110 Part 1



Chapter 110


Lawyer Zhang nodded at Liu Hao and Xu Li with a smile on his face, responding vaguely and distantly, “Mr. Liu summoned me.”


There was a bad premonition in Liu Hao’s heart as he turned his head toward Su Yu. “Yang, you just woke up. What do you want with Lawyer Zhang?”


“For a lawsuit, of course. You two don’t know it yet, but when I woke up yesterday the people in the hospital charged into my room, ignoring me when I asked them to stop.” Su Yu responded, after gesturing to the lawyer to sit down. “As someone who is staying in one of their most furnished rooms, they won’t even give me basic privacy. Should I not be taking that seriously?”


Just when Liu Hao was taking a sigh of relief, he couldn’t help but take it from the hospital’s perspective. “Maybe they just wanted to give you a physical examination? You just woke up, after all.”


“That’s the funny thing. They only searched my room instead of giving me a physical examination.” Su Yu glanced at Liu Hao with bitterness. “How did you pick this hospital? They’re so irresponsible. Weren’t you afraid I would die here? Or was that what you hoped for?”


“Yang, don’t say that. We picked this hospital and spent…” Xu Li was just about to explain when Su Yu interrupted her.


“The truth is laid out before you. There’s no point in trying to argue your way out of it.” He said, with no intention of listening to their explanations, “Honestly I invited Mr. Zhang here because of you too.”


Liu Hao, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, immediately had that bad feeling again. “What’s it got to do with us?”


“To sue you, of course. You were the ones who orchestrated my car accident and left me rotting away in bed as a coma patient for half a year. There’s no way I would let that go.” Su Yu chuckled coldly. “You’ve also been transferring the Liu family’s money secretly during this six months, which I of course intend to take into account.”


Hearing this, Liu Hao and Xu Li’s eyes went wide with fear. How much did Liu Yang really know? Was it possible he did have proof? Although Liu Hao thought this was impossible for someone who just woke up from a coma, he couldn’t help but worry.


“All right, I’ve said everything I want to. Bastard and mother, you guys can get out now.” Su Yu admired their rapidly changing expressions, waving his hand dismissively.


During this half year, Liu Hao was all powerful in his family. Everyone was sucking up to him, praising him. He completely forgot about the fact that he was an illegitimate bastard, and how in the beginning he was so careful and humble just living day to day.


These words were hard-hitting to him right now, igniting his anger and bitterness. He hadn’t even managed to start expressing it when Su Yu pressed an alarm by his bed.


When the alarm went off in a high-level ward, security would come by within a minute. Liu Hao didn’t even have time to be angry when Su Yu basically tattled on him instead.


“Anything you need, Sir Liu?” Two big men in uniforms appeared in Su Yu’s room.


“These two people charged into my room without permission and tried to harm me. Please invite them out.” Su Yu said in a forthright manner.


“Liu Yang, don’t cross the line! You’re the one who was inciting an argument, speaking nonsense and insulting us. We’re the victims here!” Liu Hao was about to explode. He’d never met someone so shameless.


Su Yu completely ignored the outburst, instead rubbing his temples thoughtfully, “Originally I thought what happened last night was a coincidence. Now I see that the protection of patients is not a priority at this hospital. I’ve already explained the situation and you still allow this person to keep slandering me. Looks like I’ll need to add another line to the lawsuit.”


The two security guards had both met Liu Hao. They didn’t want to offend him, but under these circumstances they could only say, “Mr. Liu Hao, Sir Liu has just woken up and is still recovering. Do you think…”


Liu Hao hated people calling him Mr. Liu but calling Liu Yang Sir Liu. It made him feel like he was being looked down upon for being a bastard and not acknowledging his actual position as inheritor of the family.


Hearing what they said, he only became more angry, his humiliation and anger turning into red hot rage, “What the hell are you, how dare you speak like that to me!”


The security guard who had been insulted didn’t look quite well either, but he spoke quietly. “Mr. Liu, you’re in a hospital right now. Please calm down and stay quiet to prevent disturbing the patients.”


Su Yu only fanned the flames from the side. “Seems like Mr. Liu has really been playing the role of royalty for so long that you’ve forgotten where you come from. Now you’re so powerful that you don’t even have to obey the basic laws of life.”


“Shut up!” Liu Hao balled his fists up and shouted.


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