111 Part 2

Seeing Su Yu’s attitude right now, it was impossible to convince him to hand over Yu Feng. Looked like they were going to have to try a harder method. Making up his mind, the doctor’s attitude relaxed. “You’re right. Perhaps we got something wrong along the way. Rest well then.”


“If you know you’re wrong, apologize to me and Feng.” Su Yu wiped his hands with a napkin after finishing his apple.


The doctor felt the veins on his head popping out. Yu Feng should be nothing but a stranger to this guy, why did he deserve this level of protection? Did he turn dumb in his coma?


He couldn’t imagine why this person would be so protective. Did the two already have some kind of bargain set up?


The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. As far as he knew, the Liu family was a messy ordeal. After six months of Liu Yang in the hospital, the family head had likely switched already.


In this situation, the fact that Liu Yang was in a passive state, searching for Liu Hao’s weaknesses, it wasn’t so odd.


Yu Feng was an intelligence agent with impressive hacking skills. It wasn’t so strange for Liu Yang to collaborate with him.


Although he didn’t understand how the two might have started working together and reached an understanding so quickly, this did seem like the best explanation.


Inhaling deeply, the doctor brought himself low, “Sir Liu, Mr. Yu, it was my mistake. Please forgive me. I’m apologizing to you now.”


Su Yu didn’t say anything else, just looking at Yu Feng. It was his affair, after all, so he should be the leading decision maker.


Beforehand Yu Feng acted like an outsider to the situation. Only now did he look at the doctor directly. “I’m surprised you apologized, but I don’t plan on accepting it. Now you can get out.”


The doctor’s eyes filled with darkness. This person was only a subject in his experiment. What right did he have to speak like that?


Thinking about the plan ahead, he managed to suppress his disgust and rage, raising the corner of his lips. “Then we’ll bid you farewell now.”


When they left, Su Yu turned to Yu Feng with a sycophant’s face, “How was my performance, was it impressive?”


“Yep, here’s a pear.” Yu Feng handed off the peeled pear to Su Yu.


Frowning, Su Yu rubbed his stomach. “I just ate so much honeydew and an apple too, I can’t handle much more. You can have it.”


“Okay.” Yu Feng seemed to be in a good mood. Even his posture while eating the pear seemed like he was enjoying it immensely.


Su Yu admired him for a moment before jumping into business. “Right now we’re in someone else’s territory. They’re in the shadows and we’re in the light. I assume they’ll be taking action behind our backs, but don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”


“I know.” Yu Feng nodded. He was actually quite bad at getting along with other people. In the past his companions within the organization were all just scheming against each other so it didn’t matter either way. But now he met someone who was willing to help him without expecting anything back, who was kind to him. It made him a little flustered, filling his heart with hidden satisfaction and warmth. “I’ll help you investigate the Liu family and take back what belongs to you.”


The Liu family affair was within Su Yu’s control already. Of course, he wasn’t going to turn down his lover’s offer to help. “Then I’ll let you handle it.”


Lawyer Zhang, who’d been overlooked until now and managed to watch a few scenes play out, finally could wait no longer, “Sir Liu, did you call me here for anything?”


He was a great friend to the original protagonist’s father, so he was biased toward him. This was a great convenience for Su Yu, and also meant he no longer had to seek out other lawyers to do surface-level work.


“I wanted you to help me win two lawsuits. One is with this hospital and the other is with Liu Hao.” Su Yu said. “You probably know my attitude now after seeing what just happened? I’m not a fan of this hospital, so if we can crush it then let’s do so. As for the Liu family, other than taking back what I should have, I also need to do some accounting for.”


The way Su Yu was acting was completely different from the Liu Yang that Lawyer Zhang recalled. Considering he was put into a coma by his own half-brother and was basically bedridden and comatose for the better part of half a year, it didn’t seem so odd after all.


“I know what to do.” Lawyer Zhang inhaled deeply with a serious expression.


“Lawyer Zhang, don’t worry about it at all. Just concern yourself with fighting for my rights and I’ll make sure you have every piece of evidence you need.” Su Yu said with a smile.


Glancing at Yu Feng, the lawyer finally took his farewell.


After he left, Su Yu clutched at his covers. “Feng, have you decided how you’re going to deal with your organization?”

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