112 Part 2

That’s why the organization allowed group members to design their own retrieval method. That way they not only guaranteed that their information would stay safe from outside prying, all while training their organization to be more defensive and improving security throughout.


This time their information leak had happened through a similar route. This made the whole thing a lot more interesting.


“Impossible, I’ve never revealed my access pathway to anyone.” The woman denied with a look of shock on her face.


The rest of them took the same attitude. “We’ve all been in this organization for long enough to understand the importance of the pathways. Even though we had a decent relationship with him in the past, we’d never tell him something so important.”


“Him” referred clearly to Yu Feng.


As a matter of fact, these four all appeared to be on good terms with Yu Feng but shared something in common: they’d all worked against him behind his back.


The woman was the one who had sold him out in the first place, leading to his capture.


Hearing what they said, Gray Bear seemed to chuckle. The vocal changer made it sound more like a growl than anything. “You have a point, but is there any other way to explain this? All of you were on good terms with him before he left the organization, and now this is how the information was leaked. Do you think this is only a coincidence?”


“I swear I never mentioned this to him before!” The woman promised. When she betrayed Yu Feng on purpose the organization never punished her, but she could feel that their attitude toward her had changed subtly. She wouldn’t let the situation get worse.


After a moment’s silence, Gray Bear said in an odd tone, “Take a break for the time being. Don’t cause any trouble.”


Taking a break meant not taking any work, which meant no income and the possibility of being abandoned by the organization.


But it was true. There wasn’t much they could do at this point, and they oddly felt guilty anyways. So they no longer argued with Gray Bear, only swearing once again that they never did anything to harm the organization before leaving the conference room.


The moment they left the room, the three men looked at the woman at the same time. One of them said in a sharp tone, “Black Widow, is this related to you? You’re the only one who knows about my pathway.”


That was the woman’s title, just as poisonous as she was.


Hearing this, rage flashed across the faces of the other two. Clearly they were in the same boat.


Black Widow had an alluring face and a personality to match her title. The three men had relations with her and were seduced to share their information pathways.


One of the reasons why she was so venomous toward Yu Feng was due to his completely ruthless rejection of her advances, plus personal insults toward her.


Hearing this and feeling the eyes of the three in front of her, Black Widow was so angry her eyes were bulging out of her face. “What does that mean? Even if I were going to scheme against you, why would I loop myself in too? Now I’m the victim too!”


Her words were quite reasonable. Perhaps she was just like them, falling prey to Yu Feng’s honey pot trap?


He may have been quite sullen, but his appearance was second to none, enough to make anyone envious or lusty.


Just the thought was enough for Black Widow to snort at it. “Plus, I wasn’t the one who forced you to share your pathways. You were the ones who shared it. Are you going to blame that on me now?”


With that, she walked away with a twist of her hips.


Hearing this was enough to make the faces of the three men present look very ugly. It was their fault for not being cautious, but Black Widow has also purposefully seduced each of them. Now that she was shoving the responsibility back on them, it was enough to make them feel wronged.


They must’ve been blind to be ensnared by a woman like that.


Su Yu agreed. On the other hand, Black Widow had the taste like his to admire Yu Feng in the first place.


“Master, the organization is already in touch with the hospital. Should we add flames to the fire?” The ball asked for further instruction.


Su Yu smiled lightly. “No need. Let’s wait for them to get into conflict. Anything interesting is worth taking slowly.”


“What about Black Widow?” The ball asked.


Su Yu narrowed his eyes slowly. “Doesn’t she still have a few more pathways on her hand? Let’s leak them all.”


“…But Master, that will only increase the conflict between the organization and hospital. Didn’t you just say not to do anything?” The ball looked at its owner, stunned. What a quick change in attitude.


Su Yu blinked innocently. “Since our private affairs and public affairs are colliding, let’s take the private side first. That woman was preying on my man, so there’s no need to let her keep thriving.”


“…” The ball didn’t know what to say. What about taking things slowly? What about carrying out the full scope of the plan bit by bit? Why was it that when it came to feelings its owner was ready to flip just like that?

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