110 Part 2

Picking at his ears, Su Yu said slowly, “You should be the one to shut up. Mr. Liu. Do you really plan to continue to disregard basic public decency? Or do you want to add an additional title other than ‘illegitimate’–’reprehensible’?”


“Hao, it’s not the time to worry about this now.” Xu Li was fuming too, but it wasn’t the right time to get angry over small matters. They had more important issues to worry about.


Receiving his mother’s reminder, Liu Hao recovered his rationality a little bit, breaking out in a cold sweat. He was provoked so hard by a few lines from Liu Yang he almost lost his mind. If he really kept getting mad, wouldn’t it mean he bought into Liu Yang’s humiliating words? He would lose his reputation for that!


He remembered that Liu Yang back then was an idiot, not just someone who didn’t understand scheming but who would throw himself into other people’s traps. How could he have become smarter after six months in a coma?


After half a year of zero contact, Liu Hao had been treating him like a dead person. Now that he fell so easily into Liu Yang’s trap, he was gradually feeling like something was wrong.


Was this the same brainless person as before?


“Mr. Liu, what’s wrong? Are you acknowledging this as correct?” Su Yu could tell what he was thinking, but he had no concern he would get into trouble. Therefore he was too lazy to follow the original characterization.


To Su Yu, playing the fool was far more scary than leaping far out of character.


The ball was already used to this kind of behavior, so it wasn’t going to correct. Plus, it had to admit that abusing these terrible people was a much more fun way to go than following the original plotline. Did this mean Su Yu had corrupted its mind too?


Liu Hao gazed at Su Yu with a dark look before inhaling deeply and smiling. “Sorry for losing my temper, please don’t concern yourself with it. My mother and I are heading back soon, so take care and rest up.”


When Liu Hao and Xu Li left, the two security guards left too. Before they walked out, they couldn’t help but take an extra glance at Yu Feng.


Continuing to eat his honeydew with a toothpick, Su Yu said in a garbled manner, “They finally noticed your existence.”


The reason why Su Yu dared keep him in the hospital was of course because he’d already made preparations. He was actually hoping for the people in the hospital to notice Yu Feng. That would make things interesting.


Looking up at Su Yu, Yu Feng was quiet for a moment before suddenly saying, “Do you want to know my identity?”


Su Yu blinked. He already knew his lover’s identity, but he still played along. “Of course I do.”


Yu Feng picked up a washed apple from the table, peeling it and saying calmly, “I was part of an information intelligence organization. Because I was sold out by a colleague I became an experiment subject. Yesterday I managed to escape.”


Su Yu nodded. His lover was pretty good at drawing conclusions within a few sentences. “So you’re in a sad state too. Two sad people bumping into each other in this situation. Perhaps we share a fate?”


Su Yu’s reaction made Yu Feng frown. “You aren’t scared I’ll cause trouble for you?”


“I’m the person who’s going to save the world. Why would I be afraid?” Su Yu said seriously, showing his white teeth in a smile.


The ball distanced itself from its owner. Could it pretend it didn’t know such a narcissistic owner? Didn’t seem like there was much meaningful impact from pretending, though.


Yu Feng’s expression became complicated. “If you’re going to save the world, isn’t it hard to do that alone?”


Not expecting his silent lover to start joking around, Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh, “If you want to join me, just say so. I welcome you.”


Yu Feng kept peeling the apple, responding only with an affirmative sound. The tips of his ears were slightly red.


Su Yu extended his right hand, pointing his palm at Yu Feng. “Welcome to the saviors of the world. In the future we’ll be comrades.”


Yu Feng glanced at Su Yu’s smiling face and his raised hand. Although he wasn’t quite willing, he still put the knife in his hand down and high fived him.


Taking the opportunity, Su Yu grasped his hand, interlacing their fingers. “So what’s our next step? Should we deal with your companion who sold you out and the people experimenting on you, or will you help me deal with those two? Or…we could do them at the same time?”


Staring at their linked hand, Yu Feng’s eartips became redder. “You can decide.”


“Then let’s do both at once. I’m quite good at this.” Su Yu smiled even more happily.


Lawyer Zhang, who’d been quiet off to the side the whole time, felt like his eyes were going to be blinded by this display of affection. He was about to open his mouth and interrupt the beautiful atmosphere when someone knocked on the door. It was two doctors in white, followed by four or five security guards in all black.

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