113 Part 1



Chapter 113


The organization and hospital just started to communicate and hadn’t come up with a negotiation process yet when the second information leak happened.


If beforehand the organization’s head didn’t fixate on Black Widow, now they were forced to do so.


“Gray Bear boss, this has really nothing to do with me. I know their pathways but I’m not the one who leaked the information, even Yu Feng.” Black Widow’s expression looked ugly as she sat in the questioning room, trying to explain herself.


The two consecutive events were clearly a disaster for her, but she had no place to express her suffering. Despite knowing she was innocent, she couldn’t explain without seeming lame. Everything happening was pointing toward her.


Sitting across from her, Gray Bear’s twisted mask was facing Black Widow. A hoarse voice rang out from underneath the mask. “Do you want to hear what everyone else said?”


Black Widow’s heart sank as she frowned. “Everyone else?”


Saying nothing more, Gray Bear reached down to press a button on the remote in his hand. A familiar voice rang out in the room.


“It must be Black Widow. She’s the only one who knows my pathway, she’s the only one!”


“If it were only an issue with my information pathway, you could say it might be my issue. But with what’s happening now, everyone involved with Black Widow has been compromised. Can you still say that’s my problem?”


“I think it’s related to Black Widow. Of course this is only my personal opinion, I have no evidence to prove it.”


“That damn woman, I must’ve been a complete idiot to believe her and tell her about my information pathway! She’s just like a black widow spider, completely poisonous!”



Listening to the different men’s voices coming out of the recorder, Black Widow’s expression only grew uglier.


These men were so compliant when she was in bed with them, yet now that things went wrong it was all her fault. Were they even men?!


“They’re just pushing off responsibility! I know their pathways but I never told anyone about it. I swear!” Realizing how guilty she might be looking, she covered her face with a hand.


How could her situation become so terrible within only two days?


Gray Bear glared at Black Widow through his right eye. After a moment he spoke, “Your explanation carries no strength. Your crime isn’t just leaking information. Finding out other members’ pathways is also against the organization’s laws.”


Black Widow froze. She put her hands down, looking at Gray Bear with an ashen face, wanting to explain but having nothing to say. In the end she could only say in a mournful tone, “I know it was my fault, but I had no intention of betraying the organization. Please be merciful to me.”


“Then you can start.” Gray Bear tapped the tabletop.


“Start what?” Black Widow was completely confused.


“Confessing how you leaked the information pathways in the first place. Is there anything else you want to tell me?” Gray Bear chuckled.


Black Widow’s face immediately was engulfed in despair and rage. “I’ve already said I didn’t leak the intel. This has nothing to do with me. I’m innocent!”


“So you aren’t planning on saying anything?” Gray Bear gazed coldly at Black Widow’s pale face, no sympathy in his voice.


“I’m being framed, I have no intent on betraying the organization. Boss, you’ve got to believe me!” Black Widow could only repeat these words.


Watching her, Gray Bear suddenly stood up. “That’s how it is.”


“What does that mean, Gray Bear? Can I leave?” Black Widow asked urgently.


“Unfortunately, no. This is where your life ends.” Gray Bear laughed coldly, moving toward the door.


Black Widow was about to follow when her head suddenly erupted in dizziness. She sat back in the chair, holding her head as she watched Gray Bear go, her vision blurry. “What…did you do to me?”


“Not to you. To the interrogation room.” Gray Bear left the room.


When the metal door was shut, he finally plucked the mask from his face, revealing that it was a gas mask.


Black Widow’s face was twisted in shock. She knew this situation would bring her trouble, but not that it would cost her her life!


Who was trying to frame her? Why would things end up like this?



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