109 Part 2

“Exactly, you could’ve told us first. But it’s good to know that you’re finally awake.” Xu Li was also playing along with a concerned expression. “How do you feel? Have you gotten an examination yet? Is there anything wrong?”


Seeing the two act out false intimacy, even the melon in Su Yu’s mouth tasted less sweet.


“So you’re here. I have something to say to you.” Su Yu put his toothpick down, the smile on his face fading.


Putting the fruit he brought on the table, Liu Hao looked at Yu Feng again. “Yang, this is?”


“My friend.” Su Yu said, pointing at the two chairs nearby. “You can sit or not, but we need to get on topic. It’s about the family fortune.”


Xu Li and Liu Hao glanced at each other subconsciously. The former said with a forced smile, “What are you saying? You just woke up, it’s more important to get into good shape. Nothing else matters now.”


“Mom is right. You’ve been in bed for almost six months, so you can’t know anything about the situation at home. Focus on getting healthy again and then we can discuss.” Liu Hao nodded along. If only he could wrap up procedures and take the property for himself, then he wouldn’t be nearly as kind to Liu Hao.


Thinking about this, his eyes flashed darkly. What a time for him to wake up. It was better that he just die in this bed!


Su Yu’s gaze spun between the two before he said, sounding almost embarrassed, “No need to keep acting so hard. No matter how much you try, it’s such bad acting I can barely watch.”


“Yang, I know you always blamed me, but I’m your elder. How could you…” Seeing Su Yu’s attitude, Xu Li was prepared to play the role of the elder.


Liu Hao chimed in too. “I know, you’re going too far here. Even if you have your own ideas, my mother is the only elder at home now. How could you say that?”


Su Yu ignored them. “I know the reason I got into that accident is because of you. You let me live because of the will. And I’m sure you’ve been busy for the past six months too. The truth is laid out here, so what’s the point of you playing on emotions so poorly?”


Su Yu’s words were no doubt shocking to Liu Hao and Xu Li. Didn’t he just wake up yesterday? Why would he say something like this now?


Was he just trying to bait them, or did he already know something? Whatever it was, one thing was clear: Liu Yang suspected them already!


How could he have the presence of mind to think about all that when he’d just woken up? Shouldn’t he just be worried about his health?


The more Xu Li thought about it, the less normal it seemed. Perhaps Liu Yang hadn’t waken up yesterday night, but had been awake for a while already?


Thinking hard, she pretended to stay calm. “Yang, I’m not going to shame you for being so forward, but you shouldn’t continue with this kind of attitude. Shaming our reputation with words like that is serious.”


Liu Hao glanced at Yu Feng, who was sitting in silence. Liu Yang had been in bed for so long, it was impossible for him to have friends. So who was this? Why would he show up here?


When Liu Yang started to talk about their family money, he didn’t try to disguise the conversation before this person at all, and the man himself didn’t react at all either. Clearly the two weren’t just normal friends.


“Yang, I don’t know why you’re saying all this. You need to understand that not everything you hear is true. If you want to know what’s happening at home I can tell you without reservation. But you’ve just woken up and your body is the most important thing. I don’t want you to affect your health with other thoughts.” Liu Hao’s words were emotional but also full of undertones. Clearly he was pointing out Su Yu’s intent to incite conflict.


“There’s no need to react like that. I’m just saying this to clear the air about my own attitude.” Su Yu shrugged, “I really don’t care what you think.” He glanced at Yu Feng, who was still unconcerned. “Oh, by the way, I wanted to tell you that I mean to take back everything that belongs to me without exception. Of course, I’ll also pay you back for everything you’ve done for me. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”


Liu Hao was going to say something else when there was a knock at the door. “Come in, please,” said Su Yu. A middle-aged man in a suit walked through the door.


Liu Hao glanced over him and froze where he was. “Lawyer Zhang? What are you doing here?”


Lawyer Zhang was the lawyer who had helped Liu Yang and his father establish their wills.

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