111 Part 1


Chapter 111


Su Yu knew what they were here for, but he pointed at them with the toothpick, “Are you here to apologize? Sorry, I’ve already decided to sue you, so I won’t accept your apology.”


“Sir, you’ve misunderstood. We’re not here to apologize.” The doctor in the front wore rimless glasses and looked quite well-mannered, yet his eyes were dark. Right now, his dark gaze was fixed on Yu Feng. “We’re here for him.”


As if he hadn’t even noticed this person, Yu Feng kept peeling apples for Su Yu, his expression calm as before.


“My refusal may make you feel rather dejected, but there’s no need to involve my friend here, right?” Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh lightly, his voice casual. “He’s got no illness, so what are you looking for him for?”


The doctor narrowed his eyes, “You may not know this, sir, but he’s the one who entered the hospital last night, leading to the alarm going off.”


Su Yu laughed again, like he’d heard a funny joke, “Are you joking? My friend just got back from Lin City this morning and came to check in on me. Even if you’re going to misblame him, at least find a better excuse.”


“Is he really your friend?” This doctor was clearly not part of the hospital, more likely someone related to the experiments on the top floor, which explained his lack of respect for Su Yu. “As far as I know, you’ve been in the hospital for half a year. Throughout this time, other than your brother and stepmother, no one has come to visit you. You also just woke up last night. So are you sure about this person?”


“Whether or not he’s my friend, can a random person like you judge that?” Su Yu said coldly, glaring at the doctor with some displeasure.


The doctor’s smile was surface level. “Please don’t misunderstand. I’m just concerned that since you just woke up you lack an understanding of the world around you and may have been manipulated into believing something misleading and making a bad decision.”


“Seems like you’re the one trying to manipulate me, aren’t you? I may have been in bed for six months, but that doesn’t mean I’ve turned into an idiot that will let people use me.” While he was saying this, Yu Feng finally finished peeling an apple. He passed it to Su Yu, who answered the doctor again with a full mouth. “Feng has been my friend since my previous life. Actually, since my last, last, last, last, last life. And we were the best of friends. If you’re trying to play up conflict between us, find a better person to do that. It won’t be any use trying to drive us apart.”


The doctor’s brows were almost vertical. Last, last, last, last, last life? Who the hell would believe that?


Hearing Yu Feng’s seemingly nonsensical speech, the person on the bed looked up with a serious expression. “Have we really known each other so long?”


Su Yu nodded back at him seriously. “Of course. I would never lie to you.”


“I know.” Yu Feng smiled slowly, picking up a pear to peel.


“…” The doctor didn’t know what expression to make. These two must both be crazy.


“…” The ball was experiencing second-hand embarrassment too. Why did it feel like the protagonist was turning into a weirdo as well?


Coughing drily, the doctor tried to pull the topic back. “Mr. Liu, I don’t know why you’re misidentifying this man as your friend, but he is indeed the person who caused the alarm situation yesterday night. We have a responsibility to take him in, by the law.”


“All right, then go back and get a lawyer. If the law sentences him, I’ll bring him to prison myself.” Su Yu responded casually, as if discussing the weather. “I’m a law-abiding citizen. I’m sure you are as well?”


How could they take something underground to the courts? The doctor was about to start fuming thanks to Su Yu.


“But I’m really curious why you intend to pin something so outrageous on my friend? Feng didn’t pop up in the hospital until this morning. You can verify that through the surveillance tapes in the hospital, so he couldn’t be the person you’re talking about. You must know that, right?” Seeing that the doctor wore a grim look, Su Yu chuckled as he kept ruining his mood. “It’s impossible, yet you keep trying to involve my friend. Is there some conspiracy here? With that in mind, I’ll be taking care to protect my friend so nobody pins the blame on him.”


The doctor did indeed know this. He had reviewed the surveillance tapes himself, but the man seemed to have vanished into thin air after leaving the lab, leaving them empty handed.


If someone hadn’t glimpsed Yu Feng randomly, they wouldn’t know he was right under their eyelids.


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