search your room.”


With that, they walked directly into the room, first examining the external room before splitting up, one of them walking toward the kitchen and the other toward the bathroom.


Su Yu had quite an attitude. Seeing them actually search, he didn’t bother to stop them, instead laughing from where he was in bed. “Don’t worry, you won’t see anything.”


Hearing them approach from his hiding spot in the bathroom, Yu Feng felt his body tense. He turned to glance at the window in the room, panic rising in his heart.


Should he trust the person who helped him in the virtual world or try to find a way to leave this place and escape relying on himself?


Knowing the danger of his situation, the latter option was probably safer. Somehow, the memory of this person smiling at him made him hesitate, his feet stuck to the ground like he was paralyzed.


Yu Feng’s brows knitted together tightly, his gaze deepening. Was it really worth caring so much about a fictional memory? Maybe this person was completely different in real life.


Even though these doubts ran through his mind, Yu Feng didn’t manage to take a step away from his location. At the same time, the bathroom door was wrenched open from the outside.


He cast a cold look at the slowly opening door. Although he wasn’t in peak physical condition right now, he was 70% certain he’d be able to take care of them instantly.


Just when he was already ready, Su Yu’s lighthearted voice rang out by his ear. “Don’t do anything, you hear me? It’s safe in this room.”


It was an odd line, almost as if it was for Yu Feng. So had Liu Yang guessed his intentions?


Was he trying to help him or harm him?


In that short moment, the door was opened completely. The investigator walked in, his gaze sweeping across the tiny bathroom. With no time to act, Yu Feng could only hold his breath and reduce his aura.


But the space was too small. He could only watch the guy’s gaze sweep over him. Their eyes met.


He had been discovered!


The thought had just appeared in his head when Yu Feng prepared to act. But he didn’t have time to do anything before the guy’s gaze moved past him.

There’s nobody in the bathroom

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