109 Part 1



Chapter 109


He said there was nobody in there!


Yu Feng’s leaping heart didn’t calm down at all, instead filling up with shock. He clearly looked straight into the man’s eyes. How was it possible he didn’t realize that he was there?


Was he letting him go on purpose?


He negated that possibility the moment he thought of it. It was impossible.


In that context, the expression the man made was even stranger. Yu Feng couldn’t puzzle it out.


After searching the whole ward, the two returned back to Su Yu. Now they wore awkward expressions.


“You’re done? What have you found?” Su Yu was just as casual as before.


The two assumed there would be something to find, which was why they forced their way through. “Mr. Liu, we…”


“If you’re planning on apologizing, there’s no need.” Su Yu interrupted. The two of them were about to relax, when he continued, “Just go home and wait for the hospital’s summons.”


Immediately their faces turned ugly. “Mr. Liu, we’re so sorry for what we just did. But we did it out of concern for your safety. Please accept our apology.”


“Respect and acceptance is a two way street. I was seriously rejecting you earlier, but did you respect my decision?” Su Yu’s gaze turned ice cold. He scolded them, word by word. “Not respecting my wishes and still running into my room, and now you expect me to forgive you? It’s not nighttime now, I hope you are both wide awake and not daydreaming.”


Basically, it was a pipe dream if they were expecting him to forgive them.


Seeing that Su Yu’s attitude was solidified, they could no longer argue with him. Apologizing again, the two of them left. They had to report this to their superior, and there were other rooms they hadn’t searched yet.


Only after the two had left did Su Yu turn to the bathroom. “Yu Feng, you can come out now.”


Suppressing the shock in his heart, Yu Feng walked out of the bathroom. “Thank you for helping.”


“No need to be so polite. Are you not curious how that guy didn’t find you?” Su Yu flashed him a friendly smile with a hint of cunning.


Yu Feng said nothing, just looking at him.


“Of course, it’s because I’m a superhero who can save the world.” Su Yu said with a grin. He laughed at himself.


Hearing his master say something so cringy again, the ball didn’t know what color to flash now.


Yu Feng’s expression was complex too. This guy had saved him for the second time now and was easy on the eyes, but was he really a sane, normal person?


He wouldn’t ask outright, but Yu Feng knew that this man was hiding many secrets.


Probably seeing the judgement in Yu Feng’s eyes, Su Yu slowly hid his smile and became serious. “What are your plans from here on out? If you need help, just let me know. I’m very generous.”


Frowning for a moment, Yu Feng didn’t expect the first words out of his mouth to be, “Can I stay by your side for a while?”


“Stay by my side?” Su Yu raised his eyebrow. This was enough to put him in an even better mood. “Of course. But I’ll be busy. After sleeping for so long, everything has piled up. I have to deal with my brother from another mother and get my property back too.”


Of course, more importantly he had to flirt with his lover.


“If you need anything, I’ll help you to the best of my abilities too.” Yu Feng didn’t show any surprise, responding calmly.


“All right, then you’re welcome to stay by my side.” Su Yu didn’t ask more. Yu Feng acted trusting, but the fact that he didn’t mention his own identity or ask questions signaled that he still had doubts.


His experiences clearly didn’t allow him to trust completely so easily. Su Yu understood that and didn’t plan on forcing him. They still had plenty of time to take things slow.


Liu Hao and his mother Xu Li didn’t find out about him waking up until the next morning.


Liu Hao pushed the doors open only to see Su Yu sitting on the bed eating honeydew with a relaxed look, with a strange man sitting next to him.


“This honeydew you got is really sweet, are you sure you don’t want to try some?” Su Yu asked Yu Feng, munching on the fruit.


Yu Feng shook his head. His gaze landed on Liu Hao for a moment before moving away.


Glancing Yu Feng up and down, Liu Hao adjusted his expression. “Yang, you’re awake. Why didn’t you contact us? We didn’t find out until the hospital told us.”



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