112 Part 1




Chapter 112


“Haven’t made up my mind.” Yu Feng shook his head. On the surface it looked like he was only betrayed by an individual companion. But it was impossible for this to happen without the organization allowing it to happen, especially not him being captured and used as an experimental prospect.


So what Liu Yang said was right. His enemy wasn’t just one person, it was the entire organization. Everything was only more complicated from that standpoint.


Yu Feng didn’t fear making the organization his enemy. He also wasn’t going to just jump into it rashly and put himself into danger again.


Blinking his eyes, Su Yu said rather mischievously, “Should we come up with a way to have them fight each other? Although it’s no problem for our world saving group to handle these two evils, it’s always good for things to get interesting.”


Yu Feng looked up at Su Yu. His tone was still cold, but his attitude was relaxed. “All right, you can decide.”


“Of course I can, I’m the leader of this group! Then I’ll be getting started.” Su Yu responded happily, turning to the ball. “Leak me some essential information from the group. Start with the few people who have direct issues with Yu Feng. As for who that points to, it should be obvious, right?”


The ball was already quite accustomed to its owner’s tendency to take credit for its actions, so it responded affirmatively.


However, what its owner said next was enough to rile it up. Su Yu smiled. “If you’re good, I can consider letting you join our mission to save the world. Aren’t I considerate?”


“…” The ball’s light flashed green. It really didn’t want to be affected by its owner’s self-centered tendencies!


Seeing the ball go rigid, Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh. Teasing somebody with no sense of humor was so much fun.


Soon afterwards the ball realized its owner was teasing. Humming discontentedly, it ran off to the corner to mope.


Moping was moping, the ball was still a strong executor. Before long it already figured out the information leak and where it would leak.


The organization knew that the hospital had captured Yu Feng, but they just assumed it was part of eliminating a potentially dangerous member of the group, all while earning a favor from the man behind the hospital.


What they didn’t expect was this incident directly led to crucial information within the organization being stolen.


In the beginning when it was stolen, they didn’t think about Yu Feng at all. Since they were willing to sacrifice him, it meant they’d already thought about that.


Although Yu Feng was always a strong member of the group, much of their information was time-sensitive. If the information he held wasn’t valuable anymore, the group wouldn’t have to worry as much about throwing him away.


But when the investigating members found that every clue pointed toward this hospital, they were forced to start thinking about this possibility.


The current leader of the group, Hui Xiong (Gray Bear), was in an encrypted, locked conference room. Aside from him there were four people, three men and one woman.


To maintain safety and a sense of mystery, Hui Xiong was only his title, not his real name.


“You were the ones responsible for the information that was leaked, weren’t you?” he said, his voice clearly changed by some device. “Do you have anything to say now?”


The four of them glanced at each other, not knowing how to respond. They were the ones who collected the information in the first place, but they could guarantee they didn’t leak the intel. This situation caught them by total surprise.


“Why aren’t you speaking? You’re not even planning to explain yourselves before I punish you?” Gray Bear’s chair spun, a face emerging from the darkness: the twisted features of a gray bear. The left eye of the mask was covered by an ugly scar, leaving only the right eye exposed.


The only woman among the group of four bit her lip, saying in an innocent tone, “Gray Bear boss, we really aren’t responsible for the leak. I think that the opposing force must’ve gotten a highly skilled hacker to steal our information.”


“It’s true that someone hacked our information. But do you know what their method was?” Gray Bear’s fingers tapped on the table as he spoke sarcastically, “He used the method you few do to look up information. Do you understand what I mean?”


Now the four of them wore a serious expression. As members of this intelligence organization, they gave all their intel to the organization. To prevent their wallets from being stolen, they never brought any evidence of intel on them, and kept their devices wiped too.


But sometimes they would need intel they had submitted before. When that happened, they had a special route to retrieve this information without too much trouble.


Of course, this wasn’t a shared pathway. Just in case any member of the organization developed an intent to betray them, it made sure the rest of the information remained uncompromised.


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